Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Former Vice President and Delaware’s favorite son, Joe Biden, is all set to become the 46th President of the United States. Missed Votes calls Joe Biden President-elect and predicts the Electoral College results to be 306 for Biden versus 232 for Donald Trump.

Results are pouring in with every passing minute, but Joe Biden has attained a considerable lead as of now, and there is no doubt that he will be leading America for the next four years.

Joe Biden has been trying for the presidency for a long time, and the moment is here now. America has finally chosen him as the most powerful man in the country and even on the planet.

The 78-year-old Biden is the eldest president of the country and had a long journey to reach the place where he stands now.

This journey has been full of challenges, but he accepted them and faced them with the courage to reach the Oval Office.

Joe Biden President-elect’s Journey to the Oval Office has been a long and challenging one. He is a role model for aspiring politicians.

He showed that when you dream of something and struggle for it, you will eventually get it. Therefore, this article will shed light on the journey that Biden went through during his political career while also exploring his biography.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Joe Biden President-Elect’s time before entering into politics

Born in 1942, Biden grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania in the city of Scranton. He was the oldest of four siblings and had a strict Catholic family. Biden spent his early years with his grandparents as the family was struggling with financial turmoil.

His father, Joseph Biden Sr., was a salesman of used cars and also cleaning furnaces to earn a living. Joe Biden often credits his parents for making him strong and giving him the lesson to never give up. This was seen in his repeated attempt for presidential bids before getting the Democratic nomination in 2019.  He was a student that was bullied by others but never gave up.

Biden started his academic career at St. Paul’s Elementary School in Scranton and moved to Mayfield, Delaware, at the age of thirteen with his family. As a child, Biden had a speech impairment and was often mocked for it.

He overcame his problem by memorizing long poetic phrases and repeating them aloud in front of the mirror. Biden attended the prestigious Archmere Academy as a teen and worked to support his family in tuition fees.

He washed school windows and weeded the garden to earn some money. Archmere was a dream of Biden’s, and during his time there, he gave special attention to his studies and got onto the football team despite his short height.

In 1961, he graduated from Archmere and enrolled at the University of Delaware to continue his studies. At the university, Biden studied History and Political Science, and it was the place where his interest in politics began. This was the time when the inspiring inauguration of John F. Kennedy took place.

Biden’s time at the University of Delaware was the most memorable time of his life. He spent his first two years enjoying parties when finally, he met Neilia Hunter during a summer break. Hunter was a student at Syracuse University and inspired Biden to work hard to get admission there. Biden achieved this goal, got into the Syracuse University Law School in 1965, and married Hunter the next year.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Joe Biden enters into politics

After graduating from law school in 1968, Biden’s law career acquired pace, and things started to happen faster. He moved to Wilmington to work in a law firm and became an active member of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden made his entry into mainstream politics in 1970, when he was elected as the Castle City Council, and started his own law firm at that time.

In no time, Biden made a position in the party and was nominated by the Democratic Party against the Republican incumbent, J. Caleb Boggs, for the United States Senate. With hard work and constant support from his family, Biden won and became the fifth-youngest Senator in the history of the United States. This was a remarkable achievement where he started his four-decade career at Capitol Hill.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

How tragedy shaped Joe Biden

Joe Biden entered the Senate with a surprise victory, and from the very beginning, he was sincere with his career. In a short time, he made his presence known in the highest institution of the country. Nevertheless, he had to pay the price in the form of his family.

Weeks after the Senate election, Biden’s wife and three children were struck with an accident while shopping for Christmas. His wife and daughter died, leaving his two sons injured. It was a massive shock for Biden and took years to overcome this tragedy. Biden took the oath as a Senator from his son’s hospital, and continued to live in Wilmington, as he wanted to spend as much time with his sons as possible.

He maintained a habit of commuting to and from Washington during his Senate career, as he had the responsibility of his children and the people of the country. He was committed to the cause and fulfilled his duties with the utmost sincerity and commitment.

Biden had another shock when his son Beau died in 2015 after he was admitted to the hospital for the treatment of brain cancer.

