Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

“Should there be any conflict between the interests of the game and the human inhabitants, those of the latter must take precedence.”


The Sixth Phase Government under President Samia Suluhu Hassan cannot escape the blame for the ongoing violence in the Ngorongoro district in the Arusha region against the Maasai tribe. This tribe has been under the so-called protection of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which has been declared a World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness.

All of the actions of Samia resemble the world’s most infamous dictator to date, Adolf Hitler, who butchered millions of people in Germany and set a dangerous precedent for dictators to come.

Whether it is the sweeping propaganda machinery of Samia Suluhu, her denial of social services to the maasai community, or her personal animosity toward the troubled tribe, everything signals her deep-rooted ideological resemblance with Hitler and even Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Tanzania Propaganda Machinery: How Samia Suluhu is Eye Washing the World With Fake Propaganda Against the Maasai

The state of concern for the Maasai community began abruptly after President Samia instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to ensure it protects the Ngorongoro ecosystem from what she called the threat of extinction.

Suluhu blames this threat on the rapid increase in population and social activities, which imperils the survival of the area, as it attracts a multitude of tourists.

Immediately after this statement, the government, through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCCA), began efforts to convince the public that the solution to protecting Ngorongoro is to remove the current inhabitants from the area so that it remains safe for tourism activities.

Because the people of Ngorongoro are there in accordance with the law, to get rid of them, the government must negotiate with them and have them agree to move voluntarily to another area that will be set aside by the government,

Propaganda to convince the public about the Maasai threat to destroy Ngorongoro gained momentum after the NCAA entered into a contract with Jamvi News owner Habib Mchange.

Mchange was given the task of making sure he contributed to the Ngorongoro rescue agenda by showing how the Maasai had contributed to the degradation of the area.

At the same time, he appeared to be sympathetic to the Ngorongoro Maasai for what he called a lack of basic humanitarian needs such as education, health, and housing.

Habib Mchange was transported and paid for by the NCAA under the Director-General Dr. Fred Manongi, who came to photograph and record videos describing the poor life of the Maasai and the need and justification for the government to relocate them quickly.

He started the campaign through his newspaper and social media. Shortly afterward, he transported radio presenters Maulid Kitenge and Oscar Oscar to join a propaganda campaign.

They arrived in Ngorongoro, recorded videos and photographs, and continued creating content supporting the government’s effort to relocate the Maasai.

After a while, they announced the establishment of a civil society organization called Environmental Activists (MECIRA), which had previously never been registered. Still, because it was conducting government activities, it turned out to be the umbrella for creating publicity propaganda on the purported Maasai threat to destroy Ngorongoro.

Habib Mchange became the Chairman of the organization, with Maulid Kitenge as the Vice-Chairman, and Channel Ten Secretary Khamis Mkotya was announced as Co-Secretary.

The MECIRA Institute called on journalists and editors of about 80 outlets to become involved with what it called to give a seminar on the conservation of Ngorongoro,

This seminar, among other things, provided a common position for the media in Tanzania under the Editorial Forum (TEF) to bless the government’s goal of removing the Ngorongoro Maasai.

At the meeting, a heated debate erupted between journalists who sided with the maasai and the MECIRA faction, which led TEF Editors Forum chairman Deodatus Balile unable to come up with a common voice and unified support.

At the seminar, the NCAA paid Habib Mchange a total of 30M shillings ($12,830) through his CRDB Lumumba branch account to cover all this conspiracy.

After the noise became more intense, the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, intervened in the exercise of relocating the Maasai, setting up a negotiating process contrary to the original strategy of forcibly removing them.

The Prime Minister made regular visits to Ngorongoro and held meetings with the people of Ngorongoro in secrecy. The media, especially the private sector, was prevented from participating.

Kassim was constantly misled by his staff about the Ngorongoro saga several times; Kassim Majaliwa was heard giving false information about the campaign, something that led to confusion among the people.

After recognizing significant opposition to the allegations, the government, through the president’s office, instructed the Prime Minister to issue an order to the Arusha regional authorities to ban all journalists from seeking information on the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The orders established that the government would reduce the information of contradictions and lies against the government, and even further, ruled that every correspondent going to Ngorongoro must be accompanied by a convoy of officials coordinated by the governor’s office.

Journalists who appeared to be writing Ngorongoro’s realities entered the hands of the police, including Nipashe Gazeti, Wasafi TV, and Dar Mpya Blog, an act that made the mass media afraid to write the true facts about the Ngorongoro people.

Even when the government goes to Ngorongoro, it selects the media to take with its caravan and arranges for them what to report and how they should report the news.

