Russia Used Chemical Weapons in Ukraine: NATO’s Response Inevitable

The civilian population in Ukraine is seeing unprecedented horrors these days, and the situation is showing no signs of normalcy.

This time Russia has used chemical weapons in Ukraine, which is likely to change the course of the war in the days to come.

It is pertinent to note that western nations have already warned Russia that the use of the chemical weapon would trigger a NATO response.


Russia Used Chemical Weapons in Ukraine: NATO’s Involvement in War Coming

As NATO has been unable to intervene in Russia’s war so far, this use of chemical weapons is likely to invoke the military alliance.

Prior to his visit to Poland in which Biden pointed toward a regime change in Russia, Joe Biden claimed that Russia’s use of chemical weapons would be responded to by NATO directly.

Now Biden’s worst fears have come true as Ukrainian forces have claimed to have been hit by these weapons.

NATO’s involvement in the war is a threat to the security of the whole world at the moment. It will not only have economic repercussions but also push the world to a third world war.

The use of Weapons of Mass destruction (WMDs) did not come as a surprise in the Ukraine war. It was widely believed that Russia would launch a limited-scale nuclear weapon on Ukraine that would be powerful enough to portray the message of horror to the world.

However, the use of chemical weapons came before the nuclear ones, but still, chemical weapons are considered WMD and are more dangerous than small scale nuclear weapons.

This is due to the fact that it results in the torture of the subjected people. Ukrainian authorities are already reporting that the victims of the attack are feeling dangerous syndromes and breathing problems.

Russia Used Chemical Weapons in Ukraine: NATO's Response Inevitable

Using Chemical Weapons in Syria Choked the Country

The last time the world saw such horrors on civilian facilities under the chemical bombs was in Syria. Russia was the aggressor in the Middle Eastern nation as well, but this is not the only commonality between these two wars.

Russian President Vladimir Putin just had a change in the military leadership of his forces in Ukraine, after which Gen. Alexander Dvornikov is the new head of Russian forces in Ukraine.

This is the same general who initiated horrors in Syria. The recent railway station attack in Ukraine also came under the command of the same general, so the use of chemical weapons should also not be perceived as a surprise.

This is the formal announcement of the general that he has arrived in the war and is ready to change the tide in favor of Russia.

When chemical weapons were used in Syria, they changed the momentum of the war in a couple of weeks. This was due to the fact that these weapons are used to silence any sort of voice in a matter of minutes.

While rival forces may be the target of these forces, chemicals end up impacting even the general population, resulting in absolute chaos.

For this very reason, many experts believe that Russia wants to kill as many Ukrainian civilians as possible as this is the only way for Putin to bring the Ukrainian president to his knees.

Final Thoughts

By unleashing barbarism on Ukrainians, Putin would also portray to the western world that he is emerging as a different type of leader in the second phase focused on the eastern front of Ukraine.

In this phase, Putin wants to portray civilian casualties are the least concern of Russian forces. However, Russia did not respect human lives even in the first phase of the war and committed genocide in Bucha; this time, this respect is reduced even further.

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