Republicans Protecting Trump from Capitol Attack Investigation: Hypocrisy at Its Best

Despite the passage of seven months behind the embarrassing episode of the January 6th Capitol Siege, the behind-the-scene perpetrators have yet to be caught.

Despite the Democratic effort to establish a committee to investigate the deadly event by dodging the bipartisanship after an initial failure, the Republicans are burning the midnight oil to save the former president.

Some Republican leaders have even started putting the blame on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the shameful event, although these accusations are not backed by any evidence or even a logical argument.

In their testimony to the House Select Committee, security officials have described the violence of the pro-Trump mob and how they were threatened by their service weapons and targeted by racist abuse.

While a large number of Republicans are protecting Trump, some of the more sensible of them are also opposing him to bring the responsible people to justice.

Republicans Protecting Trump from Capitol Attack Investigation: Hypocrisy at Its Best

Top Republicans are Still Protecting Trump, Showing his Influence on the Party

Some of the Republicans blamed former President Donald Trump for the attack on the Capitol and took a stand against him and his mantra of false claims.

At the same time, top Republicans remained still loyal to the party chief and supporting him in spreading lies and urging people to come out to spread violence on the streets.

The House Select Committee recently conducted its first hearing, where harrowing testimony from Capitol Police Officers was recorded. House Republicans termed the hearing as a “sham” and “political charade.” Many House Republicans, including the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, did not tune in to the hearing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the names of Representative Jim Banks and Representative Jim Jordon for the Bipartisan Committee, citing their past statements and actions to impact the integrity of the Committee. This move was termed an abuse of power by the House Minority Leader.

Some of the Republicans also came out to deny the idea that they are supporting Donald Trump on violence. Representative Louie Gohmert rejected the idea that lawmakers were not interested in the investigation but also believes that it is wrong to term the Capital riot as the worst attack since the Civil War.

Representative Paul Gosar rejected the idea that the Select Committee was bipartisan, as it contains seven Democrats and only two Republicans. Representative Andrew Clyde compared the scenes from the January 6 attacks to a normal tourist visit. Similarly, Representative Matt Rosendale termed it as a simple security breach.

Republicans Protecting Trump from Capitol Attack Investigation: Hypocrisy at Its Best
U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell testifies during a House select committee hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill in Washington

Capitol Police Officers Crying Foul on the January 6 Episode

In their harrowing testimony, the four officers of the Capitol police related that they were afraid for their lives during the attack on the Capitol.

Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the Capitol Police was defending the entrance of Capitol Hill when he was crushed by the protestors.

He said that he was running out of oxygen and thought that he was going to die. Representative Liz Cheney asked Officer Gonell if Trump’s claim was true, that the protestors were all “loving people,” to which the officer replied that he is still haunted by their hugs and kisses.

He also added that all of them said that former president Donald Trump sent them.

Metropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Fanone, who suffered a heart attack and a brain injury after being beaten up by the mob, was also present at the hearing. Fanone testified that he was not only beaten but was also called a traitor.

A Black police officer of the Capitol Police, Harry Dunn, said that he was repeatedly called by the N-word while protecting the Capitol.


Final Thoughts

While Republicans succeeded in slashing the efforts of assembling the commission, they were clear in the demands, i.e., they don’t want to see Trump prosecuted.

Most of the Republicans are driven by fear and not loyalty when they put efforts to protect Trump.

For instance, seeing Trump’s influence in the Republican primary, no member can afford to go against him. 

Similarly, the Trumpism ideology is persisting in the Supreme Court as well, showing the circle of influence that Trump has in American politics.

As no Republican can afford to stand against white evangelical ideology and seeing Trump’s influence on this group of people, men and women in red are putting their everything to protect Trump in the January 6 investigation to make their bid louder in the upcoming elections.

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