The State House has been spending a lot of money to bribe the Maasai living outside Ngorongoro to make statements in support of the relocation of the Maasai Ngorongoro tribe. On that day, Prime Minister Majaliwa met with the so-called Maasai tribal leaders inside the Arusha Technical College.

All invited guests were paid an allowance amounting to one hundred thousand shillings per person ($43) and transported from various places in the Arusha region to show the public that the Maasai have blessed the evacuation exercise, despite the obvious bribery.

At the same time, the government arrested the opposing people and the Maasai leaders, including the CCM Ngorongoro District Chairman Ndirango Senge. They were seen protesting the relocation of the Maasai from Ngorongoro.

Senge has since been remanded in custody for more than a month, pending trial in Kisongo Prison, on the outskirts of Arusha, further increasing the difficulty of the task of relocating the Maasai.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Prime Minister of Tanzania Kassim Majaliwa: Samia has Found a Way to Amplify Her Lies

As Samia herself is busy cooking up the more considerable trouble, she has assigned the job of propaganda to the Prime Minister.

Kassim is now threatening journalists and human rights activists who dare to speak against the brutal, state-sponsored terrorism against maasai.

On June 10, the very day of the first confrontation between the maasai tribe and the state forces, Kassim told the parliament that there was no confrontation between the police and the tribe.

The video evidence was disregarded by the parliament, even though maasai people recalled the horrors against them in viral visuals.

Kassim noted that the government would take swift action against individuals who tried to broadcast any sort of “propaganda” against the government. This is an open threat by the Prime Minister to curb free speech, which is the only reason why the government has not launched an all-out crackdown against maasai to date.

Had it not been for any journalist, media outlet, or human rights watchdog, Tanzanian dictators would have already initiated the massacre of maasai in their bid of ethnic cleansing.

Kassim even said,

“Some people started making videos with those who didn’t like seeing game wardens in their village. In truth, there wasn’t any group, either police or villagers, who wanted to harm the other group. They were just villagers staging a mock attack.”

(Tanzania PM Kassim Majaliwa)


So now Kassim is trying to say that the maasai people themselves staged mock attacks so they could rehearse against the state.

This is the true definition of victim-blaming. First, Kassim’s government is evacuating the maasai in significant numbers, silencing the local media, and now it is blaming the maasai community itself for all the trouble.

But this propaganda of the Tanzanian regime should be no surprise for a person who follows human rights development in the country closely.

Tanzania has a history of suppressing the media, as Samia is following the footsteps of her predecessor, John Magufuli, in silencing any resistance narrative that may go against her.

Perhaps the Tanzanian regime forgets that any attempt to make a “state-sponsored narrative” is bound to fail in this digital era.

In fact, it will only increase the talking points of international media outlets while the Tanzanian government is curbing media rights as well as sanctioning the evacuation of indigenous people.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

How Kassim Majaliwa is Getting Inspiration From the Hitler Regime

In Nazi Germany, Hitler succeeded for one specific reason; he had the likes of Joseph Goebbels, who controlled the entirety of the narrative. Using his propaganda techniques, Goebbels managed to present Hitler as a saint and Jews as the actual suppressors.

For him, Jews were the people who were conspiring against Hitler, and his boss was the noblest man located on the face of the earth.

Goebbels led the Ministry of Propaganda for a long time and even wanted to change its name to the ministry of “Public Enlightenment.” He controlled the narrative using radio, film, theater, and press.

Over the course of years, he was seen as his right-hand man of Hitler, successfully managing public sentiments against the Jews using the powerful propaganda apparatus.

Now, looking at Prime Minister Kassim, he seems to follow the same path. Why would anyone deny the video evidence of attacks on the Maasai people and support taking action against journalists who dare to speak against the government?

Why would the government send death threats to media personnel who try to speak in favor of the maasai people? Obviously, the social fabric of Tanzania is deteriorating, so Kassim needs to spread propaganda so that he can curb any uprising in the country.

Just like Goebbels, he wants the locals to turn against a specific set of people, in this case, the maasai, so that he can achieve his political gains.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Samia Suluhu’s Disgusting Remarks Against the Maasai Make Aligned with Hitler

Samia’s disparaging and humiliating remarks were widespread and apparently planned to cause purposeful damage to the Maasai culture. In one of her remarks on the Maasai, their homes, and their history, President Samia was quoted as saying, 

“All these round small things are the Maasai bomas, which are small villages. And the Maasai are semi-nomadic tribalists of the land and livestock. The Maasai are one of the newest arrivals in Tanzania. They migrated here from the Nile valley in the seventeen hundreds.”

