Looming Threat of a Nuclear War is Dangerously High

Numerous reports are pouring in that Russian President Vladamir Putin can use either a nuclear or a tactical weapon if he fails to win the war quickly.

This he can justify using a false flag operation, the blame of which he will put on either NATO, the United States, or Ukraine. This should come as no surprise as he has already put Russian nuclear forces on high alert.

Looming Threat of a Nuclear War is Dangerously High

Events Signalling Toward the Nuclear War Any time in the Future

In parallel, another likewise event is unfolding in the shape of the China-Taiwan crisis. China has warned that no country should step forward to help Taiwan militarily, thus walking the path of Russia, which issues warnings along the same lines before invading Ukraine.

Last year, at least two incidents were reported in India when a number of people were arrested for having Uranium.

The talks of the Iran nuclear deal are once again going toward a dead-end tunnel, which could eventually encourage the country to accelerate its will to achieve nuclear supremacy.

Lastly, North Korea has started being assertive and is testing the missiles at a pace of no match.All of these stories can converge on one single point, i.e., the rising threat of untraditional war, which can bring the world to its knees.

Under the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) in the nuclear war, it is widely perceived that any war along this line would be the destruction for all.

Experts have opined repeatedly the role of a technical or an operational glitch in kicking off the nuclear war; however, the propagators of the offensive realism undermine these sorts of glitches.

Recently India acknowledged that a technical malfunction at one of the plants “accidentally” fired a missile, which eventually landed in Pakistan.

Both India and Pakistan are weapons of mass destruction, have fought four major wars in the last 75 years and have claimed over one of the most disputed regions of the world, Kashmir, which is also known as the global nuclear flashpoint.

Although the matter was sorted out without any escalation, I can easily suggest the likelihood of the possible technical malfunction in the case of nuclear weapons as well.

Global Nuclear Flash Points Are Increasing

The consequences of any nuclear war would surely be catastrophic, unarguably. Nuclear non-proliferation regimes were supposed to be the fundamental human right; however, the custodian of the destructive technology did not bother to make it a human right.

As more nations equipped with nuclear weapons embrace assertive posture in military combat, the threat of nuclear war is real and quick.

The involvement of America in all of this would eventually make the matter worse. World War I was started after the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was the heir presumptive of Austria-Hungary.

The United States entered World War II when the war hit the shores of America in the form of the pearl harbour attack. Is the United States waiting for any major Russian fault to jump in the war?

An American journalist named Brent Renaut just got killed in Ukraine due to Russian firing, and another one got injured.

These sorts of events have the real potential to kick off the nuclear war as they could easily be used as a reason to justify an American attack against Russia.


Final Thoughts

By far, the United States has kept itself away from any direct military confrontation against Russia, the most prominent example of which is denial to declare the skies of Ukraine as the no-fly zone.

However, this should only be considered as a transition period and not a solution. Otherwise, this would eventually push other countries, especially China, to launch an all-out assault against their neighbors.

If this happens, it would be a recipe for disaster, the death of the liberal world order, which has already faced massive dents, and the beginning of the forthcoming war, which would push the world into medieval times.

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