Presidential elections 2020: The United States is moving towards the worst elections.

The United States presidential elections 2020 is tomorrow, and things are not getting any better. Uncertainty looms in the atmosphere, as nobody has a clear idea about what will happen in the next few days.

This presidential election is even more uncertain than that of 2000, where Al Gore, despite getting the popular vote and declaring victory on election night, was unable to form the government because of not getting enough electoral votes, and lost the presidency to George Bush.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is well ahead of the Republican nominee, President Donald Trump, in the presidential elections 2020, but there are still chances of a last-minute turnaround of events. Even if Joe Biden succeeds in securing the presidency, many still fear that President Trump might refuse to accept the results, pushing the country into a political dilemma.

The United States is moving towards the worst presidential elections, and this article will help you understand how.


Biden is ahead, but Trump still holds a narrow path in presidential elections 2020:

Currently, Joe Biden is in a win-win situation with a likely majority of 279 Electoral College votes as compared to 125 of Donald Trump, as shown by the NPR Electoral College map. A candidate needs 270 votes in order to form the government and become the president.

The state that could provide considerable advantage to Donald Trump in the presidential elections 2020 is Pennsylvania.

Additionally, many other states, including Texas, Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, and Arizona, are either likely to be won by Trump or are leaning towards Biden with a simple majority that could, in the end, move towards Biden.

The math is daunting, but if everything goes well according to the Republican plan, the results will be something like 259-to-259, leaving the state of Pennsylvania as the deciding factor. It is true that Biden has been ahead nationally and enjoys a small but considerable lead in key states, but this is something that we had seen before in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was enjoying a good lead, but in the end, Donald Trump became the president.


What if Trump loses with a narrow margin?

The situation is getting worse with each passing day for Biden. In the beginning, he was enjoying a strong lead, but, as time passed, it started to become narrower.

It seems like Trump supporters were silent in the beginning, but now they are taking full part and playing their role to get their leader into the White House.

The race is tightening, and even if Joe Biden wins the presidential elections 2020 with a narrow margin, there is a strong possibility that Donald Trump is going to reject the elections and will refuse to leave the Oval Office.

During his rule, Trump has given considerable strength to white supremacists and other militia groups. In case of his failure to win the election, Trump will probably go to Supreme Court to take legal action against the results based on mail-in ballot failure of the United States Postal Service.

If the president gets no favor from the Supreme Court, Trump is likely to take to the streets to protest, which could eventually turn violent because of the involvement of the white supremacists and other militia groups and their support for Trump.

In simple words, Biden has to take a considerable lead in the presidential elections 2020, or things will get violent in a country that is already suffering from a pandemic, public uprising, and crashing economy.

presidential elections 2020: Trump

Trump has been preparing for his defeat

The president has been setting the scene for a long time. He spread misinformation on COVID-19, backed militia groups of the Proud Boys and other white supremacists against BLM and Antifa, spread skepticism on mail-in ballots, and refused to provide financial support to the  Postal Services.

He has been setting the stage because he knew he would need these factors in the future. An atmosphere of Black vs. white will be prevalent in the country if Donald Trump takes the street with his militia groups.

America has already seen enough civil unrest, a crashing economy, and rising pandemic cases and cannot afford such turmoil in the wake of the presidential elections 2020. Things could have been different if these were normal times.

The Constitution grants every citizen the right to peaceful protest, but the country cannot afford protests from militia groups backed by a former president and another group protesting against them at the same time.

The thing will become difficult for Joe Biden, and to run things smoothly, he needs to attain a considerable majority. This fire will start from the streets and will move on to every sector of society.

Political chaos will pit neighbors against each other, divide families based on political affiliations, and will shatter the very foundations of this nation.

Historians will put down Trump as the worst president

Historians will put down Trump as the worst president

It took centuries of legislation and struggle to reach the point on which America stands today. People from all around the world come to the United States to fulfill their dreams; they see it as a land of liberty and diversity.

During the last four years, a lot has changed. America is no longer the country it used to be. Its own residents that have been here for centuries and contributed to the progress and prosperity of the country were stripped of their rights.

One man came to the presidency and spread the culture of hate and violence. He countered violence with violence, backed militia groups against militia groups, and eventually chaos and violence loom everywhere.

Historians will surely put down Trump as the worst president in the history of the country. He will be remembered as a man who spoiled the achievement of centuries. Gallup conducted a poll recently about Trump’s approval ratings, and the result was striking. Only 38 percent of the Americans approved of Trump, compared to 57 percent who disapproved of him.

presidential elections 2020

Biden’s campaign bus incident makes the election more controversial

Recently a striking incident took place in Texas where motorists surrounded Biden’s campaign bus. Astonishingly, the motorists were displaying Trump 2020 flags. This is a unique incident and has never been witnessed in the United States.

Before Trump, politicians maintained a moral code that they followed and urged their supporters to follow too. The FBI is currently investigating the incident and is likely to submit a report soon.

The reason that makes this incident important is that it shows the behavior that is likely to be seen in the near future if Trump fails to win the presidency. This incident added another reason to call the presidential elections 2020 the most controversial elections in history.



To sum up, the US is moving towards the worst presidential elections. America is in a difficult situation; it cannot afford another four years of Trump, nor can it afford to see him loose.

Another four years of Trump after the presidential elections 2020 will destroy the country, and if he loses, the result is expected to be the same.

Donald Trump is pushing America towards the chaos that it has left behind centuries ago. In 2016, Americans chose him as their president and spent the next four years regretting their choice. Election Day is tomorrow, and the next few days will be full of surprises and shocks, and America needs to be together to survive these days.

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