Joe Biden policies: Which policies can Biden implement on first day in his office?

Joe Biden has reached the White House now; the transition plan will start soon enough, as there is not much that President Donald Trump could do about that. President-elect Joe Biden policies that he promised to implement in the USA while campaigning can be announced by the president-elect as soon as he gets into the White House.

The president-elect plans to use executive orders to take back several policies implemented by the Trump administration ranging from immigration and healthcare to education and the economy.

The Democratic Party will have to take back two Senate seats from the Georgia runoff elections to easily control the Senate and implement Joe Biden policies.

However, as the previous record shows, the president holds executive authority that empowers him to implement policies in several sectors without any help from the Senate or the House of Representatives.

There are 277 policies that Joe Biden can enact on day one without getting any help from Congress. In this article, we will be discussing these policies, providing our readers with the idea of what to expect in the first few days of the Biden administration.

Joe Biden Policies

What are these Joe Biden policies that can be implemented immediately?

During the Democrat primary, the Biden campaign team published a 111-page document that contained the findings of the unity taskforces. This document contains 277 Joe Biden policies, as the president, could implement on the first day of his presidency by using an executive order so ost of the Joe Biden policies will be revolved around them.

Both progressive and moderate leaders of the Democratic Party agree on these policies, so there is no likely interruption from their side. Six taskforces recommended policy change in six major fields.

Although these Joe Biden policies may not help the United States to tackle some of the major issues being faced by the country, they will prove to be helpful in longer-term strategies. The areas where these policies could be implemented, along with the number of policies, are as follow:


  1. 79 policies are to be implemented in immigration
  2. 56 policies are to be implemented in climate change
  3. 55 policies are to be implemented in the economy
  4. 39 policies are to be implemented in education
  5. 36 policies are to be implemented in criminal justice
  6. 27 policies are to be implemented in healthcare


Not all of these policies will be new, as most of them will be to reject the actions taken by the Trump Administration and reinstate some from the Obama rule.

Joe Biden policies: Immigration

Joe Biden Policies: Immigration- An important issue amid Trump’s closure of Borders:

The Joe Biden policies implementation in immigration demand a Democratic majority in the Senate; however, there are some areas where the president-elect could make changes using an executive order. These include:


  1. Donald Trump has reduced legal immigration by 49 percent since he arrived in office. Joe Biden can reverse those steps taken and increase legal immigration and provide relief to refugees and employers.
  2. The president-elect could take back the retractions placed by the Trump administration on H-1B visas, allowing employers to employ highly skilled staff from all over the world.
  3. The president-elect could use his executive power to empower the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the State Department to get done with unfinished piles of files by providing moral and financial support.


The Trump administration placed several restrictions that slowed down the process; lifting those restrictions will be very helpful in getting the work done as soon as possible.


  1. Biden’s policy document mentions the elimination of the per-country limit for employment-based visa opportunities. Additionally, the president-elect could soften the rules allowing the renewal of H-4 Employment Authorization Documents that will help the spouses of H-1B immigrants renew their employment visas.
  2. Joe Biden, through executive order, can protect the recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival and Dreamers until Democrats get a majority in the Senate to get a legislative solution.
  3. The Trump administration stripped international students of the ability to work in the United States while pursuing their degrees. The president-elect can rescind this action allowing the international students to work while studying.
  4. Joe Biden has pledged to help asylum seekers from the southern border and is likely to do so in the first few days of his presidency.
  5. The Trump administration reversed the Obama administration’s rule to startup visas to foreign entrepreneurs so that they can extend their business in the United States and create employment opportunities for Americans. This law is expected to be reinstalled in its original form.
  6. Under Biden, there will be a lighter tone towards people of color seeking immigration and refugee in the United States compared to what they went through in Trump’s rule.


These are a few of the main Joe Biden policies that he could implement using the power vested in the president.


