Record-breaking early voting turnout in the 2020 elections: What does it mean for the campaigns of both the parties?

The pervasive pandemic of coronavirus resulted in shattering the global social and economic infrastructure. With the disturbed social life and the highly contagious nature of the disease, most of the states allowed early voting.

Early voting has shown an extremely high turnout, as nearly 22 million Americans have already cast their ballots. These are shocking statistics, as, in the 2016 presidential elections, only 37 million people voted early. With the current wave of early voters, it is evident that all the previous records will be broken this election year.

These numbers are even higher in some states like Texas, where long queues are seen daily at the polling booths, likely driven by the governor’s decision to restrict the number of the voting drop boxes to one in each county in a bid to suppress votes in Texas.

The last time Democrats won Texas was in 1976, and with the high level of early voting this time, they have a good chance of winning the 38 electoral votes of Texas, which could help them put the Republicans out of the White House race. This is an alarming sign for Republicans, as they have little chance to win other big states like California.

However, the question arises whether or not this many people voting early has already decided the election of the country. Will Democrats be able to win the White House as they are getting favored by the early voting trends a lot? Let’s look at how these early voting trends can impact the tickets of both parties for the election day.

Record-breaking early voting turnout in the 2020 elections: What does it mean for the campaigns of both the parties?

Will the Democrats be favored with the early voting turnout?

According to some surveys, Biden supporters are more likely to vote early than the Trump supporters, who suggested that they will vote on the actual election day.

No one can deny the fact that most of the early votes are in favor of the Democrats, and Trump knows these things very well.

This is because Trump himself has kept his supporters skeptical about the early voting process. Again and again, the Republican-based President Donald Trump has attacked the transparency of the early voting process, which encourages his voters to vote on the election day compared to any other earlier day.

For instance, he labeled the early voting as “fraud,” as according to him, it is “rigging” the elections in favor of the Democrats. While on the other hand, Joe Biden has encouraged his voters to vote early, and this is helping him bring more people out of their houses before the election.

According to the surveys, Trump trails by almost 36 percentage points among those who support early voting. Similarly, he is leading the polls of those who will vote on election day.

So, nothing is conclusive that early voting will turn the elections in favor of Biden completely, as Republicans can balance the things by coming in more numbers on November 3.

In addition to that, this is not a new issue at all for Democrats. According to some estimates, Hillary Clinton won most of the early votes in Florida and North Carolina in 2016.

However, she did not manage to win these states, as the election day saw a huge turn out in favor of Republicans. The same things can happen again in many states this time too.

Record-breaking early voting turnout in the 2020 elections: What does it mean for the campaigns of both the parties?

How early voting can help Democrats in the final results:

As most of the ballots cast early are in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket, they have less to worry about now as the election campaigns are entering the last phase.

They can focus most of their energies and resources on bringing the undecided voters in their favor. The Republicans still have to spend their time campaigning for each and everyone who has not voted yet.

This is the only way the record-breaking early voting statistics can help Democrats in the November 3 elections.


Is Trump intentionally propagating election day voting to get things in his favor?

Political analysts believe that President Trump is intentionally sponsoring the notion of voting on election day, as he can control things with the help of his supporters on that day.

With more Republicans in the polling booths than Democrats, they can easily promote their voter suppression strategy. This is one of the main reasons why Trump asked his supporters in the first presidential debate to “go and watch out” the things on the election day.

If somehow he manages to suppress the voter turnout on election day, it can tilt the elections in favor of the Republicans, and the strategy of Trump to overcome early voting will succeed.

It is too early to say that Americans have already decided their next president by showing up in large numbers to vote early.

The best thing that early voting can do for the United States is to control the pandemic, where fewer people in the polling stations on the election day can help contain the spread of the contagious disease.

We probably have to wait a bit more for the Americans’ final decision, as elections results are not even expected to be out completely even on election night.


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