New Russian General in Ukraine Has History of Massacre in Syria

A new wave of horror is about to emerge in Ukraine with the latest decision of Russian president Putin to appoint Gen. Alexander Dvornikov as the head of his forces in Ukraine.

Dvornikov is considered a butcher general of Russia with no regard for any humanitarian values.

He is the same general who turned the tide of the Syrian war in Russia’s favor with the merciless bombardment of civilians.

New Russian General in Ukraine Has History of Massacre in Syria

Syrian Butcher to Lead Russia in Ukraine

Back in 2015, Putin appointed Dvornikov as the head of Russian forces in Syria. Russia was losing the war at that moment as the advancement of anti-Russian troops was stalled by American-led forces.

Before his appointment, no single person was in absolute command of leading the Russian campaign in Ukraine. Thus the forces were not coherent in their approach to war.

However, the rising deaths can be a reality in Ukraine soon, which is also being acknowledged by the White house. Press Secretary Jen Psaki has noted that America is well-aware of the effort to introduce a barbaric general to the top military ranks of Russia.

Dvornikov has extensive experience in overseeing Ukraine affairs as well. He is an expert in the Donbas region of Ukraine, which is the newly announced target of Russia after the failed attempt in Kyiv.

While the ultimate reality about the general would only be unveiled once he assumes the top command, however, his background in Ukraine’s eastern region and Syria tells a lot of things about his personality.

Famously known as “one of the real heavy hitters of his generation,” Dvornikov established a base in the Syrian northeast right after his arrival in the war.

Using this base, he ordered indiscriminate killings of Russian civilian facilities, including schools, hospitals, and even queues assembled to get bread and other eating stuff. He was the Russian voice to save the regime of Syrian dictator Assad who was leading an anti-American entity.


Ukraine Massacre in Inevitable Now

After withdrawal from Kyiv and other bases in Ukraine, American intelligence sources revealed that Russia is refocusing its efforts on the eastern region of Ukraine so that it can capture south and eastern Ukraine.

Dvornikov was already in command there. Now he is appointed as the head of Russian forces in the whole country.

The news of infighting within the top military brass of the country was prevalent during the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Reportedly Putin was not happy with some of his top generals, and the news regarding the home arrest of some military officials also came into the limelight.

Amid all of this, Putin had a reason to change the military leadership and bring back someone with a proven record of merciless aggression. Thus Dvornikov seemed to be the only choice for Putin, so he did not hesitate in his appointment.

This is an important development, especially at a time when Russia is being thrown out by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. So the country is all-set to violate human rights after the world disallowed it the representation of the world’s top human rights forum.


Final Thoughts

Russian help to Syrian leader Assad with the assistance of Gen. Dvornikov was the primary reason why Assad regained control of Syria.

Since the indiscriminate Russian onslaught, Syrian leader Assad has control of the whole country, but this did not come as easy as it may seem.

Even the exact number of deaths in the Syrian conflict under Dvornikov’s leadership is unknown. However, it is estimated that since the start of the conflict in 2011, 300,000 to 600,000 people have been killed, which depicts the extent of horrors the general pursued with his warfare strategy.

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