Joe Neguse: A Loyal and Rising Democratic Star Going Places

The rising Democratic star Joe Neguse has broken all the stereotypes, as his performance in Trump’s impeachment trial has been praised all across political circles.

He became the first-ever black and the youngest impeachment manager in the history of the United States.

He won the trust of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she named nine congressional Democrats to lead the impeachment effort against Trump after the Capitol Hill storming.

This nomination was the turning point of the rising Democratic star Joe Neguse’s life, as few knew him before this impeachment trial.

Rep. Neguse is known for his progressive ideas and pragmatism. He is one of the nine candidates who received acclamation from the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the endorsement from the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the League of Conservation Voter Action Fund, Citizens United PAC, and Democracy for America.

As Democrats unveiled this 33-years old rising star, they can use him in future endeavors that the party may face.

Who is this rising Democratic star Joe Neguse, and did he prove himself during the impeachment trial of Donald Trump? Let’s see.

Joe Neguse: A Loyal and Rising Democratic Star Going Places

The Rising Democratic Star Joe Neguse:

While he might come into the limelight recently after Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, Neguse has a long history of political activism displaying his skills in Congress.

Joe Neguse is the son of immigrants who came to the United States nearly forty years ago from Eritrea, a war-torn country in East Africa.

After graduating in political science and economics from the University of Colorado in 2005, Neguse co-founded New Era Colorado, the largest voter registration organization in Colorado.

The organization has registered over 150,000 young voters all across the state in a bid to curb Republicans’ voter suppression. Later he went to law school at the University of Colorado for a Juris Doctor degree, which he completed in 2009. Neguse was also elected to serve on the Colorado University Board of Regents.

He is currently serving as the co-Chair of the Democratic Policy, Vice-Chair of Congressional Progressive Caucus, Vice-Chair of Medicare-for-all Caucus, and Communication Committee while also representing Colorado’s 2nd congressional district.

Neguse introduced 38 bills during his first year in office in the 116th Congress, four among which were immediately signed as law.

Neguse started his political career as Colorado’s Secretary of the State in 2014. He was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2018 from the 2nd District of Colorado and won re-election in 2020 from the same constituency.

Negus is serving in the following Legislative Committees currently:  

  • Committee on Judiciary
  • Natural Resource Committee
  • Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law
  • Select Committee on Climate Change
  • Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet
  • Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship
  • Subcommittee on Water, Ocean, and Wildlife
  • Subcommittee on National Parks, Forest, and Public Lands

Joe Neguse: A Loyal and Rising Democratic Star Going Places

A Man to Remember from Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial:

This rising Democratic star Joe Neguse shined even brighter during Trump’s impeachment trial and played a pivotal role in this regard. 

During his interview with CBS Denver, Rep. Joe Neguse said that he never gave up the hope of getting enough votes to convict former President Trump.

Joe Neguse, also a member of the Judiciary Committee, has started garnering praise from Democrats for his stalwart approach for convicting Trump. 

He was also very vocal about bringing Trump to justice when the Muller investigations came into the limelight.

Joe Neguse received a lot of praise for his calmness and command of the legal theories. He knew that witnesses would not be friendly and would never comply voluntarily but still tried to compel the senators to vote that the president was guilty. 

Neguse is now working with the Democrats and Republicans to introduce legislation that will prevent any attack on the United States Democratic hubs in the future.  

Joe Neguse: A Loyal and Rising Democratic Star Going Places

Rep. Joe Neguse: An Advocate of Climate Change:

Neguse has embraced environmentally friendly politics, as the 2nd District of Colorado has more than half of its area as public lands, and Neguse is committed to transforming this region into a climate-friendly area.

Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis held Neguse’s seat for decades as a progressive Colorado Democrat and the first openly gay governor of the country.

Neguse spends most of his time thinking and talking about climate change. He is a co-sponsor and an advocate of the Green New Deal. He believes that the Green New Deal is a way to the future, so it should be considered with utmost sincerity.

After the murder of George Floyd, Neguse became vocal about systemic and transformational reforms in United States’ justice system.

This rising Democratic star Joe Neguse said that it is not important whether we condemn police brutality or not, but the second amendment offers every citizen the right to carry out protests.

He also highlighted that former President Trump suppressed the BLM protests by encouraging violence.

In TEDx Talks, Neguse discussed the importance of recharging our democracy, saying that the United States was created on the philosophy of a government led by its citizens.

He believes that this philosophy is in danger, and there is a need to take effective steps to restore real democracy in the country.


Final Thoughts:

As this rising Democratic star Joe Neguse marked his footprints, the question now is what is next for Joe Neguse? Where should he go to use his abilities and serve the nation? 

As Colorado Governor Jared Polis is just 45, senior Senator Michael Bennet is also young and popular, and lastly, John Hickenlooper has just entered the Senate after defeating Republican Cory Gardner, Joe Naguse should not eye for any of these seats.

For the time being, the best place for Joe Neguse seems to be the House of Representatives. With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her long-time deputies Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Majority Whip Jim Clyburn due to retire in the coming year, it would be best if Joe Neguse takes one of these positions. He has the strength and the capacity needed to inherit one of these positions.

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