Register to Vote: A comprehensive guide to voter registration in 2020 USA Elections

Register to vote right now to have your voice in the November 3, 2020 elections. Check to see if you are eligible for voting, and find the voting time limits in your state. 


Comprehensive guide to Register to Vote for the US elections:

How to register to vote: 

Unless you are registered to vote, you cannot vote in elections in most of the states. According to the constitution, every state has different laws and you must abide by those laws to register to vote. Following are the different ways with which you can register to vote easily to exercise your right to vote.

Register to vote online:

Register to vote was never as easy as it is now. 

Register to vote in Person:

Not everyone likes to register to vote online. Find all information regarding your state and local election office now if you want to register yourself in person. Get all the contact information of your election office to make sure you are contacting the right office for registration. 

Register to Vote by mail:

If you do not want to register to vote online or in-person, you can always do it by mail. To register yourself by mail,  please click here. For registration through mail, you will have to print the form and to mail it to the required address. You can download the voter registration form in more than 15 languages.

Vote Registration deadline:

Different states have different deadlines for vote registration. Check the deadline to register to vote in your state to make sure that you register yourself before the deadline.

Register to Vote For Absentee ballots for Overseas and military personnel:

The laws for absentee balloting vary greatly from one state to another. Nearly all the states allow overseas Americans and military individuals to practice absentee balloting. Register to vote absentee ballots to exercise this practice and to know if you are qualified for absentee balloting or not.  If you have already ordered absentee voting balloting but did not get one yet, you can always vote by Federal Write-in absentee ballot.

Guidelines for New Voter:

Being a new other is not easy at all. You have o face certain things at times to make sure that you exercise your vote correctly. If you are a new voter and going to vote for the first time, clicking here can be the best thing for you just before the elections. 

If you are struggling to understand the election process, click here for a complete understanding of the US Presidential election process. 

Voter ID requirement at the time of the vote:

Have you already registered to vote and waiting for the election day? Voter ID verification rules vary from one state to another. Here is everything you need to know about the voter ID requirement just before the election.

States that are not giving Online Voting registration facility:

There’s no doubt registering online will save you a lot of hassle and time. There are many online tools available to help you register. They can help you register, as well as update any information necessary. Nearly 40 states are offering online voting registration facility currently. Except for Maine, Michigan, and Texas, in all the super-states, you can easily complete your registration online.  The remaining super-states are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

There are 38 states currently equipped with online voter registration benefits.

Those are:

  1. Alabama    
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut 
  7. Delaware
  8. Florida
  9. Georgia
  10. Hawaii
  11. Idaho
  12. Illinois
  13. Indiana
  14. Iowa
  15. Kansas
  16. Kentucky
  17. Louisiana
  18. Maryland
  19. Massachusetts
  20. Minnesota
  21. Missouri
  22. Nebraska
  23. Nevada
  24. New Mexico
  25. New York
  26. Ohio
  27. Oklahoma
  28. Oregon
  29. Pennsylvania
  30. Rhode Island
  31. South Carolina
  32. Tennessee
  33. Utah
  34. Vermont
  35. Virginia
  36. Washington
  37. West Virginia
  38. Wisconsin

The District of Columbia will soon be offering online voter registration

Why Sign Up for Voter Registration?

Voter registration is vital for preserving democracy by enabling people to use their right to vote. It is necessary to ensure that members have given their current address. This is particularly critical since Republicans are doubling the efforts the voter must take to register to vote in many states. It has become even harder in the “super states.” You can also learn state-wise rules from the USA government site.

How to check voter registration status:

Register to Vote

Whether you are in Florida or Texas, it will be easy for you to check online if you’re registered to vote. You can even change voter registration following some simple steps. Search up “check my voter registration,” “am I registered to vote in Arizona,” and follow the links to several sites allowing you to check your voter registration status.

Here are the steps you would need to follow:

1. Type your first name in. It will be exactly as you’ve registered the name in the lookup.

2. Type your last name in.

3. Type your house number.

4. Ignore the street type and enter only the street name

5. Select the county you are currently residing in

6. If you are in a rural area, contact your local authority to get accurate information

Why should I check my voter registration:

Here’s an incident from the past. Residents of Florida who wanted to vote in the presidential election in 2016 were surprised to find how they had no political party registrations. And they found it on the day they went to vote. There has already been an incident where some people faced problems. Apparently, there was some issue with the voting system in Florida. If your driving license was renewed, the system should have updated it, but it didn’t do so. Such mistakes can occur, and that is why it’s important to check if you’re registered to vote before the deadline.

Register to Vote by Mail
register to vote by mail


Here is how to check in voter registration lookup:

1. If for any reason, or after marriage, you have changed your name, you will have to update it. To register to vote, you will have to guarantee that your driver’s license name is the same as the new one.