(Samia Suluhu)


The president’s portrayal of Maasai homes as “small round things” was setting the ground that, in case of imminent eviction and any associated destruction, they could not claim anything valuable since they live in small round things and not a home worthy of compensation.

Then the president would paint the Maasai as a tribalist meant to portray an image of a bad society. The real purpose of the remarks is found in the well-scripted depiction of the Maasai as the newest arrivals in Tanzania from the Nile valley in the 1700s.

This equally set the grounds to brush away any claim of ancestral territories and, therefore, historical, cultural, and spiritual attachment to the land when enforcing the eviction already underway.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

How Hitler Spoke the Same Way Against the Jews

Hitler observed a similar path while treating the Jews. He tried to eliminate Judaism as a religion and called Jewish people a race and not a religious community. Once he assumed power, Hitler even said,

“The ultimate goal must definitely be the removal of the Jews altogether.”


Now, drawing similarities between Samia Suluhu and Hitler is easier than ever. Each of them tried to instill a sense of fear and disenfranchisement against the people they wanted to persecute. Both set the tone verbally before launching the decisive campaigns against their targeted groups.

Samia’s Regime Stopped Social Services for the Maasai Tribe; Another Inspiration Taken from Hitler

When asked why the government was pulling out funds for water services and money for medicine if the government intended to make the relocation process voluntary, Gerson Msigwa, the government’s chief spokesperson, had this to say,

“So, you know, we, as the government, while executing this plan, are consulting our stakeholders on what they say. For example, regarding key services being provided in Ngorongoro, our stakeholders have informed us these services are the ones prolonging the problem (relocation). So, we are reviewing and assessing. So, what I want to emphasize is, Eva (Eva is the name of the person who asked the question), all these things are being done because if the government wants to force people out, that will be a one-day exercise (ha, ha, ha, he laughs), just one day all of them will be out. 

(Government. spokesperson Msigwa)

Once again, the government of Tanzania is getting inspiration from Hitler. During his leadership, Jews were disenfranchised from social services and public life to the maximum possible extent.

Jewish students in schools were segregated, their patients were denied medical treatment, and pro-Nazi business owners refused their much-needed services to them.

Now, Samia Suluhu’s attempt to walk the path of Hitler in denying the maasai people social services depicts the extent to which her regime is influenced by the Hitler ideology.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Hitler Also Exploited Conservation Laws and Officials to Persecute Jews

As Samia tries to learn her lessons from her ideological father, Hitler, she exploits conservation law to further her violation of human rights.

Under the Hitler administration, Nazi Germany enacted the Reich Nature Protection Act (RNG) in 1935, which helped Hitler in his clandestine operations against vulnerable communities, specifically Jews.

But this was just the beginning of the legislative changes, and the actual violation of human rights under the name of conservation started long before that. Previously, the so-called conservation lobbyists made their way to the corridors of power, establishing good allies within the government ranks.

They were developing a recipe to help launch their operations against Jews.

In fact, Samia is exploiting the policies of a person who had first-hand experience working with Hitler, Bernhard Grzimek.

Grzimek worked as a Frankfurt zoo director, where he supposedly supported the conservation of animals. Over the course of time, he developed his name as an ardent animal conservation activist. Later, he was found out to be a member of the NSDAP (Nazi Party), which was the ideological backbone of persecuting Jews.

In his platform of promoting so-called conservation for animal lives, Grzimek also launched the conservation campaign in Africa, particularly in Tanzania. Now, he is buried in the Ngorongoro crater, and Tanzanian leadership is persecuting the maasai tribe right in the area of his burial.

So, apparently, the remnants of Grzimek have descended in the form of Samia Suluhu, who is now in full flow to dislocate already vulnerable human beings for her bogus agenda.

Grzimek once said,

“I am willing to sit down with Joseph Stalin if I thought it would help protect the majestic animal of Serengeti.”

(Bernhard Grzimek)


Joseph Stalin was yet another brutal dictator of the communist Soviet Union who assisted in the murders of more than 20 million people.

Surely, Grzimek was not worried about those killed but about protecting his superficial agenda. Now, Samia is following the same path. She is achieving the goal once envisioned by Grzimek to amplify the agenda of a mass murderer, Stalin.

The hate of maasai people in the dark heart of Grzimek was evident in his words, and Samia seems to have the same hatred for this indigenous tribe.

Grzimek stated,

“Incidentally, I am of the opinion that the offspring of the people (maasai) must be reduced.”

(Bernhard Grzimek)


This means that Grzimek wanted to perform an ethnic cleansing operation on the maasai people, but he was unable to do that during his lifetime. Now his successor, Samia Suluhu, wants to achieve this feat.

