Global Migration Agreement Act: A Formula to Solve the Global Immigration Crisis

The rise of xenophobia has choked immigrants in various countries, as they are denied their fundamental rights everywhere.

The increasing hate crimes are the epitome of this, as civilizations are clashing in different countries, resulting in a surging identity crisis.

Amid all of this chaos, the need for reorganizing the struggle and the rights of immigrants is greater than ever.

Ilhan Omar’s sponsored Global Migration Agreement Act is promising to curb these immigration crises to a great extent, as it has the potential to bind many countries that, otherwise, make the lives of immigrants miserable.

To assist the struggling immigrants across the globe, Ilhan Omar’s heroics cannot be neglected at all.

As Ilhan Omar reintroduced the Global Migration Agreement Act, which aims to revamp US foreign policy regarding migration as well as combat human rights abuses around the world, the hopes are high that sanity will prevail among all the factions trying to bring immigrants to a new low.


Global Migration Agreement Act: A Formula to Solve the Global Immigration Crisis


Promoting Human Rights Agenda: The Core of Democrat’s Foreign Policy

Migrants face discrimination in one form or another, irrespective of the country they decide to live in.

Even in the developed nations, the struggle is real. However, in third-world countries, the crisis becomes even brutal. 

This is why Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar said that Congress has an important constitutional duty when it comes to foreign affairs, regardless of who is president.

As she belongs to an immigrant background, she knows the struggle very well; that is why she said,

“I am a survivor of war, and I understand personally how it takes lives, shatters futures, and tears apart families. I also know the moral authority the United States carries on the world stage when we stand up for human rights. We have an opportunity to live up to these values, to ensure that no child lives through violent conflict like I did, and to mean what we say when it comes to championing human rights worldwide. That’s why I am proud to introduce the Stop Arming Human Rights Abusers Act, to ensure that there are consequences to human rights abuses regardless of who commits them, and the Global Migration Agreement, to ensure that people displaced by conflict and climate change have a place to call home. America has led the world in standing up for human rights before. It’s time for us to seize the mantle of leadership again.”

(Ilhan Omar)


Ilhan Omar bid to help global immigrants can end the suffering of many immigrants who are living under inhumane regimes.
Ilhan Omar bid to help global immigrants can end the suffering of many immigrants who are living under inhumane regimes.

Ilhan Omar’s Global Immigration Agreement Act: The Answer to All Immigrants Worries

The bill highlights worldwide migration challenges, with a focus on issues that affect disadvantaged communities.

In addition to other initiatives, the agreement stipulates that the United States should join the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2018.

The United States voted against the measure, issuing a statement at the time that said the compact was an attempt by the UN to advance global governance at the expense of states’ sovereignty.

This bill has mighty scope if it is implemented in its full force. For instance, in Bangladesh, many persecuted immigrants coming from Myanmar remain in the worst humanitarian conditions.

Similarly, in India, the Modi government announced the Citizen Amendment Act, discriminatory legislation against the Muslim community, which puts the incoming immigrants in a bleak condition.

The bill demands that the United States restore refugee resettlement to appropriate levels following the reductions in resettlement under President Donald Trump’s administration. It could also be extended to facilitate more than 70,000 potential immigrants who are going to be impacted by the Supreme Court’s decision of reinstating Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

This is high time for the United States to lead by example. At times when the Afghan Taliban have just captured Kabul and people are gasping for immigration, the US can facilitate them to settle in different countries through this act.

Using diplomacy, the US must press other countries to adopt it. This bill calls for addressing the core causes of migration, funding crisis response programs that assist at-risk migrants and ensuring clear legal rights for displaced persons. The bill stated that these rights would not be contingent on people’s reasons for relocating.

What this Bill is All About

  • Ensure that migrant’s human rights, particularly rights to health, are centralized.
  • Recognize the specific vulnerabilities of marginalized groups, including women, indigenous people, and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.
  • Identify clear, ambitious, quantitative, and qualitative benchmarks based on each country’s capacity and needs.
  • Global funding for crisis response involving migrants at risk, whether they are crossing borders or migrating within their own country.
  • Provide countries with clear requirements for reporting their progress in meeting the benchmarks.
  • Provide support, including funding, to countries and localities bearing a disproportionate burden of forced migration.
  • Expand and amend existing migrant categorizations and classifications to include vulnerable migratory groups that are currently unprotected by international norms and regulations.
  • Consolidate a consensus about the right to a fair process for migrants, no matter how or why they migrate.

President Biden has already described that the core of his foreign policy is human rights, so pursuing this bill in full swing should not be an issue at all.

These principles form the basis of American engagement around the world and make military action a last resort.

The act considers the perspectives of people who have been directly affected by conflict and power struggles across the globe.

Final Thoughts

The aim of the Global Migration Agreement Act is to encourage the adoption of a binding agreement on global migration issues.

The proposal calls for enhanced congressional oversight of the executive branch’s unilateral actions against other countries.

The changing climate is also expected to push the immigration crisis even further, as UNICEF declares that more than one billion children are at risk due to the changing climate.

While the US fixes its home regarding CO2 emissions, pursuing better immigration policies should also be a top-notch policy for the country, which is supposedly the only superpower as of now.

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