Clear and Unbiased Facts About How Rep Ilhan Omar Won Again Minnesota’s fifth Congressional District in 2020 (besides all the backlash)

Rep Ilhan Omar wins over Antone Melton-Meaux and makes a great win for the second time in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District primary.


Clear and Unbiased Facts About How Rep Ilhan Omar Won Again Minnesota's fifth Congressional District in 2020 (besides all the backlash)
Rep. Ilhan Omar

Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar, a member of the progressive “Squad” in Congress, wins over a well-funded challenger, Antone Melton-Meaux, in a Minnesota Democratic primary on Tuesday 11th August 2020. This is her second consecutive win in the Minnesota Fifth Congressional district. She was the first Somali-American elected and made history in 2018 by winning her first term in Congress.

Ilhan Omar’s Tough Challenger

Melton-Meaux was her tough challenger, who was able to raise extensive funds and ran a directed campaign focusing on Omar’s personal life.

His opinion about Ilhan Omar was that she is “out of touch with the district, and has been focused on her pursuits and celebrity to the detriment of the work that needs to be done.”

But Melton-Meaux’s campaign turned out as a great failure due to his focus on Omar’s issues, rather than the well-being of the entire state.

Primary Challenges

This freshman representative Ilhan Omar not only faced challenges politically but also in many faces and facets.

The most prominent among them is that she had to fight against a first-time political candidate, Antone Melton-Meaux. He was the CEO and Founder of a mediation company based in Minnesota.

He approved to be an excellent fundraiser and accumulated a much more significant bankroll in comparison to Ilhan Omar.

He claimed himself to be focused on the Fifth District and accused Omar of being not in touch with the district, adding that she had been more engaged in her pursuits.

He claimed this to be detrimental to her overall performance and the work that needed to be done.

He also added that Ilhan Omar is more into being a celebrity, as she regularly engages herself on Twitter in response to President Trump. Melton-Meaux’s position was that for the works to be done, no star is needed, and neither is a divider.

Omar wistfully responded that standing up to the President is not division, and added that she was standing up for any community threatened by hate-filled and xenophobic bullies living in the White House.

She has also become a high-profile subject of criticism, facing threats from national Republicans, which includes President Donald Trump. During the summer of 2019, the President tweeted, insinuating that Omar, along with the other three members of the Squad, should go back to where they belong, places that are broken and crime-infested.

Apart from the outsiders, this Congresswoman has faced reprisals from her own party members. According to Omar, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker from California, along with the other House Democratic leadership party members, accused that Omar’s comments included anti-Semitic tropes, and called on Omar to apologize for that publicly.

She also faced challenges for being a woman of color, a Muslim, and a refugee. She has faced many more challenges, including the character-assassination attacks on her.

This representative has lost her father during this COVID-19 pandemic, and still did not break down, but kept fighting.

How She Overcame the Challenges

Along with Rashida Tlaib and Ocasio Cortez, Omar prevailed this year in fending off those challenges. Being the first Muslim woman in the House, along with Tlaib, and known for her vocal promotion of radical values, she has drawn dedicated political left-wing followers.

Congressional Democrats have been gathering behind Omar amid the President’s attacks.

Omar apologized after she received the censure from the House Democratic Leaders, and has since worked to minimize the harm and win over critics. She had Pelosi’s support as she struggled to retain her seat. Pelosi backed her reelection bid.

Along with having many backlashes, she also had support from many other politicians, including Ms. Ocasio Cortez and many more.

She had the strong support of Keith Ellison for her bold thinking. She is a great leader, according to the former Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.

She has the full support of the Democratic-Farmers-Labor Party of the state, including her predecessor, Keith Ellison, the Attorney General.

Her unflinching acceptance of leftist politics has won over her faithful followers, not only in Minnesota but also across the country. She has turned into a lightning rod for conservative rhetoric.

Omar’s Votes

Ilhan Omar has defeated her competitor by a considerable number of votes in this primary election. She has received 57.4% of all the votes, which is 92,443 votes, which is more than any other candidate, and made her the winner. Among these, she has received 87,952 votes from Hennepin County, 4,180 votes from Anoka County, and 311 votes from Ramsey County.



Ms. Omar’s first performance on Tuesday in the deep-blue district practically ensures she can serve a second term in Congress. She said on Twitter that the organized people always beat the organized money. She also added that it is not only their movement that won, but they had achieved a mandate for change. Despite all the outside efforts, she broke turnout records and repeated history once again.

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