Arizona Voter Fraud Busted: Trump Fooled Republicans for Political Gains 

In Arizona’s largest county, a Republican-led review of the 2020 presidential election has busted Trump’s conspiracy theories.

The final verdict of the review suggests that Donald Trump was not robbed of victory. The election review has solidified Joe Biden’s victory, as he gained 99 more votes in Maricopa County, while Donald Trump lost 261.

The probe of the nearly 2.1 million ballots cast in the county discovered that a hand recount came very close to the results of the official canvass approved by county leaders.

This verdict has further diluted Republicans’ beliefs which they perpetrated after the 2020 elections.

Stop the steal is the popular slogan championed by Donald Trump.  However this slogan stands nullified after Arizona election audit.
Stop the steal is the popular slogan championed by Donald Trump. However this slogan stands nullified after Arizona election audit.


Trump’s Claims Busted: Arizona was not Stolen

Election fraud and false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen have inflamed mistrust in democracy. The “stop the steal” slogan encouraged Republicans to introduce voter suppression measures across the country.

Now, after the Arizona verdict, the very concept of the election law changes stands nullified.

Arizona state Senators Eddie Farnsworth and Karen Fann issued Maricopa County subpoenas after the election for 2.1 million ballots, as well as election machinery and other materials.

Following the resignation of State Sen. Farnsworth, Fann and state Senator Warren Petersen renewed the subpoena in January.

Donald Trump's conspiracy theories stands busted now as the Arizona election audit led by a Republican backed firm has proved the transparency of elections.
Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories stands busted now as the Arizona election audit led by a Republican backed firm has proved the transparency of elections.

Trump Played Foul for Political Advantage: Robbed $6.7 million from his Supporters for Useless Audit

The study states that the findings are both encouraging and alarming. In an encouraging sign, the official county canvass results and the hand-counted ballots provided did not differ significantly, according to the report.

This statement should reinforce the belief in the digital voting systems, as the electronic results are being verified time and time again.

Maricopa County officials, however, stonewalled the reviewers and expressed concerns about the county’s election systems and its record-keeping.

In Arizona, President Biden won by about 10,500 votes, making his victory in Maricopa County, where he received about 45,000 votes, crucial to his victory. 

President Trump and his supporters have pressured Republican state legislators to investigate the county’s presidential votes and Democrat Mark Kelly’s win for the U.S. Senate seat.

According to review officials, the new vote tally and the official count from Maricopa County show no significant differences between the two.

However, election experts also maintain that several other factors have caused the results to come close to the expected margin of error.

The review officials didn’t offer any statistics to support Joe Biden’s victory in the hour’s long presentation to the State Senate.

But instead, they offered a storm of hypotheticals, none of which have been verified, pointing darkly at a tainted election. Their presentation included election rules and ballot scans.

The review report suggested double ballots were counted, ballot envelopes had suspicious signatures, 23,344 mail-in ballots were sent to the wrong addresses, and 10,342 people voted in more than one county.

A lot of people may have moved out of the county or county of origin, mail ballots may have been counted even though they were never sent to voters, and 282 people may have been deceased.

Ms. Fann concluded her presentation by asking Arizona’s attorney general, a Republican, to investigate the alleged irregularities.

A panel of experts on electoral administration observed the proceedings and found none of the claims credible.

Several “anomalies” found in the election process were presented to that exhibition by contractors hired by Fann and other Republicans to review the elections.

On the other hand, Maricopa County officials were debunking what they saw as spurious claims on its official Twitter account.

Since its announcement in December, the Arizona investigation, which has been mostly funded by $6.7 million in donations from far-right groups and Trump’s supporters, has suffered from trust issues.

The Senate Republicans’ review committee turned out to be managed by Trump supporters and election conspiracy theorists; Cyber Ninjas CEO, Doug Logan, propagated false accusations that manipulated voting machines were to blame for Donald Trump’s loss in Arizona.

The ballot review conducted by the inquiry was criticized by election experts as hasty and lacking in knowledge of permitted auditing processes.


Final Thoughts

The Trump administration launched an increasingly desperate attempt to undermine the election results in the final days of his presidency.

The campaign included spreading distortions of election fraud and pressing government officials for assistance.

 There is no basis for these allegations. Republican politicians across the country continued to spread conspiracy theories despite results that clearly showed there was no evidence of fraud in both the presidential and general elections.

As a result of the pressure from Trump and his supporters in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Republicans were also under pressure to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

Even after Trump’s claim of a stolen election was rejected by the courts and election officials from every state acknowledged there was no proof of fraud, Republicans have continued to spread conspiracy theories.

The epitome of this is seen by 147 Republicans voting against certifying the election results. 

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