Fascist Out: It’s A New Day

Characterized by ultranationalism, authoritarian regimes, and attacking the opposing narratives, fascism is an ideology most commonly associated with Adolf Hitler.

However, in modern times, the revival of fascism is seen in the first world countries, the top of which lies the United States of America. Donald Trump, who won the 2016 presidential election, unexpectedly evolved to be one of the most autocratic, unpredictable, and violent presidents that the United States has ever seen.

Trump’s fascism ideology was so severe that he never took other opinions seriously while making all-important decisions affecting the lives of the masses. 

From leaving the World Health Organization to the Paris Climate Accord, he isolated the United States in every aspect.

As the threat of nuclear war once again looms over the world with Trump in office, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked the military leadership to take care of the nuclear codes.

By facing the second impeachment in the aftermath of the Congressional attack, he is now the second-worst president with regard to the approval rating at the time of leaving.

With more than 55% of Americans disapproving of Trump at the final moments, only Richard Nixon had a worse approval rating than Trump while leaving the White House. 

With the mammoth challenges facing the United States now, including winning the trust of the world once again, huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of incoming President Joe Biden.

Fascist Out: It’s A New Day

Fascist Trump and his Nazism Inspired Policies: A Time to Say Goodbye to it:

Comparing Donald Trump with the founder of the fascism ideology will not be a falsified approach at all.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shed light on the comparison, as he compared the US capitol siege with the events that took place in Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. 

Under Hitler, the rampage named Kristallnacht in 1938 took place when the charged mobs destroyed synagogues and the other worship places of Jews. That event can easily be compared with the Congressional siege. 

Adolf Hitler wanted to concentrate all the powers in his hands, and so does Donald Trump. As Trump boarded Air Force One for the one last time with the nuclear football in the hands, he has already signaled to make a new political party, knowing the fact that Republicans have already started boycotting him. The last statement of Donald Trump while speaking to the nation as the president of the United States was 


“Have a great life. We will see you soon.”



It is evident from these statements that Trump will leave no stone unturned to get into the power corridors once again. The hunger for power is the same as that for Hitler.

It is true that he can seek the office once again. Still, considering his ambitions for pushing the insurgency in the United States capitol, it is imminent that he wants to seek power at the expense of peace, just like the founder of fascism, Hitler.


End of an Ultranationalist Regime

Ultranationalism is the major characteristics of fascist regimes. When it happens, the rulers try to see the short-term images instead of the collective benefit. This happened in the United States in the last four years as Trump pursued his so-called America-first policy, inspired by the isolationist ideology.

Now, as Trump is out of office, Biden is all set to revoke the fascist-inspired isolationist policies of Trump. America is expected to reconnect with the world by opposing the ultranationalist policies in the following form.


  • By rejoining the Paris climate accord
  • Rejoining the World Health Organization, which was abandoned by Trump after the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Getting back to the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal to help nuclear nonproliferation.
  • Healing the relations with China, which Trump deteriorated in the form of a trade war.
  • Agreeing on the various matters with the NATO allies once again, which Trump destroyed due to his ultranationalist policies.

Fascist Out: It’s A New Day

Narcissism: Another Policy of Trump to be Opposed by Biden

Most fascist leaders are inspired by the narcissistic policies that motivate them to be in the media centers and the breaking news. 

This was the case in the era of Hitler, who tried to grab global attention in one form or another. This inspired him to push the world into the second world war, which completely changed the course of history.

The same was the case with the outgoing fascist Trump, who not only tried to provoke an economic war in the world, but also posed a serious threat to world peace, which was discussed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she called on the military chief to take care of the nuclear codes. 

However, with the departure of the fascist Trump from the White House, the world will be in safer hands as the nuclear football of Donald Trump has been deactivated by the Pentagon, while that of Biden has been activated.

Not only this, but the global supply chain will also heal as Biden is expected to deal with the other global economies in sensible ways.

Fascist Out: It’s A New Day

Refusal to Leave Power and Fascism

Another core characteristic of fascism is that the fascist leaders are reluctant to leave the power, as they think that power belongs to them and not the office. 

This same was the case with Hitler, who remained very vocal about not leaving power. Similarly, Trump left no stone unturned to accuse the system after losing the 2020 election.

From following the senseless lawsuits to inciting his supporters to attack Congress, every step of Donald Trump was inspired by this ideology. Now, as Trump leaves the White House for one last time, the United States is ready to see a new era of democratic practices where politicians are expected to accept the mandate despite the nature of the election result.


Infographic explaining Trump fascist out from Whte House


The Father of Fake News

Another important feature of fascism is that the leader who followed it likes to manipulate the minds of the masses with the help of fake news. 

This happened in the case of Hitler as well, who made people believe that the Holocaust is a noble cause, and hence people followed him in mass.

Now consider the case of Donald Trump, for instance, who made people believe that attacking Congress is a noble cause as they thought that the elections were stolen from them.

Not only this, almost 70% of Republican supporters believe that the elections were stolen from them.

Similarly, in his last speech just before leaving the presidency, Trump said that he introduced the biggest tax cuts in the history of the United States just to get the sympathy of the people. However, this was also a false claim, as Ronald Regan had the biggest tax cuts in the United States history.


Might is Right: Fascist Trump Policy:

Might is right is another powerful ideology inspired by Nazism and fascism. Just like Hitler, who prosecuted everyone disagreeing with him, Donald Trump did not behave well with those who disagreed with him.

 The classic example in this regard was the CISA director’s removal when he labeled the 2020 presidential election the most transparent in US history. Not only this, but Trump also bashed the lawmakers and governors who did not follow the Texas lawsuit blindly.

Similarly, he also criticized the Supreme Court judges when they denied entertaining the conspiracies propagated by Trump.

Fascist Out: It’s A New Day

Biden’s Presidency: A New Day

As Biden took oath as the 46th president of the United States, countries across the globe have already started congratulating Biden.

It is the dawn of the new sun for not only the United States but also the whole world as a fascist has been removed from the most powerful office of the world, as Joe Biden got the highest-ever votes in the history of the United States.

While Joe Biden is ready to revoke as many of Trump’s policies as possible, Trump has much to worry about now, as he can be prosecuted on many grounds. 

The climate of the world is also in safe hands, as, by joining the Paris climate accord again, Biden will make sure that the United States, the second-largest contributor of carbon dioxide in the global environment, plays its part in healing the planet in which we all have to live.

The world will be in safer hands as Biden is expected to negotiate the nuclear challenges with Iran and North Korea once again.

The world will see the healing economy lines across the globe as small industries that were disrupted by Trump’s so-called trade war.

Americans will be more than happy to have a president who believes in diversity, as Biden selects the first-ever transgender doctor as an assistant secretary of health.

The stagnated Americans who lost more than 400,000 citizens to coronavirus will be happy to have a president ready to tackle the virus on scientific grounds instead of propagating conspiracies.

As Biden takes oath from the Chief Justice of the United States and Kamala Harris from the Associate Justice, it is high time that everyone regards their responsibility not to propagate the ideologies of fascist Trump any further, as it will cause irreversible damage to the country.

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