Regime Change in Ukraine: Russia’s End Game Begins

The Russian aggression Against Ukraine has entered a decisive phase as continuous bombardment shatters Ukrainian cities.

Not only this, but Russia has also shown its ambitions for a regime change in Ukraine by kidnapping a Ukrainian Mayor. This is signaling the upcoming political crisis in Ukraine that can end up with having a pro-Russian government in Kyiv.

Regime Change in Ukraine: Russia's End Game Begins

Ukraine will be shattered if the pro-Russia government comes in

If Russia manages to bring its own prime minister to its neighboring country, it will be able to force him to accept all Russian demands.

Included in them is the change in the Ukrainian constitution to ensure that the country does not join any regional or global coalition, including the European Union on Natto.

Not only this but the new government will also be able to accept Crimea as part of Russia while accepting two  Eastern warring regions as independent entities.

This will surely be the extension of Russian authoritarianism overseas as the country will be able to move closer to its pre cold war Era borders.

Meanwhile, neighboring countries are facing a humanitarian crisis as Ukrainian people continuously migrate to them in big numbers.

Reportedly Poland is having an unprecedented shortage of space for incoming refugees as more than one million people entered the country since the invasion began.

At the time when all was being done by average polish people and not the Polish government, this unfolding crisis means a lot for the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Russia arrested a Ukrainian mayor: The End Game Begins

Russia faced a surprise when it invaded some Ukrainian cities. The strategy of Russia is simple that is to shatter the Ukrainian government from the places where it could lead them to early success.

Thus Russians wanted to catch the low-hanging fruits when they entered the city of Melitopol. The mayor of the city named Ivan Fyodorov is an ethnic Russian, and the city had a major chunk of the population occupied by the pro-Russian sentiments.

However, this did not turn out to be the case when Russia invaded Melitopol. Russia expected that the mayor would accept them with open arms; however, he labeled them “occupiers.”

Russian soldiers allegedly dragged the mayor out of office. Popular echoes like “free the mayor” and “return the mayor” started pouring out in the streets of the city. This prompted Russia to take military action against people as the advancing forces arrested protesters.

Inevitable Regime Change in Kyiv: An Event to oust Zelenskyy any time

This marks yet another shift in Ukraine’s emerging political scenario. Some days ago, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was hiding from Russian forces; however, recently, he showed his location publicly.

Now Russia can find it as an opportunity to propagate regime change in Kyiv as well. Russian forces have already encircled Kyiv, and they are only waiting for the final affirmation from Moscow to move ahead.

Whenever this decision comes, it would be the announcement of disaster for the Ukrainian president. He can easily face the same misery which the mayor went through.

This was the reason why the Ukrainian president was asking NATO and the United States to declare the no-fly zone over the skies of the country so that he could stand a slight chance against Russian advancement.

However, with NATO not willing to declare skies the no-fly zone and the Russian army stationing reading to oust Zelenskyy, the country is being pushed into a severe political crisis.

Final Thoughts

How would the United States react if Russia manages to change the regime at the federal level in Ukraine? Will the global power stay silent, or would it finally trigger an all-out assault against Russia? Only time will tell.


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