Joe Biden Policies: Climate change amid Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Accord:

During his campaign, the president-elect has proposed some of the most ambitious plans on climate change than any previous United States presidents. Joe Biden can use the executive order to help America fight with the emerging threat of climate change.


  1. The first thing Joe Biden can and will do is to rejoin the Paris agreement, as he has repeatedly said so in his campaign and the victory speech.
  2. The Trump administration took 159 climate change-related actions that promote the use of fossils fuels and rollback environmental protection actions. Joe Biden can cancel all of these actions by using an executive order.
  3. The Trump administration took several steps for weakening the Environmental Protection Agency using executive orders. This is likely to take a 180-degree turn-around under Biden.
  4. Stricter efficiency standards, tight rules on the fuel economy of vehicles, and appointment of the members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are expected under Biden.
  5. Methane pollution limits for new oil and gas companies could be implemented.
  6. Spending $500 billion per year to reach a 100 percent clean energy target.
  7. Ensuring the use of clean energy for all installations and buildings that come under the control of the US government,
  8. The executive order can be used to protect the natural treasures of the United States by rolling back Trump’s policy of building parks and monuments on federal lands and waters and also protecting endangered wildlife.
  9. The president can use his authority to ask public companies to disclose their climate change risks and greenhouse emissions in their operations.
  10. Revoking the authorization given by the Trump administration to the Keystone XL pipeline while also denying export licenses to oil and liquefied natural gas companies.


Above are a few of the potential Joe Biden policies that the president-elect can implement regarding climate change. During the rule of Donald Trump, America suffered a lot of damage concerning climate change. Biden will have to start from where he left as the vice president, and take immediate actions to address the issues.

Joe Biden policies: Which policies can Biden implement on first day in his office?

Joe Biden Policies: Economy- A Pressing Issue

On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the president of a country that is suffering from a pandemic and is falling economically with each passing day. Therefore, he will have to use executive measures to take immediate steps to counter the rising threat to the economy. There are roughly 55 policies that the president-elect can implement using his executive order.


  1. Trade is one of the clearest fields where the president can take unilateral action, and Joe Biden is likely to go for it. Trump used executive authority to start trade wars with not only China but also with many European allies. Joe Biden can use the authority to reestablish relationships with allies in the best interest of the country.
  2. The Biden administration will seek a way to reduce tariffs increased under the rule of Donald Trump. The most important step that could be taken by Biden is to provide relief to businesses, manufacturers, exporters, and farmers struggling economically due to COVID-19.
  3. Joe Biden also intends to use wartime legislation known as the Defense Production Act to increase the production of personal protective equipment, ventilators, and whatever else the country needs to tackle the pandemic.
  4. Biden has also planned to increase unemployment insurance, forgive student loans, and provide more aid to small businesses.
  5. Providing aid to local and state governments will also be an agenda of top priority for Joe Biden.
  6. Executive authority can be used to ensure the implementation of safety measures and standards of procedures so that workers could safely return to their works. The president also holds the authority to increase the minimum wage of federal contract-based workers and to restore Obama-era rules on overtime protection.


There is not much that Joe Biden will be able to achieve regarding the economy using executive authority, as most executive orders will be slow-moving regulatory steps.

The Democratic Party will have to reach an agreement with the Republicans to get a common ground so that the promises made during the presidential campaign can be implemented. Several areas need Congress to be implemented, as the president does not hold the executive authority over them.

Joe Biden Policies of Education

Joe Biden Policies: Education

Education is one of those sectors that suffered most under the Donald Trump rule. President-elect Joe Biden policies promised reforms in this sector, and now, when he becomes the president on Inauguration Day, educators and students from all over the country look forward to his executive orders to deliver the promised reforms.

