Diverse Administration of Biden: The United States is ready to see the most diverse administration of recent times.

During the rule of President Donald Trump, the White House administration was full of white males with no diversity at all. Although you could find one or two women, you would rarely encounter people of color serving in the administration of President Donald Trump. In negation to that, the diverse administration of Biden will break all the stereotypes.

President-elect Joe Biden promised that he would have a diverse administration, with people from every color and every gender getting an equal opportunity to show their talent for saving the country with their zeal and passion. This diverse administration of Biden will open new avenues for the United States which were not possible in Trump doctrine.

The process of diverse administration of Biden was started by the president-elect when he chooses Kamala Harris, who will become the first-ever woman to become the vice president of America, and who is also a woman of color.

Joe Biden is committed to reverse the damage done to this country in the previous four years, and, to do so, the diverse administration of Biden will have team members from all races and sexes, who will work together to unite this country and to help it maintain the way of peace and prosperity.

In this article, we will be discussing recent development in the political realm of the United States, as Biden first appoints people of color and women to serve in the White House in his bid to make diverse administrations as promised. We will also be shedding light on the expected team of President-elect Joe Biden.

Diverse Administration of Biden: The United States is ready to see the most diverse administration of recent times.

Diverse administration of Biden: People of color and different genders appointed to Biden’s staff

The president-elect made some promises during his presidential campaign, and it seems that he wishes to keep them. His governing has not even started yet, but he has made it clear that he has come to unite the country under one flag.

To kick-off the journey for the diverse administration of Biden, the president-elect appointed five women and four people of color in his cabinet, showing that he has been chosen by the whole of America and not just by a few. He intends to celebrate and honor diversity, which is a defining characteristic of the country.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, the woman who led the Democratic presidential campaign, will now also serve as the White House Deputy Chief of Staff under Ron Klain, who was appointed last week as White House Chief of Staff.

Cedric Richmond, the former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, will resign from the House of Representatives to join as the senior advisor and director of the White House Office of the Public Management.

Dana Remus is to be appointed as the senior counsel to the President-elect Joe Biden.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez will be appointed as the director of the White House Office of the Intergovernmental Affairs.

Mike Donilon will be the senior advisor, and Steve Ricchetti will serve as the counselor to the President.

Additionally, Annie Tomasini will serve as the Director of the Oval Office Operations.

These appointments show intent to make diverse administration of Biden that will look like America and will not consist only of members of a mainly single racial group as the Trump Administration.

Diverse Administration of Biden: The United States is ready to see the most diverse administration of recent times.

Biden’s pledge to put a Black woman in the Supreme Court

Until now, only two African Americans have served in the highest judiciary institution in the United States, but unfortunately, neither of them was a woman.

President-elect Joe Biden has pledged that he will give this country the first-ever Black woman member of the Supreme Court. It cannot be said who will get this honor, as it depends upon when the vacancy opens.

If the vacancy opens late in the Biden presidency, he will still have the chance to inject black women into the lower courts to become potential nominees in the future.

However, if the vacancy opens soon, the possible contender could be:

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is currently serving in the US District Court in the District of Columbia. Judge Jackson is among those judges who were interviewed by President Barack Obama for the Supreme Court.

Another name could be Justice Leondra Kruger, a former law clerk who is currently serving at the California Supreme Court. Demand Justice, a progressive advocacy group, has also published a list of African American women as potential Supreme Court nominees, including Kruger.

However, there is still an obstacle in Biden’s way to nominate a woman of color for the Supreme Court, as Republicans hold the majority in the Senate.

Diverse Administration of Biden: The United States is ready to see the most diverse administration of recent times.

Potential Contenders for Biden’s diverse cabinet

The Progressive Democrats are placing enormous pressure on President-elect Joe Biden to appoint a diverse cabinet, even more, diverse than the Obama administration. Biden’s transition team has already started to collect potential candidates for the cabinet.

President-elect Joe Biden intends to focus initially on important posts involving the economy, treasury, health, and human services.

The people from Wall Street and Silicon Valley who have been pouring money into the Biden campaign’s final stretch have a different set of priorities, and so do the Senate Republicans who the president-elect may need to confirm these nominees.

Susan Rice, a woman of color, is one of the top contenders for  Biden’s Secretary of State.

Biden can make history by nominating women or people of color to the Treasury and Defense department, but no one is sure that this will happen.

Lael Brainard is a potential candidate for Treasury Secretary.

Michele Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense and Policy, may be nominated as the Defense Secretary.

Other contenders for the Defense Secretary include Senator Tammy Duckworth.

Additionally, the contenders for the attorney general include Doug Jones, the former Senator, Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Sally Yates, former Deputy Attorney general in the Obama Administration.


The diverse administration of Biden will have Americans from all races, and we know that because he has already chosen a woman of color to be his running mate, who will now work alongside him.

However, there are significant challenges that President-elect Joe Biden may face while nominating the members of his administration, the Republican majority in the Senate being one of them.

Biden may have to compromise on several candidates because of these challenges and different stakeholders. Still, he is committed to getting a black woman in the Supreme Court and is expected to do it at any cost.

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