Attention Seeker Republicans Abusing Internet to Destroy Democrats’ Reputations

George Floyd

Since the murder of George Floyd, the campaign by the “Black Lives Matter” activists of defunding the police has entered a new phase.

Whether or not the United States should pursue to defund the police by cutting the police budget is a whole new debate. However, pursuing fake propaganda against a specific political party using the slogan of “defund the police” is an equally alarming issue.

In all of the recent election campaigns, Republicans painted a picture of the events that do not exist or will never exist in the future.

The allegations of the Republicans in general, and the Trump campaign in particular, of defunding the police force against Democrats was just one of the tactics they used to win votes in the 2020 presidential elections. Somehow, they successfully managed to do this as Democrats lost at least nine House seats in the recent elections.

By promoting this narrative, Republicans wanted to create a mindset that Democrats believe in police violence.

Republicans also wanted to sponsor the notion that by calling to defund the police force, Democrats want to play with public safety. By doing this, Republicans are also trying to win the allegiance of the police officers as much as possible.

Never in history did Biden say that he wants to defund the police. In fact, he is a staunch believer in funding the police. In one of his interviews, Biden said,

“We don’t want to defund police departments. We want to make sure they meet minimum basic standards of decency.”

Defund the police propaganda

How Did Republicans Get the Idea to Attack Democrats on the Defund the Police Issue?

Republicans cleverly tricked Americans and Democrats. They portrayed the personal opinion of some of the Democrats as an official policy choice of the Democrats. Primarily, only the Progressive squad in the frontline Democratic party wants to pursue the agenda of defunding the police.

Other than them, no one wants to defund police in any capacity in the Democratic party. Even the former president, Barack Obama, said recently that these type of slogans results in losing the people’s support.

In fact, the situation is much different than the one portrayed by the Republicans, as Joe Biden wants to fund the police according to the latest needs. Today, if someone says that Joe Biden actually wants to expand police, many would not even believe this.

How Low Republicans Fell to Attack Democrats

Here is how Republicans portrayed the falsified image of the Democrats to win the sympathy of the voters.


  • Under the care of Dan Scavino, the Deputy Chief of Staff at the White House, the Trump campaign promoted a video on social media outlets against Democrats. The video had Biden’s picture in the background. The said video showed “Biden’s version of America” as it was mentioned in the video that police are unable to respond to the crimes due to Biden’s policy of defunding the police.


  • “Joe Biden’s supporters are fighting to defund police departments. Violent crime has exploded. You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.” Text of Trump Campaign Advertisement.


  • “Joe Biden has supported the left’s defunding of the police. There won’t be any children and grandchildren without those law enforcement and first responders.” Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.


  • “Democrats refuse to denounce the mob, and the response to the chaos — defund the police, defund border patrol, and defund our military.” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.


Republicans Abusing the Internet to Defame Democrats:

Today, if someone even chants the slogan “Defund the police,” the name of the Democratic political party suddenly pops up in mind.

This making of propaganda is pursued by Republican’s digital campaign, which left no stone unturned in turning Americans against the Democrats. Democrats failed to protect their reputation online, which has turned many Americans against them.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has reiterated many times that the digital election strategy of the Democrats is not going in the right direction. The failure to tackle the propaganda with equal force digitally was just one of the mistakes which Democrats made in the recent election campaign.

The newly appointed Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Sean Patrick Maloney, also emphasized the importance of the digital election campaign.

He also endorsed AOC for speaking sense about the flawed digital policies of the Democratic party. The introduction of these types of minds in the most powerful offices for the Democratic campaign is certainly a positive indicator that can help Democrats rule the Internet in the times to come. 

Democrats must make a fair balance between their offline and online campaign; only then will they be able to survive in the upcoming years.

Today “Defund the police” is just one of the agendas on which Republicans tried to defame Democrats. There are many other fake campaigns of Republicans going on, aiming to make the Democratic leaders controversial figures in the eyes of Americans.

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