Seeing Beyond Ukraine: Human Rights Abuses in India and Israel are Equally Worse

The world is at its peak in human rights violations these days, as the hegemonic behavior of different states is strangling the common citizenry of the world.

In Ukraine, these violations were evident, which attracted the attention of different media outlets globally. However, at the same time, most media networks are silent about human rights violations in India and Palestine these days.

Seeing Beyond Ukraine: Human Rights Abuses in India and Israel are Equally Worse

India at the helm of human rights abuses: US must stand up to its own morals

Since the introduction of the Modi regime in India, Muslims have been the victim of this violation. However, these differences have only been rising in recent days.

This blackout of the western media about the atrocities of Indian Muslims is detrimental not only to the freedom of speech but also to maintaining just human rights practices all over the world.

The US and its allies have been tough on Russia for committing war crimes and targeting the civilian population for political gains; however, this seems not true in the case of India and Israel these days.

Exactly twenty years ago, the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India was the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Gujarat. There he committed a massacre of Muslims. And he is repeating the same episode these days all over India.

In the first week of the Muslims’ fasting month of Ramadan, a group of Hindu extremists invaded a Muslim neighborhood in the Indian state of Rajasthan. There they played their slogans in loud voices stating,

“The day the Hindus wake up, the consequence will be,

“that the skull-cap wearer will bow down and say victory to Lord Ram.

“The day my blood boils, I wish to show you your place,

“Then I will not speak, only my sword will.”

It was only a matter of time before the rally swelled as it attracted nearby extremists as well. The Police remained silent as the dangers mounted in the neighborhood.

Thus clashes erupted between the two communities, which prompted Hindu extremists to set the Muslim neighborhood ablaze.

Among the ashes were standing helpless Police officers who either wanted this to happen or kept silent in front of the religiously charged crowds.

Meanwhile, extremists in nearby areas announced to boycott Muslim shops to hit them financially. While most of the media remained silent, those who spoke blamed both the communities equally for violence.

But this was just one single incident.

In fact, the country is seeing such incidents on a daily basis, as more than 16 houses and 29 shops of the Muslim community were burned on April 10 in the state of Madya Pradesh.

Authorities said that the infrastructure was illegal, but still, it did not follow the due procedure to demolish it.


Human Rights Violation in Palestine is Unfolding Once Again

Miles away, another country is cooking a conspiracy against Muslims. Just like the last Ramadan, Israel is also harvesting horrors on Palestinians this time.

It has been one year since Israel’s merciless bombardment killed hundreds of Palestinians and demolished their houses.

This time the Israeli army invaded the holiest place of Palestine for Muslims: the Al-Aqsa mosque, ending up injuring over 150 civilians and detaining an equal number roughly.

However, the world is silent amid all of this. The barometer that global administrations set during the Russia-Ukraine war for upholding human rights is fading away.


Final Thoughts

For Russia, America went to great lengths to impose sanctions, disenfranchise it from the western banking system, and boycott the oil of the country. Similarly, the US urged its global allies to do the same, which isolated Russia for killing Ukrainians.

The western measures against Russia are undoubtedly appreciable steps, but sanity should prevail, and equal standards of humanity should be introduced everywhere.

Only then would the world be able to see that the global reaction against Russia was a rules-based decision and not a tool to subjugate a political rival.

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