A Final Attempt: Democrats Final Move to Win 2022 Midterm

The midterm elections are approaching, and so are the tough times for Democrats. Currently, they are making their final bid to win their estranged voters back to retain their Congress majority even with the margin that they are having now.

As of now, the approval rating of President Biden is standing at 42 percent, the same where Donald Trump was standing six months prior to the 2018 midterm elections.

However, even with the strong messaging war, Republicans lost the midterm. Thus Biden is facing a similar sort of crisis, and the flawed messaging strategy is making it worse.

A Final Attempt: Democrats Final Move to Win 2022 Midterm

Biden Makes One Final Move to Win Back Black Voters

The polls result that more Americans want Republican lawmakers to see in the Congress instead of Democrats is also a sign of worry for Democrats.

Thus they are adopting some tactics that can help them win some extra voters in every constituency.

For instance, the Biden administration recently announced the implementation of the executive order, which seeks equity across the board using over 90 federal agencies.

The executive order was signed by the president on the very first day of his presidency, but the implementation was delayed to get the maximum political benefits.

Now, as voters drift away from Democrats and they find it hard to resonate with them, this is the time that they implement the order.

According to the executive order, those people who have been historically underserved would be treated with equity to bring them back into the national fabric.

Included in these people are the minorities of color, gender minorities, LGBTQ+, and other such communities that were neglected in one form or another.

For instance, the Labor Department would pursue an equal wage program across the board to help these underserved communities, while the Housing Department would seek equal access to housing across the country.

Biden is now relying on moderates to win the elections

This is coming at a time when Democrats know that they can be pushed into utter chaos otherwise. For instance, COVID cases are rising, inflation is surging, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine is entering a critical phase.

All of these factors are crucial in determining Biden’s popularity. In Russia, forces have started pursuing renewed war strategy after reloading the barracks, which were withdrawn recently.

For this purpose, they have even given a deadline to the city of Mariupol to surrender, without which Russia could unleash new horrors on the city. This is the first time since the start of the war that Russia gave a specific deadline for surrender, which put forward a significant challenge in front of the United States to act as Ukraine said that it will fight to end.

Now as this ultimatum is over, Biden can feel increased pressure from progressives to intervene in the war. But this is not the only thing where progressives would be alienated from the party.

Recently, the administration announced to resume oil and gas leasing on federal lands to bring oil prices down amid the war.

This is the biggest U-turn of the administration until now, as he promised during his campaign that he would not go that route. However, even if it rages progressives, it is likely to win him a significant part of the population as oil prices are likely to come down with this measure.

Final Thoughts

While the end result of the midterm elections may not be in favor of Democrats, even with these measures, they will surely be able to attract a significant chunk of voters toward themselves.

With a little bit of their effort of doubling down on racial politics and devising a strategy against pro-Trump Republicans, Democrats are expected to even seal the deal.

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