NATO Just Got Its Second Life Thanks to Russia

Despite over-optimism on many fronts, Russian and American talks have failed, and the inevitability of Russian-Ukrainian wars has mobilized the global army and military resources. 

While Ukraine has pushed its forces to the front lines in case of potential Russian aggression, NATO is also pushing its limits and defying the very demands that Russia put on the table of negotiation.

NATO has indicated that it is sending forces on standby and sending more forces to Eastern European countries as the contributing countries are putting their forces on a standby mode to deter rising Russian aggression.

NATO Just Got Its Second Life Thanks to Russia

Social Constructivism in Action: No One is Willing to Back Off

The involvement of NATO is what is being perceived as problematic by Russia. The country has often demanded that the involvement of the alliance should be kept limited by the West so that a sort of “buffer zone” could be created and Russia could exercise its authority in the region. 

However, the West is not a big fan of the idea.

The United States and Britain have also started evacuating the families of their diplomats from Ukraine, as the Russian invasion could come any time.

In February, Russia is sending its forces to Belarus for military drills, a move which is being considered as a warmongering tactic by the West in general and the US and NATO in particular. 

Russian diplomats have often downplayed the possibility of invading Ukraine with Vladimir Putin continuously denying the likelihood, but this is how an autocratic regime works.

Even if the US is accused of being paranoid, the advancement of troops to Eastern Europe signifies the severity of the situation.

The situation is only going to escalate with this move, as this is the violation of the core Russian demand, and the impasse will escalate.

NATO Just Got Its Second Life Thanks to Russia

NATO has Started Regaining Relevance Courtesy of Russia

Under the shadows of NATO, almost every country is joining forces against Russia. But this is not a surprise, as it is the core purpose of the alliance.

France has offered to send troops to Romania, Denmark to send F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania, Netherland is offering F-35 jets to Bulgaria, while Spain is also contributing its bit towards the Black Sea security.

Eastern Europe will be a home for NATO troops, which is a clear indicator of the imminent aggression.

When Poland warned about a war in Europe, it was spot on, as it is one of the countries directly impacted by Russian aggression as it shares a border with them. The NATO countries nearer to Russia are already speculating about a warring scenario with calls for more forces rising through their camps.

While western officials have asserted that NATO or American forces would not engage militarily with Russia in case of a Ukraine invasion, the western bloc can change this policy anytime.

This is due to the fact that Ukraine is not a part of NATO, and the alliance will be breaching its own laws if its forces try to defend the country militarily. And Russia knows this well.

This is the reason why Russia is against Ukrainian inclusion in the security alliance, as it would limit its similar moves and foreign policy tactics in the future.

Russian aggression has given a new life to NATO, which was being questioned for becoming irrelevant in the era of diplomacy.


Final Thoughts

For the time being, the only solution seems to be a mutual de-escalation. Due to the social constructivism dynamics, neither Russia nor the West would be willing to retreat unilaterally; thus, a mutual withdrawal is necessary to stop the situation from going to a dangerous end.

The proportionate withdrawal is what both foes have to pursue so that at every one percent of American withdrawal, a similar number of Russian soldiers must leave the Ukrainian border. 

Otherwise, the chaos will continue to prevail, and the likelihood of war would only intensify.

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