The president can implement 39 policies in the education sectors with the help of executive authority vested in him being the president. Some of those are as follows:


  1. The first thing that the president of expected to do is the reopening of schools safely. For this, he will have to tackle the COVID-19 as soon as possible because there is no measure that will be effective in any sector unless the country is free from the pandemic. Although many states have reopened the schools under President Donald Trump, they did not get the additional funding needed to ensure the safety of students.
  2. During the campaign, Biden pledged to triple the Title-1 program, which goes to the school serving the most-high poverty students. He also pledged to increase the monthly income of teachers. Both of these promises could be fulfilled with the help of an executive authority.
  3. The President-elect plans on the expansion of the K-12 program and introduces a pre-kindergarten program for children three to four years old. This will enable the women to work and contribute to their household and the economy of the country.
  4. For higher education, Joe Biden has an extensive and ambitious plan in mind that will eventually lead towards free public college, loan forgiveness, and establishing funds for low-income students to help them pay their academic expenses.
  5. A student loan is one of the most significant issues being faced by the youth of the country. Due to COVID-19, unemployment has increased, and more and more youngsters are without jobs. In such a situation, students from all around the country will be looking toward Joe Biden to issue a presidential decree to forgive all federal student loans and regulating public sector loans.


Education is one of those fields that will require the urgent and utmost attention of the president-elect. Along with pandemic and economy, the president will have to start working on an education package as soon as he can.

Joe Biden Policies and Criminal Justice

Joe Biden Policies: Criminal justice

The presidential campaign of Joe Biden stressed three words,  equality, equity, and justice. Donald Trump made many mistakes but, in the end, lost the presidency because of systematic discrimination that was encouraged under his rule.

Joe Biden has won the presidency, but the country is divided, and he would have to take severe action to unite the country as this is what he stood for. Concerning criminal justice, the United States under Trump has been one of the worst countries in the world. Following are some of the measures that Joe Biden could take to address the issues in criminal justice.


  1. The United States has more than 1500 law enforcement agencies, each having its procedures and regulations. The president may not hold any authority to change their laws, but he surely does hold the authority to cut their funds if they do not comply with the presidential orders.
  2. The Trump administration dismantled several protections meant for people of color; this may be reinforced under Joe Biden. Biden pledged $1 billion during the campaign o turn youth jails into rehabilitation and community centers while also providing counseling and job programs to reduce juvenile imprisonment to zero.
  3. President Joe Biden plans to introduce a justice system that will be based on rehabilitation and redemption instead of imprisonment and punishment.
  4. The president has pledged to ensure fair sentences without any kind of discrimination of race, sex, or color.
  5. Regulating the police department and the Department of Justice will be one of the top priorities of President-elect Joe Biden.


Criminal justice demands some immediate actions from the president-elect, as these are the things that Americans supported him for and stood behind him.

Joe Biden policies and COVID crisis

Joe Biden Policies: Healthcare- An immediate issue to address amid COVID crisis:

Healthcare has been undoubtedly the most discussed topic during the presidential elections. The importance of this field increased following the identification of flaws due to the COVID-19 situation. The following are some of the measures that are expected to be taken by President-elect Joe Biden immediately after Inauguration Day in January.


  1. The hearing of the Affordable Health Care, also known as Obamacare, by the Supreme Court will be on Tuesday, and the final decision will not come out until next year. Until then, the president-elect will have executive authority and could figure out a way to reinstate the bill.
  2. Providing funding to different healthcare units and empowering the department to fight against the pandemic will be one of the first things to be carried out by the Biden administration.
  3. Joe Biden has repeatedly signaled his desire to expand federal coverage programs that provide service to 115 million Americans.
  4. Joe Biden is also expected to take action on the rising cost of drugs and healthcare using his executive powers.
  5. Expanding awareness programs such as sexual education, abortion counseling, etc., is also expected to be done by the president-elect.


The COVID-19 pandemic has identified several loopholes in the healthcare system. The president-elect will have the responsibility to fill these holes while helping the country to get out of the worst crisis of its history.



The United States is currently going through the worst phase of its history. The challenges being faced by the country demand immediate actions from the president, without waiting for Congress to allow these actions.

The president holds executive power that allows him to take certain actions solely on his own, without having any kind of help or intervention from Congress.


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