January 6, 2025: An Incoming Military Coup in America?

January 6 insurrection, the messiest event in the recent history of America, has undoubtedly far-flung consequences for the future of the country.

Now, as America moves to the midterm elections followed by the presidential elections of 2024, January 6, 2025, could be even messier.

Seeing the trend and loyalties of some military veterans, a coup on January 6, 2025, is very much a real thing.\

January 6, 2025: An Incoming Military Coup in America?

The Beginning of the End of Liberal Democracy?

At least three American generals have warned that the 2024 presidential election could be followed by a military coup.

If these predictions come true, it will be the end of the liberal democratic story that emerged after the end of the cold war as the only powerful ideology of the world.

The same story provided America justifications for invading different countries across the globe, claiming that it wanted to reinstate democratic governments in those regions.

However, if the warnings of the American generals turn out to be true, it will destroy the historic justifications which America used to install democracy in other countries.

“We are chilled to our bones at the thought of a coup succeeding next time.”

(The generals – Paul Eaton, Antonio Taguba, and Steven Anderson)

January 6, 2025: An Incoming Military Coup in America?

Diversity in American Military: A Curse in Disguise

One of the core characteristics of the American military is that it has people of very diverse backgrounds, which serves two purposes at the same time.

While it is encouraging that all factions of the society are included, it is threatening as well, as many of them can be pro-coup at times. And without the continuous narrative building of the military, coups are very much real.

And this has been seen in the past as well. More than ten percent of Capitol Hill rioters were either military veterans or on-duty service members.

The fact that many military members are receptive to Trump’s lies is a very disturbing one.

But the misery did not end here. Almost 124 retired military officials released a letter under the banner of “Flag Officers 4 America,” which backed Donald Trump’s stop the steal claims.

The conservative ideology is so prevalent in the American military that the Commanding General of the Oklahoma National Guard, Gen. Thomas Mancino refused Biden’s orders of a vaccine mandate for National Guard members.

According to the rebellious general, the commander in chief of Oklahoma’s forces is the Republican governor of Oklahoma and not Biden.

This is a dangerous precedent, as the president is the commander in chief of the American military, and even if the president is a conservative, military members have to comply with his order, or that will be disrespectful to their oath.

For many in-service members, the idea to support the “right” commander in chief instead of the constitutional one is a thing that can never be ruled out from American politics.

And this is even more dangerous when Donald Trump is looking forward to running in 2024.

If Biden, or any other Democrat, emerges victorious over him in the next election, it will be difficult for many military members to hold their horses.

And just like the 2020 elections, Trump is very likely to perpetuate his voter fraud narrative.

This can be assumed from the fact that Republicans have been trying hard to orchestrate the whole process slowly under their motto of slow-motion insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Whether it is about the differing playing field with gerrymandering or voter suppression laws, Republicans are in full swing to launch their all-out attack on American democracy.


Final Thoughts

Many generals have already indicated that Trump purposefully restrained the army from being prepared for possible attacks on Congress on January 6, 2021. But this is not a surprise for a president who was looking to nuke China just because he lost the elections.

Recalibrating the diverging thoughts in the US military is what the government needs to do so that all warring factions of the US military seize their hegemon ambitions against their own country.

This is an immediate thing to do, as three years will pass in a matter of no time.

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