Fight to Win Black Voters: Democrats are Campaigning on Judge Jackson Nomination

A democratic majority in Congress has managed to install a Black woman on the Supreme Court with a 53-47 vote.

This marked the completion of their landmark campaign promise of nominating a first-ever black woman to the top Court of the country. However, if Democrats believe that this can help them win their disgruntled Black voters, they are utterly mistaken.

Fight to Win Black Voters: Democrats are Campaigning on Judge Jackson Nomination

Black Voters are Disgruntled with Democrats

Since coming into power, Democrats have backtracked from many of their campaign promises, especially with the people of color, which is the primary reason why this group is not inclining toward them anymore.

Many repetitive surveys have indicated Democrats are losing the support of Black Americans and that many of them are either getting voter apathy or inclining toward Republicans.

This is a worrying sign for the party, considering that they won a whole lot of seats by relying on these voters.

And when this voter alienation is combined with Republicans’ gerrymandering efforts, this is a recipe for disaster for Democrats.

Democrats campaigned on giving voting rights to disenfranchised black people, safeguarding their lives after the murder of George Floyd by doing police reforms, and other avenues to lure Black voters for the 2020 elections.

However, they were unable to pass any legislation in this regard. Their infighting was the primary reason why such bills were not passed, and the filibuster remained intact. This is being perceived badly by Black voters.

Democrats are Running Paid Campaigns to Capitalize on Judge Jackson’s Nomination

Some surveys are also indicating that the persisting economic crisis is one of the reasons why Democrats would feel the brunt of these offended voters to the maximum possible extent.

Experts believe that the average voter hit by the surging gas prices, skyrocketing food inflation is likely to vote against anyone in power, so Democrats would be the victim in this case.

As the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the people of color the most, they are facing the brunt of inflation more than anyone else. So, their resentment is justified fully, which Democrats wanted to eliminate by nominating a Black judge to the top court.

The fact that the White House took this step in the election year is also evident from their latest ad campaigns. Democratic campaign managers are launching ad campaigns targeting Black voters in five 

States including North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

The spokesperson of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee targeted these voters to campaign for the nomination for the Black judge, saying.


 “If Senate Republicans had their way, Judge Jackson, an exceptionally qualified jurist and the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, wouldn’t have even been given a hearing.”

(Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)


He also mentioned that these efforts of the Republican party portray what is at stake in the 2022 elections.

Reportedly, Democrats also thought that if Republicans put roadblocks in the election of Jackson, it would help them lose the support of any remaining Black voters. However, reports suggest that this is not turning out to be the case, even though Republicans accused the judge of being soft on the accusers of child pornography.

The tagline of the Democratic party ad campaign reads, “Senate Republicans tried to stop her. We must defend the Democratic Senate.”

As the ad is being run in Black audience newspapers and TV channels. The exact amount of money that Democrats poured into this campaign is still not disclosed; however, the party is pouring almost $30 million into the midterm elections campaign in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, and Ohio.

Final Thoughts

The way Democrats are making their campaign strategy, they could have made incredible gains had they put half of this effort into legislating for Blacks by eliminating the filibuster. However, this is the time for voters to decide, and irrespective of the fact that a Black judge is introduced in the court, Democrats are likely to face the brunt of voters.

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