Racial Supremacy: Republican’s Top Priority at the Moment

America has often been seen as a beacon of freedom. However, despite all of these claims, some current events have suggested otherwise.

The history of the nation is marred with the likes of slavery, civil war, and whatnot, but recent events started showing encouraging possibilities. But these possibilities have now been diminishing.

These recent events include the Big Lie, which Trump promoted to curb the voting rights of the masses, to the refusal of the red ranks in accepting the American verdict and launching a coup against the legislature. Beyond these avenues, there are many other fronts as well where freedom is not under attack but has already started retreating.

Racial Supremacy: Republican’s Top Priority at the Moment

Educational Assault: Republicans at Their Best

Education is one of the most vulnerable avenues in this regard, where Republicans have been testing things in the schools and making them the laboratories of racial experiments.

By denouncing critical race theory, Republicans are now trying to keep the future of the nation away from the purposeful ideas that are revolutionary enough to change the country.

This strategy is working for them, even when most voters have no clue what it is all about. Canceling something resonates with conservative voters, and most of them do not care about it at all.

Republicans are cashing on this opportunity to perpetuate their narrative, not against CRT, but anything that does not suit well with the right-wing agenda.

The Florida Senate is going crazy these days. There is a bill circulating according to which no individual should be made to feel discomfort or anguish based on race.

While the wording of the bill looks catchy in the first instance, it is directed to stop CRT because, according to state Republicans, teaching CRT in schools makes white students look bad.

Florida Republicans are banning CRT only for the purpose that white students do not feel uncomfortable in classrooms. But what about the racial inequity for which Blacks feel uncomfortable not only in classrooms but in the whole state? Will this bill be equally applicable to them?

The theoretical answer of Republicans maybe yes, but in actuality, this is highly unlikely to happen. In fact, if this happens, there is no need to teach CRT in the first place.

Racial Supremacy: Republican’s Top Priority at the Moment

Republicans Don’t Want Whites to Feel Good. They Want Blacks to Feel Bad

The fact that the bill explicitly mentions Critical Race Theory depicts the intentions of Republicans.

It suggests that the end goal is not to eliminate racism but orchestrate the curriculum of the masses, which could lead the country toward a more just society.

Targeting race is the systematic approach of Republicans and has nothing to do with the discomfort caused to the students.

Realistically speaking, some history stories of American failed foreign invasions is actually a matter of more shame.

Be it the Iraq war or the Vietnam conflict, American students can feel guilty after being educated about them and could develop anti-military sentiments among themselves. However, the same Republicans would never justify the idea of banning these stories from the curriculum.

Similarly, many schools teach the concept of evolution, despite the fact that Republican politicians have continuously been denying the scientific consensus. While they do it for the sake of harnessing significant votes in elections, they are reluctant enough to ban it from schools.


Final Thoughts

Republican vaccination deniers can be counted in the same way. Those who deny the efficacy of the vaccination and mask certainly downplay the importance of science. 

But they can never try to ban that concept from the high school curriculum, as it is not an easy target and could face a more assertive backlash.

The problem with Republicans does not seem to be the sentiments of whites, but the potential rise of the Black community, which can happen once the CRT teachings are deeply ingrained in the society.

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