The other son, Hunter Biden, has also been the subject of various controversies. The Biden family has suffered a lot during the political career of the 46th President of the United States, but there are always good and bad days. Joe Biden married his second wife, Dr. Jill Biden, in 1977 and has been living with her ever since. Jill has helped Biden to overcome his loss and kept him going on the path.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Senate years of Joe Biden

The Senate years of Joe Biden span from 1973 to 2009, before he was chosen as the running mate of former President Barak Obama. During this time, Biden was one of the most acclaimed Senators of the country and served as the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

He was considered to be an expert on foreign affairs and has held several important positions, including his stance on reaching an arms limitation agreement with the Soviet Union, expansion of NATO, and opposition to the first Gulf War. Later, he was active in criticizing George Bush’s Iraq War and genocide in Darfur.

Moreover, Biden was also an advocate of tougher criminal laws and better healthcare. In 1987, Biden was credited with the harsh questioning of the Supreme Court nominee Robert Brok, who failed to receive confirmation afterward. Joe Biden was the chairperson of the Senate Committee of Justice at that time.

Biden sponsored the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994. This act increased the sentence term for several crimes and also added 100,000 new police officers to the police force of the country.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

First presidential campaign

By 1987, Joe Biden had established himself as the most well-known politician in the country. He was known as a qualified lawmaker and a life-long Democrat.  Seeing his prominence, Biden decided to run for the office of the president but dropped out of the Democrat primary when a part of his speech was found to be plagiarized.

Joe Biden put a lot of effort into his campaign, and when he dropped out, he suffered from a severe headache, and the doctors later found that he was suffering from two potentially fatal brain aneurysms. One problem led to another, and Biden spent seven months in the hospital. Even this could not hold him back, and Joe Biden returned to Senate with the same courage and passion for serving his country.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Second presidential bid

After failing in the first presidential bid, Joe Biden again ran for the Democrat nomination in 2007. The result was no different from the first time.

Despite his experience in the Senate, Joe Biden could not provide enough momentum to his presidential bid. Biden dropped out of the race for presidential candidacy from the Democrats after receiving less than one percent of the vote from the Iowa caucuses.

After Obama gained enough lead over Clinton and was selected as the presidential candidate, he chose Joe Biden as his running mate. Biden, with his working-class roots, made a huge impact on Obama’s campaign and helped to reach the blue-collar voters in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. In 2009, Biden was sworn in as the second most powerful man of the country, the 47th Vice President of the United States.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Terms as the vice president

During his first term in office, Joe Biden served as the most important advisor of Barak Obama. He served an active role in formulating federal policies for Iraq and Afghanistan. His connections in the Senate helped the Obama administration to reach the arms reduction treaty with Russia.

In his second term, Biden showed his real power by getting a bipartisan agreement on the tax increase and saving the country from a fiscal crisis. He was also a leading figure in the debate on gun control, healthcare, and several other issues of the American people.

Joe Biden President-Elect Journey to the Oval Office

Third presidential bid

After two unsuccessful attempts, Biden did not give up. He again went for the presidential bid in 2019, and this time he succeeded. Biden stood firm against Donald Trump and has been his biggest critic during his four years. He was disappointed with the results of the 2016 presidential elections, and most critics believed that if he was in place of Hilary Clinton, he could have won. In 2019, he announced his presidential bid and was opposed by his future running mate, Kamala Harris. He won the bid, and now he has also won the presidential election and will be in the Oval Office in a few months.



Joe Biden started his political career by being a counselor and ended up in the most powerful office in the country. A middle-class man who had to work to pay his tuition fees is now the president of the country.

Biden’s presidency is an inspiring model for not only politicians but the youth of the country. He has a long journey full of failures, challenges, and tragedies, but he kept on and now has reached the destination. All of us have dreams, but only a few struggles to make them real. Biden is one of the few; he saw, he struggled, he kept on, and now has achieved.

Missed Votes congratulates the President-elect on his victory and hopes that he will serve in the best interest of the American people.

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