Rise and Fall of Donald Trump: The Tale of Absolute Shame

Once a member of the Democratic Party in 2001, the hardliner Republican Donald Trump has finally fallen with the official announcement of Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

The rise and fall of Donald Trump depict a complete story of the misery which unfolded over the years to put Trump in a situation where he deliberately urged his supporters to storm the Capitol, an event which was yet to be seen in United States’ history.

The Republicans who always perceived Donald Trump as God have started distancing themselves from Donald Trump after Trump attempted to besiege the US Congress. His cabinet members have started giving resignations from their all-important posts, pushing Donald Trump into the final destruction. Voices are coming from the Republicans that are forcing Vice-President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. 

Adam Kinzinger, a Republican Congressman from Illinois, was the first to call for the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump from office. The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and the minority leader also called on the vice president to pursue the 25th Amendment. If Pence fails to act, Democrats are likely to pursue the impeachment and hence the removal of Donald Trump to get rid of the mentally unstable president who became the cause of the five deaths, including a police officer, in the Capitol Hill riots. 

The sinking ship is in such a fall that many Republican supporters have also opened their eyes. Betsy DeVos, US Secretary of Education, Elaine Chao, US Secretary of Transportation, Matthew Pottinger, deputy National Security Adviser, and Tyler Goodspeed, Chairman of the White House Council of the Economic Advisors resigned, along with a lot of other officials who preferred not to back Trump anymore.

The former reality TV star and businessman Donald Trump entered into politics in 1987 as a Republican. However, the switching political affiliation of Donald Trump helped him to explore different parties as he joined the Reform Party in 1999, Democratic Party in 2001, and the Republican Party once again in 2009.

The first presidential campaign of Donald Trump was in 2000, but America saw his only successful election campaign in 2016 where he rose at the maximum height of popularity. Since then, his fall started, and his flawed policy agitated this decline.

Trump became a popular figure in the Republican party when the party was going through dark days after George W. Bush’s presidency. Within a short period, Donald Trump got himself a place in the United States’ political spectrum and became the presidential nominee in 2016. 

He came to power with conservative voters from battleground states and spent his time empowering that very population that is now known as the Trump base. 

The man who ran the TV shows and casinos was now leading the world’s most powerful office. With his very first executive order, President Donald Trump made it clear that his rule will be autocratic in nature. 

Time went on; Donald Trump ruled the United States for four years. The country witnessed the most significant civil uprising of its history, the establishment of militant groups, systematic racism, and an unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, despite having top-rated health services and much more.

Donald Trump remained one of the most discussed figures in the global media channels, but often as a villain.

Now, as tens of legal challenges await him to leave the office, the fall of Donald Trump has arrived.

Let’s explore the rise and fall of Donald Trump in detail.


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The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump: Trump’s Rise Defied Gravity

President Donald Trump barged into the mainstream political arena, and in a short time, he won the 2016 presidential election by a razor-thin margin in the battleground states.

Trump gained support from the Tea Party organization by establishing anti-Obama rhetoric. The Tea Party, funded by the Koch Brothers’ political cartel, was a party within a party, having the support of many mainstream veteran Republicans. 

Trump’s campaign portrayed the Democrats as a party of war and Hillary Clinton as a symbol of the industrial complex’s self-interest. Their strategy was to create a rhetoric that would portray the rivals responsible for the failure of the United States at home and abroad.

The rise of Donald Trump in 2016 majorly revolved around criticizing the policies of Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular. 

The coining of the term “Make America Great Again’” was also one of the reasons for the rise of Donald Trump. He was seen as a celebrity with his rock star-like performances in rallies with this unprecedented and rather catchy slogan of Making America Great Again. By grabbing the attention of the masses, American was caught in the net which was laid for the very purpose of catching them.

The rise of Donald Trump to the highest office of the world also became possible because he was relatively new in mainstream politics, having no prior experience in politics.

People wanted to try something new instead of the already tested Hillary Clinton. Hillary, as a matter of fact, also remained the former first lady as well as the Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton won in most if not all of the pre-election polls, but when the dust settled, Donald Trump was the new president of the United States, shocking almost all the political pundits of the world.