2. Has your address changed recently? It is crucial that you have input your present address in the form. Update your address if you have changed it.

3. Is your preferred party properly outlined? This is very crucial for the primary elections. You must be signed up as a member of your preferred group. However, this is not necessary for the general election happening in November.

Furthermore, if you are voting through the mail, you have to ensure that your current signature matches the signature on the file of your county voting station. For a variety of reasons (e.g., sickness or accident), the signatures may change over the years. Check with your county electoral bureau if you think your signature has changed.




Things to Remember before register to vote 

Eligibility to register to vote online:

Register to Vote online


Register to Vote Online
  • Online voting registration services work for the people with a driver’s license or ID cards provided by the state. Only a few states will allow some other potential voter identification as well.
  • The web tool will gather some specific information in these states. They include contact info, address, e-mail address, etc. of the people. 
  • The rules may vary a little depending on which state you are registering from.
  • One tip before you go. Try to get acquainted with the process and respond to questions for possible voters!

Unfortunately, the online process to register to vote is not available for people living in the states of Michigan, Maine, Texas, etc. People in these states have to opt for the paper form of registration. It is also not a choice for the registrar to allow people to vote who don’t have proper ID or licenses. In these situations, if someone you know still intends to use the form online, make sure to let them know that they are not eligible for voting if they do it online. And tell them that they will need to complete their registration by taking a few additional steps.

  • It is possible for individuals to start their registration process through text from their phone.
  • You can also go on the online sites dedicated to the election and complete this process.
  • These tools are especially helpful because after you input your information, they will follow up with the next steps.


Register to vote with paper


Register to vote with paper

While online registration can help you save time by skipping on the paperwork, some people prefer to register to vote in the traditional method. They like to use conventional paper formats for voter registration locally. Like the online format, an individual state has its own set of rules when it comes to what you can or cannot do while collecting, filling up, and sending in your paper forms. Here are the things you need to do if you plan to register to vote through paper form.


Things to remember for paper forms to register to vote: 

While online registration can help you save time by skipping the paperwork, some people prefer to register to vote in the traditional method. They like to use conventional paper formats for voter registration locally. Like the online format, an individual state has its own set of rules when it comes to what you can or cannot do while collecting, filling out, and sending in your paper forms. Here are the things you need to do if you plan to register to vote through paper forms.

• Try to get acquainted with the law imposed by your state beforehand. Make sure you and your group are aware of it. 

• In this method, you are physically collecting the form and turning it in. Be aware that registering voters with paper forms has much more legally bound weight than using a digital device.

• Be mindful that the voting rights of any person are represented by every voter registration form you collect. If the form is lost or you forget to turn it in, this can result in legal issues. Losing a form will also mean you are depriving another person of his right to vote.

• In any case, if you do lose your form, contact the authorities right away to avoid future problems.

Eligibility Rules for Voting in the US elections:

Register to Vote Steps to know


Register to Vote Steps to Know

It is important to know that to register to vote in any state, you need to abide by some rules, such as:

• You must be a US citizen

• You have to be a resident of your county at the time of your registration

• You have to be over 18-years-old

• Have to be cleared of all charges, including a punishable felony

• Not declared mentally incompetent

• You cannot vote if you are convicted of any major crime

• You have to abide by the US Constitution law


Some states have some specific instructions for eligibility rules for voting:


  • Felony convicted
  • Mentally incapacitated


Preparing for a successful registration event:

This step will help everyone to register to vote. It’s time for you to start encouraging other people to vote after you’ve checked your own registration and shared this resource with your friends. There is nothing like registering a voter for the first time!

Picking Date, Time, and Location:

• Decide what date the registration must take place.

• Make sure you have enough time to recruit and prepare volunteers.

• When selecting a date, time, and location, things to consider include:

How crowded is the place? Are people likely to visit this place? Would people probably stop and talk to you, depending on the environment?

There are some methods for this process. Note that there are certain legal requirements and rules to be made aware of before accessing the electoral registry. When registering to vote, you must practice nondiscrimination. Everyone needs to sign, even though they favor the other candidate or issue. The registrant cannot be encouraged to register to a specific party. You must register all citizens who wish to register to vote, and who are eligible to register irrespective of their political views.

Recruiting volunteers to join your team:

Register to vote Recruitment Drive


Register to Vote Volunteers Recruitment Drive

• Once your event is created and posted, share it widely! A successful starting point will be to send an e-mail to your networks containing the event information and a link to the calendar.

• In this generation, social media is a huge advantage. Social media is a very good place to share your ideas and meet new people. You can easily post on social media to tell people about your activity. It is the perfect place to find potential volunteers.

