Moment of Shame: America-Tanzania “Collusion” to Persecute the Maasai Community

Tanzania’s inhumane treatment of the Maasai community continues despite the global outcries of justice for the oppressed people. Now the Tanzanian Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, is bribing local leaders to speed up the evictions so that the whole episode looks voluntary and peaceful.

In the absence of free media and the ongoing persecution of journalists, the Tanzanian government is relying on the army of the country to launch an all-out assault against the Maasai community.

All of this is done to sell a piece of indigenous tribal land to Dubai rulers who want to sponsor big game hunting in the region. While the government may earn some quick bucks with this, they are vehemently violating human rights.

At the same time, American leaders are freely meeting with top Tanzanian leadership without even discussing the eviction at meetings, as if nothing has happened. 

Both Biden and Kamala Harris met with the Tanzanian ambassador to America, Elsie Kanza, and Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu. Neither agenda raised the issue of human rights violations.

Biden is unable to learn from the American history of siding with oppressors and sponsoring human rights violations in various crises of the past.

Bombshell: Tanzanian PM Majaliwa “Caught” Bribing Local Leaders to Sugar-Coat Evictions

The government is using dirty tactics, employing the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority (NCAA), the Conservation Director, and the Arusha Regional commissioner. 

Evidence and intelligence information show how the government was bribing councilors and influential traditional leaders to support the eviction from Ngorongoro to Msomero in the Tanga Region, strictly to create a notion that people were moving willingly.

The bribes were involved in persuading councilors and traditional leaders of the Maasai community to leave Ngorongoro.

The councilors have been bribed by their councilor’s allowances for the rest of their public service, receiving a pledge to be paid a pension of 10 million shillings ($4300). So now they have already been paid the same sum of money which they were supposed to get in their lifetime job.

The bribe transaction will be completed as soon as they arrive at the new settlement in the Handeni District and show they moved voluntarily without any political pressure.

But, despite having all the intelligence, we gave the prime minister the benefit of the doubt. 

Now, the prime minister has announced that the same councilors are willingly leaving the area, which proves our initial intelligence findings correct. This is a very sorry state of affairs when the government is using taxpayers’ money to bribe public officials so that they can push the Maasai people out.

Media has also been dispatched from Dar es Salaam to the Ngorongoro District to further report on the incident.

Insights to Our Intelligence of Majaliwa’s Dirty Ambitions

The Director of Conservation from the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority, Dr. Freddy Manongi, was instructed by Arusha RC John Mongela to set aside a budget to bribe community leaders, especially councilors, so that they can be persuaded to move.

These councilors are responsible for social services programs from the government and monitoring funding of development projects. 

So now, when they are moved, the remaining villagers can’t ask for any services.

The Regional Commissioner of Arusha (Ngorongoro District) moved to create a household-to-household team to register the names of those refusing to be relocated while using threats to lure citizens that the government will no longer provide social services for those remaining in Ngorongoro. This approach also proves that this is not a voluntary movement.

Instead, social services are being withheld to forcibly migrate the Maasai community.

The Royal Tour of “His Majesty”: Tanzania Promoting Modern Day Slavery

The Maasai, who were already the vulnerable community in the country, will lose their land to the Majestic Masters of the Tanzanian government, the Otterloo Business Corporation.

Major General Mohammed Abdulrahim Ali is the President of Otterloo and also serves as the Deputy Minister of Defense of the United Arab Emirates. His daughter is also married to the Prime Minister of Dubai.

This means that the Tanzanian government is selling the Maasai’s land to the powerful people of Dubai, who will be using it to swell their wealth further.

These sorts of events are the textbook example of modern-day slavery, where the so-called masters are snatching the land of the slaves, who are also seeing their cattle killed in front of their eyes.

All of this is happening when Biden and Kamala Harris are meeting with the top leadership of Tanzania in parallel.

Tanzania Army killed the cattles of Maasai as they forced them to move out of their land.

Tanzania Army killed the cattles of Maasai as they forced them to move out of their land.

Tanzania Conservation Motto Busted with UAE Deal

The royals are ready to use this land for big game hunting, where they hunt wild animals, including lions and especially leopards. What do they do with the result of hunting? They sell these valuable remnants of the big animals for a big profit.

