Republicans’ Strategy to Destroy the US: Sponsoring Cancel Culture

The Grand Old Party (GOP), also known as the Republican Party, has often blamed Democrats for promoting the cancel culture in the United States. 

From trying to cancel millions of Biden’s votes, to cancel the free food delivery to voters waiting in long queues in Georgia, to cancel the right of vote in their bid for voter suppression, Republicans cancel culture has transformed American politics in a whole new way.

Their bid to hold anti-Trump Republicans accountable also feeds into their habit of cancel culture.

What are the things that the Republicans want to cancel in the United States, and how is their culture hindering the progress of the United States? Let’s see.

Republicans' Strategy to Destroy the US: Sponsoring Cancel Culture

Republicans Cancel Culture: Cancel the Anti-Trump Elements

The first and foremost tradition of the Republicans cancel culture to oppose anti-Trump elements can be seen as the most dangerous precedent in  United States politics.

Those who do not support President Donald Trump are often seen as the enemy of America.

This phenomenon got more traction after the election when those who opposed Donald Trump were criticized severely by the Republicans.

These include the firing of CISA director Chris Krebs when he labeled the 2020 election as the most transparent election in the United States’ history. 

Similarly, Republicans also tried to promote their “cancel culture” on the anti-Trump governors who did not support him in the Texas lawsuit.

Not only this, but Trump also criticized the Supreme Court Justices, of which he nominated most of them.

US Attorney General William Barr also resigned amid the accumulated pressure on him in the wake of his failure to disclose Hunter Biden’s scandal before the election.

Cancel culture attacks are common inside the Republican Party and have been coming both from the conservative voices and the moderate ones. 

The voices to cancel Liz Cheney are also echoing in the Republican ranks these days, amid her vote to impeach Donald Trump.

Donald Trump even urged his loyalists not to vote for Liz in the next election during the Conservative Political Action Conference. This conference was his first public appearance after leaving the presidency.  


Republicans Sponsoring Cancel Culture to Play with Public Sentiments

In the Conservative Political Action Conference held recently, Republican leaders like Senator Ted Cruz told the public that Republican Party is the party of the working class. A few days later, all Republican members of Congress voted against the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package of Joe Biden.

This package will provide a $1,400 stimulus payment for individuals earning less than $80,000. 

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell argued that if the government provides this much money to the workers, they will not go to work. It was a surprising argument coming from the Republican ranks, whose party recently claimed to be the party of the average Americans.

Republicans cancel culture also helped them in responding to this bill. FOX News helped them evade the public sentiments over the COVID bill by sparking the conspiracy against Biden’s agenda to “cancel” Dr. Seuss.

Recently six books of Dr. Seuss have been canceled because of the presence of racist content in them. This was not a new thing as the scrutiny of books was done for ages in America to filter out the hatred content.

The conservative media portrayed the notion of the culture war in the cancelation of Dr. Seuss, saying it represents an attack on free speech. 

Republicans' Strategy to Destroy the US: Sponsoring Cancel Culture

A Few Republicans and the Majority of Democrats Trying to Cancel Republicans Cancel Culture

Republican Senator John Thune voted to acquit Former President Donald Trump in the second impeachment trial. The same senator is now voicing his opinion against the Republicans cancel culture.

John Thune said,

“If we’re going to criticize the media and the left for cancel culture, we can’t be doing that ourselves.”

(John Thune)


The former Secretary of State came forward to expose the hypocrisy of the Republican Party after the Dr. Seuss enterprise stopped the publication of six books containing racist imagery.

Republican Senator Red Cruz tried to blame the company’s decision on President Joe Biden and urged the Republicans to boycott the Dr. Seuss enterprise.

If we dig a bit deeper, this step of the Republicans to boycott Dr. Seuss is itself an example of cancel culture. 

Clinton took to Twitter in a sarcastic way and said, 


“The party of “Freedom Fries” (Republican party) would like you to know that’ cancel culture ‘is a very serious problem.”

(Hillary Clinton)


Final Thoughts

The very concept of Republican’s cancel culture is against the democratic practices of the United States.

Whether it is the latest practice of boycotting Dr. Seuss’s enterprise or canceling the reputation of anti-Trump and moderate Republicans, the Republicans cancel culture is a real threat to democracy.

If it continues, it has the potential to push the Republican party to the point of no backing.

The Republicans’ decline in reputation should be an eye-opener for them as it would help them better shape their future policies.

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