A New Dawn in Tanzania: How Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan is Transforming Tanzania

Samia Suluhu has emerged as a champion of promoting tourism in Tanzania. Since assuming the office, she has been striving to promote tourism in the country, which holds great potential for it.

Samia Suluhu also went on a Royal Tour to promote tourism in Tanzania. She launched a Royal Tour documentary to tell the world about the inherent beauty of Tanzania, which has the potential to attract millions of tourists every year.

In fact, the White House visit by Suluhu was inspired by promoting tourism, as she met with the top leadership of America.

Since assuming office, Suluhu has invested her time and energy in developing a sustainable economic plan by promoting women-led businesses in the country. Similarly, she is also busy promoting healthcare regimes in a country where many epidemics have been penetrating over the years.

Samia believes that almost five million tourists can visit the country annually, which will ultimately boost the country’s economy. If the country manages to attract that many tourists, it is only a matter of time before Tanzania will emerge as an economic powerhouse of Africa, which will have the potential to rule the continent in years to come.

The Royal Tour documentary was so effective that it attracted various tourism agencies to Tanzania.

Tanzania has wonderful landscapes which shows that the country has incredible potential for tourism.
Tanzania has wonderful landscapes which shows that the country has incredible potential for tourism.

How have Samia’s Pro Tourism Policies Changed Tanzania?

Samia’s pro-tourism policies are yielding impressive results. The latest data shows that private investment in Tanzania is skyrocketing as Samia tries to bring more tourists to the country.

The tourism, industrial, and transportation sectors of Tanzania have attracted an investment of $3.16 billion between July 2022 to November 2022. In the same time frame in 2021, only $881 million were invested in all three sectors combined.

The Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) revealed that 51% of all the recent investment is in the manufacturing sector, which is always boosted once tourism prevails in the country. One of the primary reasons for the increasing investment in Tanzania is the high investor confidence in the leadership of Samia.

This is the reason why the acting executive director of TIC, John Mnali, said,

“The number of registered projects increased by 22.2 percent, which shows the impact of economic diplomacy and favorable investment policies that the government has been promoting.”

(John Mnali)

Similarly, the Minister for Investment, Industry, and Trade, Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, said,

“President (Samia Suluhu) Hassan has managed to earn praise and trust from investors, who are now confident and more than willing to come and invest in the country…. It is an open secret that the president has managed to effectively tackle the hurdles that investors face in their businesses.”

(Dr. Ashatu Kijaji)

The best part of all the investments is that more than 50% of the new projects have come from foreign investors.

Another extraordinary feat achieved by Samia is that Moody’s Investors Service changed the outlook of Tanzania from stable to positive, which means that more businesses will now look toward Tanzania. This positive business outlook is one of the wonders that tourism in Tanzania can do.

These policies of Samia are the reason why CNN has recommended Tanzania among the top 10 countries to travel to in 2023.

Tourists enjoying their time at a waterfall in Tanzania.
Tourists enjoying their time at a waterfall in Tanzania.

The Beauty of Tanzania: A Heaven on Earth

Tourism opportunities in Tanzania are vast and varied. Popular activities include wildlife safaris, trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, exploring the tropical island of Zanzibar, taking a train ride through the Serengeti National Park, visiting Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara, hot-air ballooning over the Serengeti, and mountain biking in Tarangire.

There are also plenty of cultural activities to enjoy, such as visiting local markets, attending a Masai village, joining in cultural dances and listening to music, or exploring the ancient sites of Stone Town in Zanzibar.

With 500 miles of coastline along the Indian Ocean, Tanzania can also develop lavish beaches to attract western tourists.

Tanzania houses eight UNESCO world heritage sites, a point of attraction for tourists.

No matter what type of experience tourists are looking for, Tanzania has something to offer every traveler. While the country has wide-ranging tourism opportunities, most of them were unexplored until Suluhu assumed the office of the President of Tanzania.

Since assuming office, President Samia Suluhu has made it her mission to promote tourism in Tanzania. She has implemented numerous initiatives to attract and support international and domestic tourists in Tanzania.

People checking their COVID test result before traveling for toursim
People checking their COVID test result before traveling for toursim

How Samia Suluhu Revived Tanzania Tourism Post-COVID

It is due to the incredible policies of Suluhu that Tanzania has received more than 500,000 tourists since she became the president of the country.

This came at a time when she assumed the presidency after the coronavirus pandemic wreaked so much havoc in the tourism sector of the world that planes were grounded all over the world.

Samia’s efforts to crack down against COVID deniers and her attempts to accelerate the vaccine culture in Tanzania were one of the biggest boosters of tourism promotion in Tanzania. She initiated a vaccination drive in Tanzania after the departure of the late President John Magufuli, who did not pursue vaccination drives.

However, Samia tried extremely hard to knock out the coronavirus from Tanzania, which urged tourists to visit Tanzania en masse.

