Illegal Immigration Crisis: Ending Title 42 is a Recipe of Disaster

A new wave of illegal immigration is about to sweep the United States as the Biden administration is about to terminate Title 42 on American borders from May 23.

Title 42 is an exception that disallows illegal immigrants from entering the United States. When the Trump administration first introduced this title, it was due to the rising pandemic, so immigrants were returned back as they posed a health threat.

However, the Biden administration now believes that the pandemic is over and the country has a much stronger infrastructure to fight the virus.

The United States and Mexico share 1,954 miles of a porous border, and ending Title 42 would be a free invitation to immigration to the United States.

Illegal Immigration Crisis: Ending Title 42 is a Recipe of Disaster

Terminating Title 42 is a Recipe for Disaster

At a time when the country is already facing a food shortage and unprecedented inflation crisis, pursuing this far-left policy will come with its own consequences.

The states neighboring the border will be impacted the most due to these crises. Recently, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott announced he would mass transport illegal transport immigrants on the steps of the US Capitol Hill in Washington to let Biden know what the consequences of welcoming these people in big numbers are.

More red states can follow the tactics of Abbott once the title is eliminated. This is due to the fact that bordering states are most vulnerable to crisis since they are at the receiving end.

And at a time when the federal government is not assisting the state governments financially, the financial strain of administering these illegal immigrants also comes down to the states.

In the first year of the Biden administration, border encounters reached a record high.

All of this was happening with the implementation of Title 42 just because of the perception that the Biden administration is soft on immigrants compared to a Republican administration.

Now the end of Title 42 also guarantees an intensified crisis.


Illegal Immigration is Detrimental to COVID Crisis

The new wave of immigrants is also detrimental to the health facilities in America.

A subvariant of the omicron virus, B.A 2 is currently widespread in the United States, and unlimited immigration is bound to make matters worse.

This will not only pave the way for new variants, but the strain on existing facilities would also be increased significantly.

Nonetheless, Dr. Fauci has already warned that new COVID restrictions may come soon, including indoor mask mandates, which suggests that the unparalleled influx of illegal immigrants can bring more COVID cases into the country.

It is also pertinent to note here that the majority of these immigrants may come unvaccinated, which will provide the deadly virus a new life.

Low Morale of Border Officials is Dangerous After the End of Title 42

The morale of border patrol officers is already at an all-time low, and those experiencing the crisis firsthand depict a dangerous picture of existing border facilities.

A recent visit of the secretary of Homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas, saw border officials fighting with their own chief, portraying a notion of pervasive internal division within border staff. In this situation, if illegal immigrants are allowed massively, it will further dent the morale of border officials.

Multiple border staff members have emphasized that the country cannot afford to bring these many illegal immigrants to the country at the same time.

There are also some media reports circulating that a lot of caravans are waiting in Mexico to come to the United States after the end of Title 42. This means that a new wave of illegal immigrants is inevitable post Title 42.


Final Thoughts

If the Biden administration has to wrap up the title, it must be preceded with enough measures to tackle the incoming wave. For this purpose, enough facilities at US borders be made for the detection of any smuggler and human trafficker so that the crisis can be averted.

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