My Pillow Guy: FAQs about the jerk who can be jailed with Trump

A few people dare to stand with Trump in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill attack. My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell is one of those people who defended Donald Trump not only in the baseless election fraud claims but also in the Capitol Hill riots.

He even tried to defend Trump’s induced attack on Congress and tried to promote Trump’s narrative everywhere.

His following was so blind that he ended up being the victim of the Twitter assault, as Twitter banned dozens of accounts propagating conspiracy theories regarding voter fraud.

He is also famous for his controversial appearances on TV shows, where he always tries to trigger conspiracy theories to remain in the mainstream news. 

Despite investing 44 percent of his company’s media advertisement budget on FOX Network, he did not hesitate to criticize the same news channel as it declared president Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential elections.

If Trump ends up in jail, this guy would have a significant role in it. Let’s learn about the Frequently Asked Questions about My Pillow Guy.

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell


Who is My Pillow Guy?

Mike Lindell, aka My Pillow Guy, is an American businessman and the CEO of a pillow manufacturing company named My Pillow, based in Chaska, Minnesota.

He founded the company in 2009 by selling his bars and mortgaging his house. Initially, he used to do everything himself, as he sewed the pillows and distributed them across the counties. 

However, as the company grew, he started hiring people, and currently, the company has almost 1500 employees. Mike Lindell even patented the pillow he invented, so the idea may not be stolen by anyone else.

My Pillow Inc. rose to fame with TV commercials mainly in 2011, when a 30-minute-long show was on the air around 200 times per day on local and national news networks, including Fox News.

Starting as a pillow salesman, he also became a media figure mostly by doing advertisements of his company on Trump’s favorite, FOX News.

Despite his multi-million-dollar company, he is primarily known as a fervent Trump supporter and a blind follower.

Which type of conspiracy theories did My Pillow guy propagate?

From a political point of view, he spread conspiracy theories regarding voter fraud. Lindell also spread theories regarding his pillows, claiming that they cure several diseases. 

What does My Pillow Guy fit in with politics?

My Pillow Guy began to appear at Trump rallies and eventually in the White House after Trump’s election to the White House.

As Trump lost his reelection, My Pillow Guy started defending the voter fraud claims of Donald Trump and emerged as one of the staunchest supporters of Trump.

He used Fox News to propagate the narrative that the election has been stolen from Trump and that it was not possible to conduct a fair election.

Interestingly, Lindell no longer remains only a Trump supporter but also started playing a significant role in preparing a plan of action for Trump with other members, including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

He is also accused of conspiring for Trump to introduce martial law in the United States.

Can we See My Pillow Guy in Jail in the Future?

Dominion Voting Systems sued my pillow guy for defamation and false claims against the company in the wake of the 2020 presidential elections. 

The company sued Mike Lindell for $1.3 billion for telling “Big Lie” that the company stole the elections. If all the lawsuits against him are pursued, we can see my pillow guy in jail.

What role did Mike Lindell play in the January 6 Congressional siege?

To defend Trump’s blunder of inciting the Congressional attacks on January 6, Lindell’s company My Pillow gave a discount on its online store for using the promo code “FightForTrump.” 

This way, he tried to further Trump’s narrative. Not only this, but he also defended Trump’s actions verbally as he said,
“There was probably some undercover Antifa that dressed as Trump people and did some damage to windows and got in there…Donald Trump will be our president for the next four years.”
(My Pillow Guy)

Did Lindell really present the idea of martial law to Donald Trump?

During the last days of former President Donald Trump in office, Lindell visited Trump after the attack on Capitol Hill and presented some new theories about voter fraud.

Lindell was photographed holding a document referencing martial law and the Insurrection Act. It is believed that Lindell presented the idea of martial law to Trump as a means to cling to power.

In one of his interviews with Right Side Broadcasting, a conservative network, the My Pillow Guy opined that the military presence in Washington is the sign that Trump will use the military to stay in power.

In another interview on Saturday Day Live, Lindell said that he did not go to the White House to talk about martial law, but he did suggest it as the means to overthrow the government.

Lindell’s statement also indicates that he played a role in shaping Trump’s mind toward marshal law.

Why did Twitter dump My Pillow Guy?

My Pillow Guy was one of those who faced the brunt of Twitter after the Trump-induced attack on Capitol Hill. 

Lindell’s account was banned due to repeated violation of the civic integrity policy of Twitter and his involvement in the spread of fake news regarding the Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems.

This was bad news for Lindell, as the poor soul was already going through a breakup with his alleged girlfriend, Jane Krakowski. 

Where does the My Pillow Guy get all his “amazing ideas” from?

Trump has always liked My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell because of his exciting ideas to harm the United States. 

On Saturday Night Live, Lindell came with one of his pillows and told the host that his pillow gives him these ideas.

It was obvious that he was sarcastic, but he does not leave any opportunity to promote his pillow company. These were not alarming revelations considering the record of Lindell, who used to be a drug addict.

Was My Pillow Guy drug addicted?

Yes, he was a crack addict; however, he recovered and started his multi-million-dollar company. However, to date, his actions speak that the damage done to his mind due to this addiction is real, and it still lives up to date.

Is My Pillow Guy done supporting Trump, or does he still defend him?

Mike Lindell is still the front-line supporter of Donald Trump and is ready to release a three-hour film to confirm voter fraud.

According to Lindell, the film will be a blockbuster and would unleash all the conspiracies about the 2020 presidential elections that would open up the eyes of the voters.

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