2020 Presidential elections and Trump’s premature victory announcement amid red wave in swing states: What went wrong with the pre-election polls?

Trump announced a premature victory in 2020 Presidential elections as swing states turn red on election night. Despite lagging the 2020 Presidential elections polls all over the country, President Donald Trump gave a tough time to Democrats and managed to win the critical swing states red, including Florida and Texas.

Many of the media houses did not see the red wave coming and were predicting a sweeping victory for Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential elections; however, the election night results tell a different story.

While, on the one hand, Joe Biden said that he is getting encouraging results, on the other hand, President Trump announced victory on election night when there are a number of states that are not called yet.

2020 Presidential elections

What went wrong with the 2020 Presidential elections pre-polls:

In the latest national polls, the president was lagging behind Biden by a margin of nearly 12%. This was not surprising news, as Joe Biden led all the way in the 2020 Presidential elections polls in the last four months. The sample of the population seems to be the issue when it comes to the polls.

As a matter of fact, polls are just announced by taking the opinion of a small number of people. The incorrect selection of the sample can be a pressure tactic of the media houses with whom Donald Trump has always disagreed.

2020 Presidential elections: Biden

Does Biden stand a chance now in the 2020 Presidential elections?

Currently, Biden is leading in the electoral college race to 270; however, Trump has the lead in the key states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan.

This is what Trump asserted in his statement; that we are leading in a big way in these states, and we are watching things. Announcing victory is just a premature attempt to manipulate the election result, as many mail-in ballots are still to be counted in all of these states. For instance, Trump is leading Michigan by a margin of 0.3 million votes; however, 1.8 million votes have still to be counted, which can swing elections in favor of any other candidate.

2020 Presidential elections: Electoral college vs popular vote

Popular Vote vs. Electoral College: A pressing issue once again:

Currently, former Vice-President Joe Biden is leading the popular vote by securing 69.2 million votes, while Trump has secured almost 66.6 million votes by this time. Even if Trump manages to win the election, he cannot win the popular vote, so he will become the first president ever in US history to lose the popular vote twice while winning the presidency. This sparks some serious questions regarding the credibility of the electoral college.

The final results of the elections are not declared yet, and it can be anybody’s call from now on. However, Trump’s attempt to announce a premature victory suggests that he is worried deep inside that if any of the states from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Michigan go against him, he can lose this election.

On the other hand, Joe Biden will be quite surprised if he saw the elections coming his way from the position where they are standing right now. Nothing can be said before the counting of 100% of the votes, as there are still more than four million votes to be counted all over the United States.


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