5 Reasons Why the Alabama Senate Race is Leaning Republican

The Alabama Senate race is soundly underway between Republican Tommy Tuberville and Democratic Senator Doug Jones.


State of Alabama
State of Alabama

For Alabama senate race, republicans widely viewed Jones’s seat as their best chance for a seat gain to hold their thin majority in the Senate. Republicans are having their eye to defeat Democratic Senator Doug Jones in a state that overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

On the other hand, Democratic Sen. Jones is widely considered the most vulnerable Senator on the ballot in November’s general election in 2020. Democrats are not ready to quit Sen.

Doug Jones’s seat, who won a 2017 special election against scandal-plagued Republican candidate and former State Supreme Court justice Roy S. Moore. But given Alabama’s strong GOP bent, and Trump’s expected comfortable victory in Alabama makes Jones an underdog. However, if you are interested to know more about senators up for election 2020 in the USA, you can go through the link mentioned here.

The Latest Polls and the Math Favors Tuberville in the Alabama Senate Race

Tommy Tuberville in Alabama Senate Race
Tommy Tuberville in Alabama Senate Race

According to the latest Morning Consult Political Intelligence polling results, Democratic Sen. Doug Jones trails his Alabama Republican challenger by 17 points (52 percent to 35 percent).

Some other polling results on the polling tracking website FiveThirtyEight had shown Democratic Sen. Doug Jones trailing Republican Tommy Tuberville consistently through June and July. A much higher percentage of respondents in the Senate race identified as “independents,” and 23 percent of that group said they had yet to make up their mind. Democratic Sen.

Doug Jones has a massive financial edge over the Republican, Tommy Tuberville. During the primaries, most Republicans thought either Jeff Sessions or Tommy Tuberville, if selected, could defeat Jones. Still, some people showed concerns about Republican Tommy Tuberville, who is running his political campaign for the first time and up for the United States Senate election in Alabama.

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1. Positive Political Views and Endorsements about the Alabama Republican Nominee

Richard Fording, a Political Science Professor from the University of Alabama, said, “I think the people of Alabama will vote for Republicans in the upcoming general elections. It is hard to believe Alabamians are going to choose Democratic Sen. Doug Jones, barring anything extraordinary happening. But we’re in an extraordinary time.” The major endorsements for Republican Tommy Tuberville come from the Agribusiness community.

Most of the farmers present in the endorsement committee are either Auburn graduates or Auburn football fans. The Alabama Forestry Association (AFA) announced its endorsement of Republican Tuberville in the 2020 U.S. Senate race. AFA executive vice president Chris Isaacson said, “We feel proud to endorse Republican Tommy Tuberville in the Alabama Senate race. He is a conservative with a notable list of accomplishments, and we believe that he will continue that impressive record in his role as U.S. Senator.”

In response to the endorsement from AFA for the senate seat, Tuberville said, “I am honored to have the endorsement of the Alabama Forestry Association. The AFA is an excellent organization that stood firm for pro-business and free enterprise policies. Protecting the Alabama industry is key to our state’s success. “This key endorsement gave him credibility and early impetus in the Senate race.

2. Republican’s Disciplined Campaign for the Senate in Alabama

Republican Tommy Tuberville ran a very wise and disciplined campaign for the Senate.  He firmly stayed on one point and said he is supporting Trump. A year ago, when Tuberville decided to leave his Florida home and announced he would run for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, a political analyst noted, “Whoever was advising him knew very well that it might be the only issue that troubled Donald Trump the most during the election campaign.

They gave Republican Tuberville a proper script, and he followed this script with perfection. He never deviated and was not distracted by issues, questions, and debate. He simply followed the Donald Trump instruction before and after the election campaign.”

3. Republican Tommy Tuberville’s Political Approach

Republican Tommy Tuberville outlined his political approach after defeating former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the run-off election on 14 July 2020Tuberville’s simple and straight-forward winning approach will lead him towards the Senate seat. He has found a winning formula: be blunt, keep it simple, and always pivot back to Donald Trump.

