Fall of Kabul: US Gains of Twenty Years Overturned in One Month, Courtesy of Taliban Insurgency

The United States’ hurried abandonment of Afghanistan has exposed the vulnerabilities of the Afghan security forces, as the Taliban have finally surrounded Kabul, the capital of the troubled country.

One after other, the provincial capitals surrendered to the Taliban as they blitzed through all the provinces in their bid to capture Kabul.

At the point when the violence was getting intense, President Ashraf Ghani has left the country for Tajikistan, creating an unparalleled power vacuum in the graveyard of empires.

As the misery continues in Afghanistan, many countries have started evacuating their embassies in Kabul, cutting off all diplomatic ties with the insurgents.

The mismanaged US troop withdrawal is responsible for the persisting crisis in the South Asian country. Almost all the western powers are now rushing to evacuate their citizens and embassy staff from Afghanistan.

A correct strategy would have evacuated all the staff, endangered families, and the US long-term allies in the country before leaving the Bagram airbase and taking out the troops. 

President Biden has always underestimated the Taliban’s power and often reiterated that the Taliban are not in enough power to take over Afghanistan.

Similarly, he also reiterated that Afghan forces were capable enough to defend the country on their own. As both of these claims were blind guesses made by the Biden administration, the president preferred not to evacuate embassy staff and other people before the army withdrawal, which is increasing the US worries right now.



Taliban have successfully captured the presidential palace, as they advanced their pace of annexing Afghanistan by encircling Kabul
Taliban have successfully captured the presidential palace, as they advanced their pace of annexing Afghanistan by encircling Kabul

Twenty Years of US Efforts Overturned in One Month:

The rapid advance of the Taliban in the wake of the US withdrawal has shocked the power corridors of the world.

The twenty years of US gains have been demolished in almost a month by the Afghan Taliban, as the Taliban have seized the Presidential palace.

Almost all the countries have hastened their efforts to bring their stranded citizens back from Kabul, as the threat of violence remains imminent.

When the US was in the picture, the Afghan government was resistant to offer power-sharing agreements with the Taliban forces.

Now, when they see the Taliban on the doors of Kabul, they succumbed immediately, offering a power-sharing deal to the insurgents.

The Taliban is in no mood to accept the power-sharing agreements of any type, seeing that they are in full control of the country with almost 26 out of 34 provincial capitals under their control.

Women and girls are most prone to the Taliban's danger, as insurgents have a poor track record in dealing with the human rights.
Women and girls are most prone to the Taliban’s danger, as insurgents have a poor track record in dealing with the human rights.

Any Gain of the Taliban is the Loss of the Afghani People:

The social upheaval associated with the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan is also inevitable, with too many difficulties for women.

With the rising attacks on girls’ schools in recent times and the closure of these schools by the Taliban, women in the country are bound to face misery in the upcoming times.

The Taliban banned women from doing banking jobs, warning them not to go to their jobs in any case.

Now it is a matter of time before the Taliban makes a government in Afghanistan by overthrowing the current administration.

While the Taliban has offered safe passage to anyone wanting to leave Kabul, the insurgency and the human rights violence is inevitable once the Taliban announce their government.

The call of not accepting the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan is also rising globally, with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking the world not to accept the upcoming government in any case.

It is only the beginning of the destruction in Afghanistan, where the United States can announce severe restrictions on the Taliban government.

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken has already warned the militants not to show any sort of violence against US citizens.

Seeing the Taliban’s way of rule in their last tenure, they are likely to stop their insurgent activities in the country, as they will want to win popular support to legitimize their otherwise unlawful rule.

However, the negation of fundamental rights by them to the Afghan citizens is what would push the Afghanis into chaos.

As the citizens of the troubled nations amassed at the banks to withdraw all of their money to avoid any financial disaster, amid the rising prices for daily needs, the banking system can go down any time soon in the country. This would cut off the country of Afghanistan from the globalized world financially.


Final Thoughts

This is also the major gain of Russia after the fall of the USSR, at the end of the cold war, as the Taliban are supposedly funded by Russia and their long-term ally, China.

As Russia and China were already cooperating in multiple avenues, this Taliban outbreak would foster their confidence, as this is considered as their major geo-strategic win.

The Taliban have learned their lessons and have made a strong comeback after being on the receiving end for more than 20 years.

They know that messing with the US can once again trigger the response from the superpowers, so they are likely not to come at a crossroads with them again.

However, the Taliban’s violence is expected to trigger a response from the other warring entities, including the ISIS-K, which can initiate civil war in the region.

As the Taliban have no organized internal structures, a power struggle within them can also expose fault lines within the militants, which can create a deep divide among them.

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