Most analysts believe that the Trump campaign in 2016 used the desert guerilla tactic of creating confusion and disorder in enemy camps, which he successfully did. Despite having a TV personality, not many media channels supported his campaign.

In the mainstream media, only FOX News supported him, and Chris Wallace used to be a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. 

Having no proper media coverage and the powerful digital election campaign is also one of the primary reasons for the rise of Trump. 

The sequence of actions triggered a chain of events, all of which contributed their bits to the rise of Donald Trump. On the election night of the November elections in 2016, President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States.

During his tenure, the president introduced populism in the White House, and only those who had supported him were the only American in his eyes. 

Trump mostly appealed to the young population via digital election campaigns, and his narrative building his powers attracted most of the college-educated white Americans. Not only this, he also managed to get the support of the white supremacist militant groups. He spent his time bestowing money on his allies, friends, and business partners. 

Ordinary Americans were ignored during the tenure of Donald Trump, and an atmosphere of discrimination was created in the country. The climax of Trump’s presidency, or even his whole political career, was reached with the death of George Floyd. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus crisis added to the ramifications of the George Floyd murder. 

Floyd’s death proved to be the most significant setback in the political career of President Donald Trump. The aftermath, amid a global pandemic, started the downfall of Trump. 


Tales of Absolute Shame: The Fall of Donald Trump as Gravity Made a Comeback

Trump’s rise defied gravity, but eventually, gravity made a comeback and pulled President Donald Trump back to earth, cutting his wax wings with which he was flying. 

During his four years, Trump made several blunders which kept on increasing with time, ultimately costing him the 2020 elections. 

Who would have thought that the social media outlets would ban the accounts of the incumbent president? However, Facebook announced that they are banning Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts until at least the inauguration of Joe Biden.

The backing of the armed militia by the president of the United States to create unrest at Capitol Hill resulted in America being the laughing stock worldwide.

While discussing the rise and fall of Donald Trump, this moral decline of Donald Trump is of utmost importance, as the attack on the US Congress was unprecedented in nature.

However, the foundation of the fall of Donald Trump was laid by the public uprising after the death of George Floyd. The brutal assault on the BLM activists made it clear that another term for Donald Trump was not possible. Similarly, the mismanagement of COVID-19 by the Trump administration furthered agitated the crisis. 

Donald Trump, who saw a rise due to the power of the vote, saw the decline with the power of the same vote. 

The interesting thing is that Trump knew that his decline was coming, so he started to propagate the conspiracy theories against the well-established voter systems and mail-in ballots.

Trump’s fall was so severe that he lost the deep red states as well.

As Biden is all set to take the oath as the 46th president of the United States, Trump will only be left with mighty legal challenges, campaign debts, and a falling-apart Republican Party

When Trump leaves office on January 20, he will not be left alone, but will also be taking with him the Trumpism and populism ideologies that he established during his tenure. 

Rise and Fall of Donald Trump: The Tale of Absolute Shame

Pence Certified Biden’s Victory: A Final Nail in Trump’s Coffin

Now, despite numerous attempts by Trump, Joe Biden is being certified as the official winner of the 2020 election by Mike Pence. Pence put the final nail in Trump’s coffin and rejected Trump’s plea to intervene in the certification process.

As the Congress assembled during the troubled day in DC amid the staged fight, Biden won 306 electoral college votes compared to 232 for Trump. 

In a joint session, the Congressmen and Senators faced a lot of resistance by Trump-backed militia, which forced them to flee the Capitol earlier on January 6.



The rise and fall of Donald Trump are quite dramatic as a New York business tycoon ended up being the first-ever president staging a coup on the US Congress.

As Trump spends his last days in the White House away from the social media eyeing the 2024 presidential campaign, his only choice now is to wait for the legal inquiries that await him once he leaves the office.

This story of the rise and fall of Trump also explains a tale that every politician has to bite the dust if they fail to comply with the United States Constitution.

It is also a fair lesson for every Republican that they must not worship Trump anymore, as he will only prove to be detrimental for their political careers.


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