How is America Destroying Human Rights Globally?

The United States has often touted its global human rights missions under various governments and championed the narrative of standing with the right side of history more often than not.

By controlling the messaging war with the help of the most powerful media in the world, it has also suppressed many voices which claim otherwise. Thus Americans at large believe that their army overseas is the custodian of human rights values throughout the world. However, this is not true in any sense of the word.

How is America Destroying Human Rights Globally?

How Biden backtracked from his Ukraine war message

The persistent Russia-Ukraine war has triggered unprecedented waves of refugee crises worldwide. Most of these refugees are moving toward European countries as the number has reached almost 5 million.

Joe Biden claimed that the United States would admit almost 100,000 such refugees. However, in the whole month of March, America has only admitted twelve Ukraine refugees.

Both Biden and Harris suggested that the US would do unprecedented help of the Ukraine refugees by letting them in the country. But reality suggests otherwise that how the Biden administration is eye washing its audience about its fancy claims of refugee admissions.


How the American army violates human rights worldwide

The US army is a no holy entity. America’s preemptive invasion of Iraq is considered one of the deadliest events in history.

When the US invaded Iraq, accused of having nuclear weapons, the United Nations denied outright any such claims. However, America still invaded the country, and the civilian death toll of this whole project of the United States stands at almost 300,000 casualties. No American personnel has ever been convicted for human rights violations in Iraq.

Then comes another Middle-Eastern country Syria which is yet another victim of America’s bid for global hegemony.

While many other stakeholders are involved in the Syria war, most crises were initiated as the US-backed alliance wanted to topple the government of Syrian Premier Bashar Al Assad.

This created a wave of horror among Syrians who faced the brunt of the war. Syria’s once-thriving tourism industry has been shattered after American interference in the war.

And the economic sector of the country has also been bamboozled by merciless bombings of American troops. Still, Syrian refugees in America are minuscule.

Another blatant interference of America in the region is in Afghanistan. The fact that the United States announced immunity for stakeholders involved in the drone strike on Afghanistan after the US withdrawal, which killed ten civilians, is the pinnacle of the claim that the US soldiers can get away with any sort of human rights violations they may commit.

American military officials stationed overseas have repeatedly been accused of committing rape crimes not only on the civilian population but also on their female collogues fighting the same target.

However, legislative loopholes have helped them evade most of these allegations. Thus the US army has been living in a parallel world where absolute immunity from the law can help them escape any type of law.


Final Thoughts

And the alarming part of all of these crises is that this immunity is being enjoyed by American service members under the nose of every president.

Perhaps this is the popular demand as presidents cannot prosecute these soldiers, or they would lose their voters. However, even if it is popular, it is not justifiable, especially for a country that tries to champion the rules-based democratic order.

Without these prosecutions, the US demands of sanctioning Russia for war crimes would also have no water. Without this, the business of the world will carry on as usual until a revolution come that may try to bring justice to the world.

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