From GOP to GOPQ: Republicans Shocking Journey

After attacking Congress on January 6 to refute the election results, Trump supporters, primarily led by Qanon, started planning to attack Capitol Hill once again on March 4, this time related to the prevailing conspiracy theories supported by the group.

QAnon is a conspiracy theorist group active in the United States, promoting unbelievable conspiracy theories, brainwashing the minds of the masses, including Republican leaders.

March 4 is not the date of some random guess. It was the date of the presidential inauguration prior to 1933. QAnon conspiracy theorists now portray the notion of Trump coming back to power on this date. 

Adam Smith, a Democratic Congressman and the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, already warned the concerned officials about the possible QAnon attacks on the US Congress in a bid to help their political boss, Donald Trump.

This is not the only QAnon conspiracy theory; the group is famous for all the propagation of these theories in the US, mostly in favor of the Republican party. 

The Republican party’s unprecedented support of QAnon also suggests that wherever the group goes, Republicans follow them. This makes the Republican party a faction of QAnon.

The news of this upcoming attack on Congress is just the result of the Republicans’ blind approval of the group and the statement of the Republican leaders who often approve the actions of this group.

What are the major QAnon conspiracy theories, and how is the Republican party becoming a part of this group with every passing day? Let’s have a look.


QAnon Conspiracy Theorist group

QAnon Conspiracy Theories: Alleging Democrats of Satanic Activities

QAnon conspiracy theories encompass a wide spectrum, touching every domain of life a bit, but the primary focus still remains the blind support of Trump by alleging his opponent’s satanic activities in the United States. 


  • The whole belief system of this group rests in the conspiracy theory of the deep state child sex ring in the United States, allegedly controlling the Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities in the country. According to QAnon conspiracy theorists, the politicians and celebrities have physical relations with these children, and they drink their blood to stay young. According to them, Donald Trump is the savior that would destroy this child sex ring to save the United States from this menace. They believe that these politicians, mostly Democrats and celebrities, are a part of a satanic cabal.
  • Pizzagate is another conspiracy theory related to the child sex ring theory. This theory claims that the hacked email account of Hillary Clinton’s manager before the 2016 presidential elections had coded messages supposed to help Democrat politicians to reach the child sex ring to use them inappropriately. 


Infographic explaining Republican Support to QAnon Conspiracy theories

Republicans Shocking Journey from GOP to GOPQ:

The actions of the GOP leader suggest that the Republican party has been transformed into a “GOPQ” party.

The support of the Republican party for all these false theories is not limited to the party leaders only. The backing is so intense that it is penetrating into the Republicans’ supporters also.

According to one of the surveys, almost 50% of Republican supporters believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory of a child sex ring. These voters think that Trump is the only person who could bring the Democratic politicians and the Hollywood celebrities involved in pedophilia to justice. 

Republicans politicians are also involved in making the matter worse. Republican Congresswomen Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert have openly supported QAnon conspiracy theories many times.

It is pertinent to note here that Lauren Boebert is the same Congresswoman who commented on the 2014 video of Sweden and said it represented Texas just for the political point-scoring amid the Texas electricity breakdown.

Among the QAnon circles, a conspiracy theory went viral some time ago about an imaginary video claiming that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was filmed while murdering and drinking the blood of a child as a satanic ritual. The same theory also claimed that Clinton then killed a police officer to cover up her act. 

Anyone in their complete senses would recognize this imaginary video as fake news. Still,  Republican Congresswoman Majorie Green supported this QAnon conspiracy theory and posted on her Facebook backing the theory. 

The Hawaii GOP also extended its support for the conspiracy theorist group as it tweeted recently saying that the QAnon is “largely motivated by a sincere and deep love for America.”

Another Republican Congressman, Burgess Owens, showed up on the streaming site of QAnon to show his support for the group.

Some Republicans who sided with the Democrats to impeach Trump also believe in this group. At least nine Republicans who voted against Donald Trump in the impeachment trial said that QAnon believes in “good government.”

And then comes the father of conspiracy theories himself, Donald Trump, who promoted the group various times. 


Final Thoughts

This Republican support of QAnon is the reason why this group was involved in the Capitol Hill siege along with the Proud Boys. It is also pertinent to note here that the lawyer of Shaman QAnon blamed Donald Trump during the court trial. 

The undeniable relationship between Donald Trump and QAnon has not ended, and now it has turned into a relationship between QAnon and Republicans

Social media platforms may have banned these QAnon groups, but now it has reached an irreversible level. 

These pro-Trump men and women are happily promoting fake news about child sex trafficking, and Republicans are even happier supporting their cause.

The QAnon theories are halting the efforts of the actual stakeholders who are concerned about child sex trafficking. This way, people may get alienated from the actual cause.

It seems that Republicans have not yet learned their lesson of supporting the baseless claims, even after losing the elections and facing a miserable fall.

The QAnon movement will only be restricted through proper awareness and bringing those politicians to justice who support these types of claims.

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