Democrat Beliefs: Where Do They Stand on Major Political Issues

The Democratic Party is famous for its liberal narrative, around which its whole ideology revolves. Unlike Republicans, Democrats believe in the more significant government intervention into the public domain, which encourages them to tax businesses and initiate social spending measures.

However, this is just one domain of a Democratic narrative, as they believe in easy immigration, police reforms, and granting more people the right to vote using various measures, including more early voting access.

Not all Democrats think along the same lines, as the intraparty divisions have been increasing over the period of time, with the emergence of more factions with diverging interests.

However, all of them have a common agenda to increase government intervention in the economic sector and regulate the economy using various tactics.

Democrat Beliefs: Where Do They Stand on Major Political Issues

Democrats Belief Regarding the Economy

Democrats rely on regulating the economy, subscribing to the ideology that the role of government is necessary to make economic institutions of the country functional.

Whether it is about increasing carbon taxes or income taxes, Democrats believe that they have to get money from businesses in order to fund their social spending regimes.

Progressive Democrats are too vocal in this regard, and they are often seen portraying this ideology in social gatherings as well.

AOC, for example, was brave enough to wear the “Tax the Rich” costume on Met Gala 2021 and blamed both Republicans and Democrats for not doing enough to gather more taxes from rich people.

Democrat Beliefs: Where Do They Stand on Major Political Issues

Democrats Policy on Coronavirus:

COVID-19 has been a hot-button political issue in America. Joe Biden pledged not to introduce vaccine mandates after coming to power; however, he was quick to eat his own words after winning the White House.

The platform of the Democrats backs the vaccine and mask mandate. Biden introduced a plethora of vaccine mandates after coming to the office, including mandating the inoculations for private workers and medical workers.

Democratic Platform About Minimum Wage

As Democrats want more social spending during their tenure, that brings them to their minimum wage campaign, as they always try to legislate for increased minimum wages and protection of labor rights.

The Minimum Wage Act introduced in Congress in 2021 envisioned raising the minimum wage to $15/hr in America by 2025.

Progressives have been vocal enough to introduce a universal minimum wage as well.

Democrat Beliefs: Where Do They Stand on Major Political Issues

Gun Rights and Democrats

Gun rights is an evergreen issue in American politics, and Democrats are in favor of introducing gun reforms.

Democratic presidents have repeatedly voiced their concerns about the increasing numbers of guns in American society, with the Democratic majority Congress taking steps to pass bills against the possession of firearms.

However, most of the time, they have failed in legislating this issue.


Criminal Justice Reforms and the Democratic Party

Republicans accuse Democrats of defunding the police. However, mainline Democrats reject that they subscribe to this ideology. But this is not entirely true on the Democratic end also.

Democrats are in favor of reforming the role of police, with the progressive faction going as far as defunding the institute of the police to the maximum possible capacity.

When former President Barrack Obama opposed Democrats’ demands of defunding the police, one of the major progressives, Ilhan Omar, lashed out against him and called police defunding “policy demand.”

Many Democratic voters do not buy this ideology, however. Repeated surveys have shown that most Democratic voters want to see the role of the police continue in society, irrespective of the fact that some top-notch Democrats campaign against it.

Changing the way police work is the major policy option of Democrats for criminal justice reforms.

Some other criminal justice reforms backed by Democrats include rethinking the death penalty, with progressives wanting to abolish it altogether.

Democrat Beliefs: Where Do They Stand on Major Political Issues

Democratic Policy on Abortion Rights 

Democrats are pro-choice people, backing females’ rights to abortion. Democratic lawmakers have often campaigned along the same lines and tried to protect abortion interests after coming to power, both from Congress and the White House.

The case of Roe vs. Wade has further bifurcated American politics with Democrats wanting the court to protect the right to abortion.

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have even encouraged Biden to pack the Supreme Court to protect the right of abortion.

Democrats Efforts in Social Spending Arena

Be it promoting healthcare or educational facilities, Democrats want to increase government spending in America.

They fund this spending by using the money they raise by taxing rich people and business owners. The Affordable Care Act, or as it is popularly known as Obamacare, is a classic example of government intervention in the healthcare sector, which completely transformed the healthcare system of the United States.

Democrat Beliefs: Where Do They Stand on Major Political Issues

Voting Rights and the Democratic Party Platform

Amid the pervasive voting suppression laws and Jim Crow legislation, Democrats tried to pass pro-voting laws that could curb voter suppression.

However, the filibuster in the Senate has acted as a roadblock for them. In general, Democrats want more people to come out to vote in any elections, as they usually win when voter turnout is high.

Do All Democrats Think the Same?

There are roughly six factions within the Democratic Party, including:

  • The Super Progressives
  • The Very Progressives
  • The Progressives New Guard
  • The Progressives Old Guard
  • The Moderates
  • Conservative Democrats

Not all Democrats think along the same line. Just like any other political party, the opinions within Democrats can also vary widely, and at times, they can go at crossroads to each other. Super progressives are the modern-day form of the progressives of the actual progressive era of the 1900s.

Those progressives mostly talked about human rights, but for the “privileged ones” only. While ignoring any racial disparity, progressives nowadays have gone beyond that discrimination.

This far-left political faction of the party often locks horns with moderate Democrats who can be inclined toward conservative ideology many times.

The latest example of this was seen when Senator Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema refused to end the filibuster and pass the social spending bill.

Similarly, they publicly call for police defunding, a narrative that has not only created a public backlash, but also many mainstream Democrats have turned against them for that.

For instance, during his recent trip to New York, Joe Biden publicly stated that he wanted to “fund the police,” busting the famous narrative against mainstream Democrats.

Many a time, Democratic ideology has been challenged by false messaging efforts of Republicans in various domains. Republicans have often portrayed the false narrative regarding the intensity with which Democrats want social spending in the country, while they did the same in opinion mining regarding the police defunding.

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