Nowadays, the Grzimek-made Frankfurt Zoological Society dictates the conservation narrative of Tanzania Ngorongoro and uses the powerful propaganda machinery to perpetuate hate for the maasai tribe, for which their founder spit venom.

Their dearest representative, Samia Suluhu, is controlling the thrones of Tanzania. Unfortunately, there is no one to hold her accountable. She can make authoritarian decisions, even ignoring the concerns of the global community, as she knows she controls every power corridor that would help her get away with all the actions and distractions.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Tanzania’s Falling Tourism: Why the Maasai Problem is a National Problem for Every Tanzanian

Samia Suluhu wanted to increase tourism in Tanzania. But the madmen and obviously women around her do not know that mass evictions repel tourists to a significant extent.

They are unable to digest a simple assertion that their dangerous ambitions against maasai are detrimental not only to the indigenous group but also to the overall economy of the country.

Tourism remained the second largest contributor to the GDP of Tanzania in recent years. Obviously, the subsequent rulers tried to capitalize on the natural beauty of the country, as they were unable to develop any strong institutions themselves.

But now, the Maasai’s mass eviction will also annihilate the tourism sector, which will increase the suffering of Tanzanians living across the country,


Behave Yourself, Lady! Global Community has a Message for Samia

In the latest series of crises, the maasai people have been targeted with live ammunition and tear gas. This crisis has prompted global human rights organizations and international political institutions to raise their voices against Samia’s regime. The office of the UN Human Rights high commissioner boldly said,


“We are deeply alarmed at reports of the use of live ammunition and tear gas by Tanzanian security forces.”



Similarly, the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights stated,

“(The need is to) ensure that any measures for the implementation of the conservation area are carried out in full collaboration with participation of the affected communities.”

(African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights)

But then, there is a narcissistic Tanzanian leader who thinks that the whole world is colluding against them.

Samia’s regime is using the whole government machinery for state-sponsored propaganda to establish that they are not involved in any injustice against the maasai people.

The spokesperson of the Tanzanian government, Gerson Msigwa, said,

“We have not seen people who have been injured in our hospitals. No people have been killed in Loliondo. People are spreading incitements, which we won’t allow as a government.”

(Gerson Msigwa)


The government is behaving disgustingly here. First, they are forcing mass evictions, critically injuring people, depriving them of their ancestral lands, and then claiming that the whole world is turning against them for no reason.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Global Powers Are to be Blamed For the Maasai Sufferings

Global power corridors are to be blamed equally for all the existing mess. They failed the maasai people, even though the indigenous group cried loud a few months before the start of the actual aggression.

In April, thousands of maasai belonging to the Ngorongoro wrote to the US government, the British government, and the EU to stop Samia’s attempt to disenfranchise them from their lands.

The letter read,

 “Over 70% of our homelands have been taken for conservation and investment reasons. We are appealing to human rights organizations, media, and other citizens who value Indigenous human rights to share our plight and put pressure on the government of Tanzania to respect the rights of its citizens and particularly Indigenous people.”


But the so-called human rights organizations and the global left were nowhere to be seen. They ignored the desperate plea of the Tanzanian people, which empowered Samia Suluhu to launch a conclusive operation against the maasai.

Now, when the water is over the head, they are issuing statements without any appreciable measure. Had they taken even the slightest action in April, Samia Suluhu could have been stopped from this brutality.


Samia Suluhu Using Her Gender to Mass Evacuate the maasai

Samia Suluhu is hiding behind her gender, even though she is turning out to be worse than her predecessor Magufuli.

She knows that she can play the woman’s card whenever she wants, so she tries to observe the dictatorial tendencies laid down by the former dictators.

And if someone dares to speak against her, let alone take any legislative action, they are accused of denouncing women’s leadership. Journalists are accused of not supporting Samia Suluhu’s presidency, as they are infiltrated by patriarchy and always want to see men in power.

So, while knowing all of this, Samia Suluhu is exploiting her position to launch an all-inclusive assault against the maasai.

Rebirth of Fascism: Hitler Must Be Proud of the Tanzanian Government for Maasai Inhumane Eviction

Final Thoughts

At a time when the world now knows the reality of Samia’s regime, the desperate lady is now trying to use taxpayer’s money to defend herself from international embarrassment.

The government brought fake maasai people forward, who allegedly represented the maasai community of Kenya, and urged them to protest outside the Kenyan embassy in Dar es Salaam.

In the wake of the Kenyan government’s concerns and the protests in Kenya for the inhumane treatment of the maasai people, Samia came up with a counter-strategy to attack Kenya.

Using her fake protests, she wanted to divert global attention from her anti-Maasai activities to force people to believe that the maasai community is facing actual trouble in Kenya.

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