Why is Samia Even Concerned About Tourism in Tanzania?

Tourism is so important for the Tanzanian economy that nearly 850,000 people are employed in the country because of this industry. Almost 17% of the country’s GDP is associated with tourism, which makes it one of the most beneficial things in Tanzania.

The country holds so much potential for tourism that the job count associated with tourism will massively increase once Samia’s ongoing projects are completed. This means that the future of the Tanzanian economy is in safe hands under the leadership of Samia Suluhu. 

It is due to the breathtaking tourism opportunities in Tanzania that the World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Index has ranked Tanzania at the top for nature-based tourism in Africa. Globally, Tanzania is at number 12 for nature-based tourism.


The Royal Tour: Game-Changing Event for Tanzania’s Tourism Industry

Samia is so concerned about tourism in Tanzania that she has already informed the private sector as well as other stakeholders about taking significant steps to promote tourism in Tanzania. At the launch of the Royal Tour film in Dar es Salaam, Suluhu said, 

“We need to get prepared, we need to get rid of any sort of obstacles so that when tourists come, they can enjoy their vacations.”

(Samia Suluhu)

Samia also emphasized that hotels and tourist vans must remain in impressive conditions to accommodate tourists. Likewise, she informed airports and ports to be well-prepared for any influx of tourists.

She also asked all the stakeholders to create a business-friendly environment in the country so that corporations that want to invest in the country do it without facing any roadblocks.

Tanzania president Samia Suluhu has been praised by global leaders for her efforts of promoting tourism in Tanzania
Tanzania president Samia Suluhu has been praised by global leaders for her efforts of promoting tourism in Tanzania


Global Community Praises Samia Suluhu’s Tourism Efforts

Suluhu’s bid to take unprecedented tourism initiatives is not hidden from the global community.

For instance, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) has praised her for her remarkable tourism policies.

The Secretary-General of UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, has also presented a commemorative plate to Suluhu for her outstanding effort in promoting tourism in Tanzania.

Samia Suluhu’s efforts to revive tourism in Tanzania have also earned her praise from global leaders. The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, expressed optimism about the rising tourism opportunities in Tanzania that have the potential to redefine tourism all across Africa.

Harris said,

“Our conversation will also cover the importance of the economic growth of Tanzania, which I know is one of your highest priorities and a main purpose for your visit to the United States. We welcome, of course, the attention you are giving to that and that the focus of this trip includes, in the United States, focusing on the investment opportunities as it relates to the economy as a general matter, but also in the area of tourism.”

(Kamala Harris)


Exceptional Tourism Policy of Samia: Critics Turning into Samia’s Fans

After seeing the continuous efforts of Samia to promote tourism in Tanzania, the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) also praised the president.  

Wilbard Chambulo, the chairman of TATO, acknowledged that an overwhelming majority of tourists started coming to Tanzania once Samia Suluhu took unprecedented steps to boost tourism in the country.


More Stakeholders Jump in to Help Samia’s Efforts of Tourism Promotion

Now, Tanzania’s flag carrier, Air Tanzania, is also playing its part in promoting tourism in Tanzania. The airliner will launch new routes to connect West and Central Africa as well as the United Kingdom so that the largest airport of the country becomes the logistics and transportation hub of the country. This will eventually bring more tourists to Tanzania, not to mention that it will eventually heal the economy of the country.


How Samia Developed Physical Infrastructure of the Country to Boost Tourism

Another exceptional aspect of Samia Suluhu’s pro-tourist mindset is her ambition to develop the physical infrastructure of Tanzania. Roads and other physical infrastructures are essential for the promotion of tourism in any country, and Samia recognized this. So she developed a rigorous network of physical infrastructure in Tanzania, which helped the country to attract tourists. 

President Suluhu invested in better roads, bridges, airports, and other facilities, which allowed foreign visitors greater access to different parts of the country as well as improved transport links.

This is the reason why Africa Road Builders awarded the 2022 Babacar Ndiaye Trophy to her for changing the culture of transportation in Tanzania.


Final Thoughts

For those seeking adventure, there is plenty of opportunity for ecotourism and conservation activities, such as working with local communities on conservation projects and assisting in wildlife research programs. Additionally, visitors can explore vibrant urban areas such as Dar es Salaam or participate in festivals like the annual Sauti za Busara music festival and Makutano Festival. With its range of diverse cultures, exquisite natural beauty, and incredible wildlife, Tanzania is a destination that will truly leave a lasting impression on any traveler.

The government has also put an emphasis on environmental protection so that visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Tanzania. The president has made sure that conservation efforts have been increased and that areas such as national parks are well-protected from illegal activities.

These initiatives are only a few of the many steps taken by President Samia Suluhu to promote tourism in Tanzania. With her commitment and dedication, she is helping to ensure that more tourists visit the country so that it can benefit from increased economic growth and improved international relations.

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