Know your Responsibility: 10 reasons why you should vote in the 2020 Elections in the USA

Why you should vote in the elections– even if it feels it doesn’t make any difference in the election result? It does not matter if it makes any difference, but voting in elections is a fundamental human right protected by all democratic constitutions worldwide.

The importance of voting can be realized from the fact that sometimes even a single vote can decide the elections. This happened a couple of times in the US House races. 

There are 10 reasons why you should vote in every election you are eligible to cast your ballot. Let’s explore the 10 reasons to vote in the elections. 


10 Reasons Why you Should vote 2020 Elections?

10 Reasons Why you should vote in elections


Following are the 10 reasons why you should vote in the presidential election. 


1. You decide who makes the decisions for you:

One primary reason why you should vote is that only you have the authority to choose your leader. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of democratic elections across the globe. Democracies give individual citizens the power to chose their leaders.

You should choose your authority. Only you know what you need as law-abiding citizens. If you prefer leaders talking about establishing a minimum wage, you should cast your ballot in favor of those candidates. Similarly, if you prefer politicians voicing their opinion about the quality of life, you can choose them.

Your dreams about the country and the community will come to life once you choose the people by yourself. If the candidate you chose wins, he/she can represent your voice in the government and can influence the issues of policy, which matters to you. Hence casting a ballot gives you the power to choose the elected officials who can then transform your country.

With such colossal power comes the responsibility to be a good citizen and express your opinion by casting a ballot. Help yourself by electing someone who will work and strive to help you.


2. The people who are not voting can change the course of the result:

If you are still finding a strong reason to vote, just consider that about ninety million eligible voters from the entire US did not cast their ballot in the 2016 election. It accounts for nearly half the population of eligible voters. The situation is much more critical than we think. If even half of those ninety million people voted, the results might have changed, and our country could have been much more different now.

Thinking about this, you may understand that missed votes matter a lot. When people start to voice their opinions, every country progresses.


3. Missed votes mean a missed chance of giving opinions:

A vote is a right: a right exercised by people to reflect what they believe and feel about the people they elect to run the country. Over the course of history, the world has witnessed numerous protests to earn suffrage: voting rights. All the previous efforts to earn this fundamental right seem to be wasted now.

Whenever a person misses raising his voice in elections, it is an opportunity missed to give your opinion. The government to which you will be providing all your tax dollars is accountable for your opinion too. Hence every missed vote ends up further bulking up wasted vote counts that could have been used for better purposes.


4. Drive politicians to work for your benefit:

When you register to vote, politicians start working to contact you via various channels. They do so because they know that your single ballot can be consequential for them. The candidates critically observe the voting percentage and the results after the election.

A voter turnout is a number the candidates make real political decisions with. When they see that a particular age group is voting more, they may appeal to that age group more, and thus you will get benefits.

Even without these selective benefits, the candidates will know that they are held more accountable. So they will always work more and bring better results. Being correctly judged by the people is something candidates will work for.


5. If the politicians you want to vote for do not have much chance:

From all the top 10 reasons, this is one of the most crucial topics. What if your favorite candidate does not have a chance among such a vast amount of competitors? Well, your ballot matters just as much even then. The winning candidates will definitely be checking the results of their competitors, and he/she will be making sure to work harder, seeing the increased votes of other candidates.

Plus, politics is a long-term goal of diplomacy and excellence. Supporting your candidate will be giving him/her hopes and information on how to win in the next elections.

Either way, voting for someone you believe in has nothing but good.


6. Choose who represents your local area: electing the one you will get direct benefits from:

Voting will enable you to choose who will be representing your local areas in the government. Voting in all the local and state elections is crucial to choosing the representatives representing you in the respective legislature.

Thus it is necessary to voice your opinion and choose the right one.


7. Protesting Against a bad representative:

Suppose you are not satisfied with the health care facilities in your localities, vote. Similarly, if you face any other problem, casting a ballot in the right direction is the only way out for you.

You may often think that not voting may offer a way to protest against the current representative, but in the end, it just becomes absolutely worthless. Voting is the way of protesting: a single vote for a better candidate will make him further away every time. A ballot is the most crucial instrument to let the candidates know how they performed.

It forces the candidates to devise a strategy to facilitate people. This can obviously help them in improving their representation of the electorate.


8. Options for leaving/spoiling your ballot:

Often comes a time when you may not feel supportive of any people wanting to be elected. But not using your opinion is not the solution. When you do not cast a ballot, you’re just a number in statistics labeled as the uninterested people. This can make your opinion an unimportant one throughout this entire process.

Luckily, you can leave the ballot paper blank, or you can even spoil it. These are counted and are public information. You become a symbol of protesting, not just a mere number among the “uninterested voters.” This gives you power as a true citizen of the country.


9. Supporting the electoral reform:

Many people argue that electoral reform needs to happen for the system to be more proportional than it is now. But, when only the supporters of the main parties vote, the system will not be changed. When people of diverse thoughts voice, it portrays the notion that the demand for the representation of other parties is present. Thus, it will further smoothen the path towards electoral reformation.


10. You may care about voting within four years, even if you are not now:

You may even feel that a president or any political figure is not someone of that much importance to you. Sooner or later, you will start to understand how each of their decisions slowly comes down to affect your life. Things such as employment, healthcare, and others can be affected during the term of a representative. It’s better to bring someone you would benefit from than not to say anything on the election day.

These were the 10 reasons to vote in 2020. Failing to cast a ballot is a lost opportunity, and you should never strive for this.

If you live in the United States, you should know that the electoral college drives the system in America. Electoral college pros and cons aside, this is a reality to live with.

If you don’t raise your voice on election day, all the electoral votes of your state are at stake. For example, if a candidate loses the popular vote in California, he directly loses 55 electoral college votes. So, the penalties for not voting are huge in the USA



These top 10 reasons why you should vote in elections are enough to persuade everyone to use their fundamental right.

There are several reasons why people should vote, so never try to skip your fundamental right.

Exercising the right properly will give us a much wider audience to gain opinions from. 

It will be better for all the candidates to spend their time and effort running for this election and making us choose better ones for a better future. So, get ready to make your voice audible as a community, for prosperity, and believe in the excellence of your country always.

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