A Premeditated Republican Attack on Congress. Not a Storming, Rather an Organized Siege

A Premeditated Republican Attack on Congress. Not a Storming, Rather an Organized Siege

“Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild.”

(Donald Trump Threatening Law and Order Agencies on Twitter)


Just when the most awaited day to announce the official winner of the 2020 Presidential election arrived, the violent “supporters” of Donald Trump besieged Congress in a bid to overturn the election result. 

Since the United States’ independence in 1776, it is happening for the first time that a systematic and arranged attack on the legislative branch of the government takes place, leaving the capitol in the doldrums.

It raises many questions on the security agencies and the police’s role, which failed to anticipate the situation to make the necessary arrangements beforehand. However, the role of Donald Trump becomes more suspicious in this regard, as failing to predict the potential attack on the building merely two miles away from the White House seems to be an intentional approach of Donald Trump

Trump signaled the “wild rally” way before time, which clearly depicts the preplanned tactics of Donald Trump. Similarly, Ivanka Trump also Twitted to appreciate the rioters; however, she later deleted the tweet.

Global leaders also expressed their concerns on the US Congressional siege by pro-Trump protestors. Because of the violation of their policies, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram blocked Trump’s account for 24 hours.

Funding of the siege of Congress by Donald Trump is also a very likely scenario, as assembling this many people requires proper planning.


January 6: A Story of the Planned Siege of Congress by Trump:

January 6, a date used every four years to announce the newly-elected president of the United States, became a bitter memory this time. The democratic base of the United States was shattered on this date in 2021 as Trump-backed armed militia funded and trained by Trump besieged the Congress.

Protestors breached the Capitol building, which resulted in the abrogation of Congress’s ongoing meeting to certify Biden’s victory. All lawmakers, along with Vice-President Pence, left the building as soon as the protesters breached the Capitol’s integrity. 

However, the bigger question remains on the role of the law-and-order agencies that failed to anticipate the event. Since the election defeat, Trump said a number of times that there would be a “big rally” in Washington to protest against the so-called “voter fraud.”


Siege of Congress and the Failed Intelligence: DC in Doldrums:

The real essence of Democracy required proper planning for the event, as it was the day of the announcement of the American mandate. The news is also disturbing, considering that even the peaceful protests by BLM saw much more resistance by police than this Congressional siege by the white supremacist groups. 

The complex nexus of the failed intelligence, along with Trump’s approval of the event, portrayed the sorry state of affairs, which made the United States a laughing stock all over the globe. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the event “disgraceful.” He took to Twitter to say further that,

“The United States stands for democracy around the world, and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power,”

(Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister)


The speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey said,


We follow the events in the USA with concern and invite the parties to calmness. We believe that problems will always be solved within law and democracy. As Turkey, we have always been in favor of the law and democracy, and we recommend it to everyone.”

(speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey)


The assembly of this many people was not possible without prior arrangements in DC. It seems that the event is the official violence of the Republican party led by Trump from the White House, located just two miles away from the attacked facility. It is also a possibility that the money taken by Trump from the Republican’s election fund in Georgia was spent to attack the legislative branch of the government.

The approval of the Proud Boys’ leader, Enrique Tarrio, of the event, also suggests that the whole episode is staged by Trump-backed militia in a bid to create unrest in the society. 


“Whether it’s the Capitol today or a state capitol tomorrow, or some other government building, you probably will see this.”

(Enrique Tarrio, Proud Boys Leader)

The unprecedented siege of Congress also suggests that the hate penetrated among the minds of the people is pervasive in Trump’s era, as many Republicans and Democrats have lost elections in the past, but no one dared to besiege Congress with armed men.

The disgrace also came in the speaker’s office, as an arrogant supporter of Donald Trump was captured by CNN sitting on the chair of Nancy Pelosi with his shoes on the speaker’s table.


Trump Supporter in Nancy Pelosi Office in Siege of Congress
A Trump supporter enters Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Photos credit CNN.com


As the police stormed the building to get it cleared from the insurrectionists, some attackers surrendered, showing a passive approach after entering the building.


Republicans surrendered during Siege of Congress
Republican rioters surrendered during the Police raid. Photos credit CNN.com


The siege of Congress episode will be remembered in the ages to come, and soon it will qualify all the provisions to get the attackers, and probably Trump, prosecuted. This unprecedented episode also suggests that Trump has completely destroyed the Republican party. As he waits for the over-hanging jail on him, Trump adds one more reason for the upcoming Biden administration’s record to expose his dark side after coming to the office.

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