Dr Jill Biden: How a Professor First Lady will Save the United States?

Dr Jill Biden

Dr Jill Biden is going to be the new first lady of the United States (FLOTUS) on January 20, 2021. With this, she will be the first-ever “professor FLOTUS,” having teaching as a profession. Experts believe that she can be one of the greatest FLOTUS of all time.

Not only this, but she can also help Joe Biden in running affairs from the White House as she has expertise in various domains.

Having an educator in this powerful position can be really blissful for the United States, and by accommodating her opinion in matters of public affairs, Joe Biden can make some great decisions. Born in 1951 in New Jersey, Dr Jill Biden stood by Joe Biden through thick and thin.

She is also going to be the first FLOTUS having a paid job. From helping him in winning the nomination to watching the election results and winning moments live from Delaware, Dr Jill Biden was there with the president-elect every time.

How can Dr Jill Biden help Joe Biden in running the country, and how can she have a positive impact on the United States? Let’s have a look.

  Dr Jill Biden: How a Professor First Lady will Save the United States?

Dr Jill Biden Playing a role in crafting education policy:

Considering the importance of education in the prevailing times and the times to come, the presence of an educator in the White House can greatly impact the educational policies. 

Soon after her graduation in 1975 from the University of Delaware, she started teaching English in local schools. Having two Master’s degrees, she taught English for more than thirty years.

 Jill was the first second lady (wife of the vice president) doing a paid job, and she is going to be the first-ever first lady to do the same. Sticking to her profession despite getting everything at her doorstep shows her courage and passion. By doing this, she will set a precedent that women should strive for excellence no matter how much far they come in life.


More public interaction than Melania Trump:

The involvement of Melania Trump in the matters of public affairs was seen to be minimal in the previous four years. She was rarely seen interacting with the public. 

Melania Trump was not even interested in regulating the official duties assigned to the first lady. For this very purpose, Donald Trump took the duties of the first lady, including the decoration of the residence and planning official events.

She is so naive in the White House affairs that many circles suggest that she spent most of her time with her 14-year-old son Barron Trump, and called herself a “full-time mom.” 

However, Jill Biden will be different than Melania in this regard. As she will be doing her job as an educator, Jill Biden will have continuous interaction will students as well as with the general public. Having a Doctorate in education, she will guide people to value teachers.

Dr Jill Biden: How a Professor First Lady will Save the United States?

Helping military families:

Unlike Melania Trump, Dr Jill Biden will help the military families as she has a good track record in doing this. She supports military families by full ambition as she, along with the former first lady Michelle Obama, did a lot for the moral and emotional support of the military forces.

As she is also an author of the military book for children named Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops, she has insights into how military families go into stigma as they deal with family members fighting overseas. 

This passion of Dr Biden will help her in assisting the new commander in chief of the United States, Joe Biden, for the facilitation of the military families.

Dr Jill Biden: How a Professor First Lady will Save the United States?

More support to the president than Melania:

Body language experts suggest that Dr Jill Biden will be better support for her husband than Melania Trump. 

Judi James, a body language expert, said that Dr Jill Biden would be a “strong family vibe” and is “more active as a fan and supporter” to her husband than Melania Trump.

She further said that “Jill shows more valid power signals in terms of working as a team with her husband.” The body language expert claimed that “When she (Jill Biden) speaks, though, her body language is in as strong a contrast to Melania’s as Joe’s is to Donald’s.”  

All of these claims suggest that Jill Biden will be an excellent addition to the White House, and her presence will be beneficial for the United States. 

Having an active first lady is very crucial for the United States. The country needs someone who can take good care of the responsibilities given to her under the FLOTUS title. As a working woman, Jill Biden will be a different type of a first lady.

The journey of a teacher to the White House is exceptional. If Jill Biden continues working with this zest and zeal, soon this English professor with a Doctorate in education can set new standards for the first ladies who are yet to come.

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