GOP is Playing Violin on the Titanic

GOP is Playing Violin on the Titanic

Alienated from the imminent danger and inevitable reality, Wallace Hartley was the violinist playing the violin when the Titanic sank. Nearly 1500 people, including him, perished in the blink of an eye.

More than 100 years later, Republicans are playing the same violin by supporting Trump without measuring the imminent danger that will come their way sometime soon.

Despite the fact that Trump did irreparable damage to the national fabric, Republicans are supporting Trump without worrying about the end result.

Seeing all the prevailing situation, former Republican leaders of the Bush administration have even started leaving the party.

Republicans, in general, failed to perceive the upcoming danger even when Trump directly threatened the GOP leaders with facing the consequences when they did not follow him blindly in his post-election efforts. 

Those who stood up against former president Donald Trump are going to face the brunt of the Trump-loyalists Republicans. Representative Liz Cheney is among the latest Republicans who are facing the backlash of the conservative party members due to voting against Trump during his impeachment.

Republicans are in a civil war, and they are expected to decide the fate of the representative soon in a meeting.

How does this violin-playing clan of the Republican party play with the fire that can burst suddenly to burn the whole party? Let’s have a look.


Republicans Unconditional Support of Donald Trump

Currently, the Republican Party is going through the worst crisis of its history, where it is in a vulnerable position to be divided into smaller factions. 

The primary reason is the Republican support of Trump, forcing the party’s ideological supporters to seek new options.

The Capitol Hill violence has opened the eyes of many, and Trump’s second impeachment has made the matter even worse.

The violinists in the sinking Titanic are the 197 Republican congressmen and women who voted in favor of Trump during the second impeachment vote on January 13.

The statement of intent from the Republican lawmakers is clear that they will support Trump through thick and thin. 

While it is true that Republicans’ support of Donald Trump diluted in recent days, especially after the Capitol Hill attack, the majority of Republicans will still vote in favor of Trump every day, whether it’s a House impeachment vote or the Senate trial.


Mitch McConnell: Leading the Violinist Band in the Sinking Republican’s Titanic

Mitch McConnell, Senate minority leader, is leading the band that is enjoying the violin in the sinking titanic of Republicans.

At least 45 of the 50 Republican Senators are still trying to save Donald Trump from the Senate conviction. 

According to this group, since Trump is out of office now, his Senate trial is also unconstitutional. The talks were initiated by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who got traction with the majority of the Republican Senators. 

This is also an alarming situation as Rand Paul was one of the few Republicans who criticized Trump earlier owing to his criticism of the presidential election. Not only this, but Mitch McConnell also accused Trump of pushing the violence on January 6. 

The reversal of both of these Senators is enough to suggest that Democrats will find it hard to garner the support of enough Republicans against Trump, as they need a two-thirds majority to convict Trump in Senate.


Infographics explaining how Republicans are supporting Trump


Republicans are Supporting Trump Despite Trump’s Signs of a New Party

Although Trump signaled to make a new political party, still many Republicans are backing him. The Patriot Party will be enough to bring a solid crack in the Republican vote bank across the country.

Trump supporters will cease to support Republicans in this case, which will be a direct threat to most of the Republicans’ seats, both in the House and Senate. However, Republicans are supporting Trump without calculating the danger that is coming soon. 

GOP is Playing Violin on the Titanic

Violinist yet Deaf Republicans Group

The violinist group is so blind in support of Donald Trump that the views of other Republicans do not matter to it anymore. Take the example of the officials of the Bush administration, for instance. 

The Bush administration’s top-notch officials are leaving the party, accusing that the Republican party has been changed to the “Trump cult,” and it no longer serves the purpose it was supposed to do. For instance, Jimmy Gurule, Bush’s undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said, 


“The Republican Party as I knew it no longer exists. I’d call it the cult of Trump,”

(Jimmy Gurulé, Bush Administration official)


Other officials have even suggested that at least 60 to 70 former top-ranked administers have already decided to leave the party.

This faction of the party believes that they thought that the Republican lawmakers would start disowning Trump, at least after the completion of his tenure.

However, Republicans are still not ready to distance themselves from the former president, which is making the party controversial. 

The ship of Republicans is bound to sink, but the ignorance of Republicans is making the matter worse for them. If Republicans continue ignoring the matters as they are doing it right now, it is only a matter of time that they will soon be in the troubled waters like the inhabitants of Titanic, where they would have no choice other than repentance.

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