Republican Tommy Tuberville, at a recent campaign rally, said, “I don’t need the job, and I am not going to be politically correct.” Intentionally or not, Tuberville’s approach to his run for the U.S. Senate is pretty good. Staying on the script and avoiding the weeds of an issue is his well-proven personal skill that makes Tuberville a dangerous competitor in the November Senate race against Democratic Sen. Doug Jones.

Tommy said at the Dothan Kiwanis meeting, “The one reason I’m running is I can make a difference. I’m tired of seeing the kickbacks and the swamp. This is not an ego trip. I have money in the bank. I want this job.” On the other hand, Democratic Sen. Doug Jones probably can’t win on a pure issue-based campaign, so he’s going to try to impugn the character of Tuberville.

4. Trump’s Popularity in Alabama

Alabama is the highest approval-rated state for Trump. His approval rating is regularly the highest of any state among registered voters. Trump endorsed Republican Tommy Tuberville a few months ago, calling him a real leader who will never let our country down. Perry Hooper, a former state representative in Montgomery, said President Trump had endorsed Tuberville because he knows Tuberville will stand up for America, and not be influenced by the deep red state and the big money lobbyists.

Trump’s endorsement played a significant role in the primary run-off election win in Alabama. There is nothing better than having Trump’s endorsement, so the outcome of the president endorsement comes in the shape of the primary run-off election win by Tuberville. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was soundly defeated by Tommy Tuberville in the primary run-off to get the Republican nomination for his old Senate seat in 2020. Tuberville had received 61% of the votes to Sessions 39%. 

On Tuesday evening, speaking to supporters shortly after his runaway victory, Republican Tommy Tuberville said Alabamians need a Senator who supports their values. “It’s our mission,” he said. “It is our movement. It is our moment to reclaim Alabama’s Senate seat.” Tuberville criticized Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign.

5. Republican Political Dominance for Years in Alabama

Alabama always supported Republican GOP presidential nominees in every election since 1980. In several Senate races, Democratic challengers are in a good position to beat the Republican candidate except for Alabama, which is a likely seat-gain for the Republicans. Donald Trump won the election in Alabama with 62.08% of the vote in 2016 and will lead a Republican ticket in a state where two-thirds of the votes cast by Alabamians were a straight party-line-ticket in 2018.

Democratic Sen. Doug Jones, won in the deep red state against Roy S. Moore, a former State Supreme Court justice, in the 2017 special election to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. This is one of the most pro-Trump states in the nation, and Jones voted to convict Trump on both impeachment counts.

Democratic Sen. Doug Jones is considered the most endangered incumbent Democratic Senator on the ballot this fall, and he won’t get that good luck again. Doug Jones raised a sizeable cash advantage over Tuberville. According to data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, Jones has raised $14.3 million in funding so far during his campaign, spent $7.6 million, and has $8.7 million in cash on hand.

Republican Tuberville is trailing behind and has collected nearly $3.4 million in funding during the campaign, has spent $2.8 million, and has around $551,000 in cash on hand. In this way, Democratic Sen. Doug Jones has the advantage of spending more money during the campaign as compared to Republican Tommy Tuberville.



Sen Doug  Jones in Alabama Senate Race
Sen Doug Jones in Alabama Senate Race

Alabama is the Republicans’ best bet, and they are intent on winning back the seat. President Trump’s popularity in Alabama and Republican Tommy Tuberville’ssimple, strong, and straight-forward political approaches are the key factors that will turn the upcoming elections in favor of Republicans. On the other hand, experienced Democratic Sen. Doug Jones’s presence cannot be denied, but America has a history of hardball politics, so in my opinion, Jones and his voters don’t go soft on Tuberville, and it will be an uphill battle on 3rd November 2020.

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