• In this generation, social media is a huge advantage. Social media is a very good place to share your ideas and meet new people. You can easily post on social media to tell people about your activity. It is the perfect place to find potential volunteers.

How to train for the big event:

•        You have to be ready to register any voter you encounter. Registration of voters is very difficult from a legal point of view, and it is crucial that everyone who participates is professionally educated.

•       You need to prepare your volunteers well to make sure everyone is well educated to register the voters. You have to ensure the collection of information from other organizations and authorities happens properly.


Getting supplies:

Gather materials beforehand to make a nice, organized operation. Here are certain things that you will need:

• Cell phone and/or iPad (just in case a candidate can’t sign up on their private device)

• If you use the paper form to register to vote, make sure you have sufficient forms

•  Clipboards with register sheets for volunteers

• You ought to educate volunteers on any resources

•  Have a collection of black/blue pens (do not let anyone write in pencil or other colored inks on a paper form)

• Placards, posters, and signage that say “Register to vote here” and provide vital facts on voter registration.

•  Snacks for the team! Having bottles of water and some food bars on hand is always good to keep everybody in great spirits

Confirm the logistics beforehand:

• Be sure the volunteers have verified they are coming, learn where to find you, and know everything to bring with them.

• Refresh yourself with the essential details needed to better register the electorate and plan any educational materials that you need.

Find Out a Good Location

Register to Vote Event


Register to Vote Event

In high-traffic areas, voter registration is most effective. It is best to be inclusive. These communities include youth, ethnic minorities, repeated movers, and folks of limited wage.

Remember the following when establishing your base in a high-traffic area:

People having to be eligible to vote will never recognize themselves — you have to find them where they are. If you have a bench, get out, and remain involved and enthusiastic from behind it. Use a table as a central meeting place, train helpers, and hold supplies:

  • When people know you are registering voters and you can get more information quickly.
  • Show your eagerness and be positive. Market your event in every way possible. People will come to register themselves when they know about the event. This will make the process of retrieving information more effective.
  • It is a good idea to become acquainted with the above statistics so that you can provide voters with statistics while registering them.

Avoid overly crowded places

It’s counter-intuitive, but not all the safest places to register voters are really busy. When someone refuses to register for voting in a populated area, the other viewers will ignore you too. Try to find a place where road conditions are steady, but not too busy.

Identify locations where clients typically stroll and also don’t march for a reason. Think about parks, the campus center, or a nearby plaza. You would be less likely to succeed if you attempt to engage students as they rush to a lecture. You are more likely to succeed if you stop by at the cafeteria at lunch or dinner time; the people likely have some free time then.

Generally, the thresholds are one to two applications an hour for electors. Also, though, be careful to track the success rates locally. Through time, the database will help you find the right positions and provide you with valuable reviews from other volunteers.

Best practices for voter registration: 

•  Don’t get discouraged! Don’t get frustrated! “No” is usual, and a rate of one or two registrations per hour is predicted. It will rely on too many variables — temperature, place, day, time — so don’t worry about the small stuff. Continue to go and have fun! It’s all necessary that you sign everyone you find.

•  Don’t take others’ behavior too seriously, and you should not argue with disrespectful or reluctant people to sign. Just shake it off, and proceed!

• Be the type of guy you would like to converse with.

• Smile and be sweet. Speak like a regular human. You should not be a robot; please learn from the script directly.

•  Don’t just stand behind the table while you’re talking. Try moving around, being confident and outgoing, and letting everybody see just how much you value this.

• Start a chat, do not just talk in a robotic manner to strangers.

•   Start asking questions, and pay attention to the reply. Individually customize your reply.

• Find your inner ground. Figure out what fits best for you as well and try.

• Link voting to the things they believe in and care about, and their lives. Stress the value of an intervention. Ask them why they want to vote, and why you vote.

• You should not tell everyone what party to vote for, just encourage them to register and vote, and when the time is right, they will have a chance to have their voice known.

• Voter enrollment is a successful way of promoting political engagement.

•  Ask them if they have registered already. 

• Trust and don’t backtrack. After you have asked them to sign, wait for their reaction.

“I’m already signed up” is always an excuse. Start asking questions to follow up on:

• If they are registered from their present address

• Ask the students if they are registered from their school address.


I did register to vote


I did Register to Vote

Only a month is left before this year’s most awaited presidential election and voter registration is in the end phase in most of the states. Voting is essential for any citizen of the country. Surely, you do not want to miss out on the chance to vote for your favorite party. The fortune of the nation for the years to come is in our hands since we will decide who takes the lead by placing our precious vote. Haven’t you finished your registration yet? Don’t wait anymore and register to vote right now.


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