This is How Biden Saved Putin from Humiliation in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been making significant scalebacks from Ukraine since he knew that his war strategy was not working.

The Russian forces in Kyiv are retreating, and no regime change seems apparent in Ukraine as of now. The upcoming strategy of Russia remains uncertain since predicting Putin is not an easy job.

This is How Biden Saved Putin from Humiliation in Ukraine

Biden gave the Russian president a second life

While Putin has miserably failed in Ukraine, he is winning his battle in Russia. President Joe Biden played a critical role in giving Putin yet another political life.

Once endangered by its own general public, now Putin can easily capitalize on the American president’s remarks about regime change in Russia.

When Biden stated that the Russian president could no longer remain in power, he faced a significant backlash within his own ranks.

And now, Putin also knows how to use these remarks for his own political benefit. Thus Biden’s remarks paved the way for a win-win situation for both Ukraine and Russia in the prevailing crisis.

For Ukraine, having Russian forces retreat is nothing short of a blessing. On the other hand, Putin wanted a safe exit from Ukraine after knowing that capturing the country was not a walk in the park.


Biden gave Putin a safe exit from the war

Thus once Biden called for a regime change in Russia, Putin had a point to campaign among his public.
As a matter of fact, many Russians were protesting against Putin until Biden’s statement about regime change. Now the situation has changed.

Putin is spinning Biden’s words to fit them regarding the sovereignty of Russia. Now it is widely believed in Russia that foreign intervention is happening in Russia to put down a government.

Thus once again, he is about to attract the general public for his own good.

Even after facing backlash, Biden reiterated his words of regime change in Russia but noted that it is not a policy approach but his personal wish.

Experts believe that the president of the United States should keep his personal wishes to himself, especially in a high staked situation.

Putin’s approval within Russia is proven by facts now. While Russian state-controlled media is always biased, its numbers cannot be trusted.

However, an independent pollster of the country suggests that Putin’sPutin’s ratings in Russia are touching that of Bush’sBush’s rating post 9/11 in the United States.

George W. Bush played similar tactics to lure people after winning the controversial elections in 2000. He capitalized on hate speech to propagate a nationalist agenda in the country.

This was the only safe exit for Putin, and it could even help him not go to war again. Putin, who once envisioned capturing the erstwhile Soviet Union states, is now looking forward to recalibrating his strategy of using hard power in the dominant time of soft power.

Now he has more than enough data to craft his further strategy in the region before attacking any other nation.


Final Thoughts

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, both countries have stood victorious. The only one standing at the losing end is the United States since Biden’s approval ratings have declined since the onslaught of the war.

Any global war is likely to trigger a backlash within America due to the very fact that the country often intervenes in the internal matters of other sovereign states.

A single statement of Biden standing on the shores of Ukraine is proven consequential in the whole war. This is also a fair warning for the United States to bring the policy of regime change out of the question in any part of the world.

These efforts are the antithesis of the very liberal order that the US wants in the world. Currently, most of the world is based on the US-based popular democracy, and if America continues regime changes in the world, it would only help anti-American forces.

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