8 Reasons Why You Should Vote in Primary Elections

America is considered the pinnacle of democracy in many countries; however, the voter turnout in almost every election tells a different story.

While presidential elections turnout rarely goes beyond 65 percent, it is even lower in primary elections.

Through primaries, political parties elect their nominees for the main election. As primary elections are about to start in every American state for the 2022 midterm elections, it is time to reinforce the need for voting in these elections.

8 Reasons Why You Should Vote in Primary Elections

Why You Should Vote in Primary Elections 

You should always vote for the primary elections of your party because:

  1. Primaries have low voter turnout
  2. You get to know your candidates
  3. Keep you updated about smaller ongoing races
  4. Helps keep fringe candidates out
  5. Increases political equity in your society
  6. Win-win situation even if your candidate loses
  7. It is your fundamental right
  8. You can shape your party’s national platform 


Let’s see them one by one.

8 Reasons Why You Should Vote in Primary Elections

Primaries have low voter turnout

Bringing voters out in primary elections is a mammoth task. In the 2018 House primaries, only 19.6 percent of eligible voters cast their votes. And in 2014, only 13.7 percent of registered voters exercised their rights.

So, in the case when only a small fraction of voters are casting their ballots, the value of your vote increases significantly, giving you more power to have your say in the nomination of your favorite candidate.


You know your candidates better this way 

Primary elections are an exceptional way to get deep insights into your party’s candidates. Obviously, you watch them on TV and see their interviews, read about their policy options on their websites, or get to know about them through podcasts.

But a live interaction at an event near you is always the best way to meet your candidate before sending them to the actual elections.

How do they respond to the challenging questions by the general public?

Do they have the ability to walk the talk if they win their elections? Only your participation in primary elections can help you get there.


You know about smaller ongoing races

While primary elections are essential at every level, presidential primaries become even more critical due to the scale of these elections.

While voting for presidential primaries, you can get a chance to vote for smaller races as well; let’s say, your state’s representative.

It is important for every voter to have more knowledge about local elections, as these elections play a critical role in the daily lives of people.


Helps keep fringe candidates out 

Did you ever worry why some fringe candidate ends up winning the nomination of a major political party?

This is no surprise, as voters in primary elections are more partisan, as they are sentimentally attached with the party.

If you want to screen out extremist candidates with deep support from hardcore voters, participating in primary elections is the way to go.

You can increase political equity in your society

Primary voters, in general, do not represent a diverse voter base. Through data, it is easy to find out that most of them are older and represent the white community.

While exceptions always exist, this is usually the case. So, if you are concerned about equality in politics, participating in primary elections and encouraging others to do the same is the way to go.


It is a win-win situation even if your candidate loses 

Even if your favorite candidate does not win primary elections but ends up getting a good amount of votes, the opposite candidate can easily incorporate some of their policy measures in their manifesto after seeing the voters voting for them.

Voting for your candidate can help you impact and change the manifesto of your opposite candidate.


It is your fundamental right

Voting in primary elections is also your fundamental right, so surrendering your rights is never a good approach.

If you do not exercise the right to vote, it gives the notion of an ill-informed society to politicians who can exploit your rights after coming into power as well.

You can shape your party’s national platform

 Both parties in America have a national platform, which represents the set of values and principles that a political party represents.

In the presidential primary elections, when you vote for a candidate, that person has a significant say in developing that platform, which means that you are choosing a person who will craft the party’s national platform and hence its policies.


See the Schedule of Primary Elections of your State Here

Final Thoughts

Voting in your party’s primary elections should be a priority for every voter. It not only encourages the political participation culture in the country but also assists you in getting deep insight into the persisting political environment.

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