Democratic VP nominee: Senator Kamala Harris as the member of the US Congress

Kamala Harris has spent her life-fighting injustice and becoming the voice of those who were unheard by those in power. She has a passion for fighting for the rights of people, inspired by her mother.

Harris had tremendous achievements while holding the positions of District Attorney and California’s Attorney General. Her journey from Kamala Harris to the senator Kamala Harris full of achievements in which she stood for various causes for the sake of the American people.

This article will elaborate on the achievements of Harris while serving as the California Senator.

Senator Kamala Harris’ entry in the United States Senate

Kamala Devi Harris became the United States Senator from California in 2007. She was the second Black-American woman and first Asian-American woman to hold this office.

As a Senator, Harris carried on her mission, which she started from her student life. Harris, during her time in the Senate, maintained a personality that allowed her to stand against the powerful and fight for those who could not protect themselves against people with power. She was an advocate of civil rights and liberty for all.


Senator Kamala Harris in US senate hearing
Senator Kamala Harris in Senate hearing. Photo Source Credit to

Senator Kamala Harris’ position in the Senate

Due to a massive workload, the United States Senate is divided into many committees and subcommittees. A senator can be a member of more than one committee. Senator Kamala Harris has been a member of four committees and several sub-committees. These include:

  • Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
  • Committee on Budget
  • Committee on Judiciary
  • Select Committee of Intelligence

Senator Kamala Harris has always been an active member of the committees that she worked on. Her colleagues praise her for doing good homework and her understanding of the policies. Harris has been engaged in sought-after committees and played her active role in key issues, such as that of immigration.

Harris’ very first speech in the Senate was all about the Dream Act. She started her career as a Senator to provide justice for the undocumented immigrants. Justice for the immigrants has always been a central issue of Harris in the Senate. Additionally, Harris has also played a key role in the police reform bill passed earlier this year.

Being an attorney general in the past, Senator Kamala Harris had the skill to ask direct and pointed questions. She went viral on social media for her questioning of the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Her attitude at that time showed her commitment to the job and her skills that made her the best opponent to the injustice spread by the Trump Administration. This event led Donald Trump to call her” nasty,” suggesting her ability to challenge those in power.

A similar situation was witnessed in 2017 during the investigation of Russian interference in the United States elections. The then-attorney general Jeff Sessions was reluctant to give any answers, citing that he did not remember things.

Kamala repeatedly pressed Sessions, leading him to say that he was getting confused. Furthermore, Harris has even not spared Joe Biden, suggesting that she will never compromise on key issues.

Bills sponsored by Senator Kamala Harris

During her time in Senate, Harris has sponsored many bills that were related to the well-being and safety of American citizens.

Kamala Harris, in collaboration with Amy Klobuchar, introduced two bills related to criminal justice and law enforcement. This includes the Justice for Victim of Lynching Act passed unanimously on February 14, and the Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victim Act, which was reintroduced for the fourth time.

Moving forward, Senator Kamala Harris played a key role in introducing an oversight bill over the hiring process followed by the federal agencies.

The Ensuring Diverse Leadership Act of 2019, introduced by Senator Kamala Harris, is aimed at ensuring that the Federal Reserve Bank will guarantee to interview at least one individual representing gender diversity and racial and ethnic diversity while appointing the president of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Immigration has been the central issue for Kamala Harris during her time in Senate. Harris individually introduced three of the seven bills related to immigrants. These include the Families, Not Facilities Act, REUNITE Act, and American Dream Employment Act.

Addressing the issue of workplace employment, which came into the spotlight after the emergence of the #MeeToo movement, Harris introduced the EMPOWER Act. This was aimed at regulating companies to prevent and protect against harassment in workplaces.


Senator Kamala Harris reached the Upper house of the United States Congress after a long journey. She utilized her time in serving the country. She struggled to provide the basic rights to those who were deprived by those in power.

She was a strong and active Senator and never allowed anything to come in her way. Kamala Harris has always stood firm against those who hold power. Her career as Senator shows that if given the office of Vice President, Harris will voice the unheeded opinions and will use her energy in serving the country.

The dream of Making America Great Again shown by the Republicans could only be fulfilled by Kamala Harris, who has spent her life protecting Americans from the parasites who have been eating up the country for decades.

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