This sale also imploded the conservation narrative of the Tanzanian government and their ability to evict people under their so-called conservation drive.

In any text of the word, conservation is a drive used to protect vulnerable ecosystems and let every species live freely. So, this sale means that the Maasai community is not, but the royals are the real threat to conservation in the region. These royals are the ones who will start taking down important and even endangered species for their monetary gains.

Joe Biden met with Tanzania Ambassador to US even though Tanzanian govt is involved in inhumane activities.

Joe Biden met with Tanzania Ambassador to US even though Tanzanian govt is involved in inhumane activities.

Biden-Kamala “Collusion” with the Tanzania Government to Persecute Maasai Community

Recently, Joe Biden met with the Tanzania ambassador to the United States, Elsie Kanza, who is the representative of the oppressive regime and a dictator president.

Not too long ago, Vice President Kamala Harris also met with Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu.

During the meeting, Harris condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine vehemently. However, she did not dare to speak up against Tanzania’s brutal human rights violations. It is apparently true that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a newsworthy topic that will help Harris earn more political mileage in the eyes of the voters.

However, if she is truly willing to defend human rights across the world and does not care about gaining political mileage from her remarks, she should have also scrutinized Samia’s brutal ambitions against the vulnerable Maasai community.

Perhaps for Harris, speaking up against Russia is a hot topic, while speaking against the Tanzanian people would not earn her many votes.

Tanzanian Army danced in front of the PM after pushing Maasai out as he visited the troubled area.
Tanzanian Army danced in front of the PM after pushing Maasai out as he visited the troubled area.

Tanzania’s Military on a Roll: Samia’s Final Bid to Persecute the Maasai

Samia Suluhu is on an all-out assault against the Maasai community. This time, she is using the army to evict the Maasai people from their indigenous land. This means that the force which was supposed to be used against the strategic rivals of the land is being used against native Tanzanians.

This, obviously, is a dangerous and unprecedented trend, which will only trigger more chaos and bloodbath.

Recently, armed soldiers of the Tanzanian army raided the Maasai community and evicted them from their homes. They pushed them out of their land into a small village called Malambo. This small village comprises 464 km², and three-quarters of this land is dedicated to livestock.

So villagers are squeezed into the one small quarter of the village, where now more than 150 people are living in the absence of fundamental human rights.

Just a day after the tragic episode, the Prime Minister of the country, Kasim Majaliwa, visited Loliondo, as he was told “all is well” by the brutal army. The military assured him of peace in the region and sang a “peaceful” song for him.

Now the situation is even worsening in the region. After pushing the Maasai community back, they shot down their cattle, which had been used by the Maasai to earn a living.

Tanzania army forced Maasai community to migrate out of their land

Tanzania army forced Maasai community to migrate out of their land

Samia Suluhu Walking Hitler’s Path for Maasai Evictions

The same tactics were used by Hitler as well against the Jews. A military unit named Schutzstaffel, or SS, was formed in 1925, which personally protected Adolf Hitler.

Only pure “Aryan Germans” were allowed to be part of the group, as it was directed to persecute Jews to the fullest.

This group remained involved in developing concentration camps against Jews, where their fundamental human rights were critically curtailed, confirmed by the mass executions at these sites.

The group led Hitler’s campaign to evict Jews from Germany and kill them en masse. Now Samia Suluhu is following the same model. The military, which her predecessor raised for political gains, is now being used against the already oppressed community.

Moment of Shame: America-Tanzania "Collusion" to Persecute the Maasai Community

Democrats’ Hypocrisy of Human Rights Exposed

When former President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, the Democrats cried foul play. Then candidate Joe Biden stated,

 “His conduct reinforces that we urgently need a president who can restore our standing in the world, heal relationships with key allies Trump has alienated, and deliver real change for the American people.” 



Now Biden and his vice president are meeting with the same sort of dictatorial regimes, which drastically exposes their hypocrisy.

Moment of Shame: America-Tanzania "Collusion" to Persecute the Maasai Community

America is Not Learning from Its Oppressive History

The United States has a history of supporting dictators and extremist organizations worldwide, just to retreat later on. For example, the US sponsored the Taliban during the cold war and heavily financed them to enable them to fight against the Soviet Union. However, the same Taliban orchestrated 9/11, leading to the Afghanistan war.

 Another evil event that attracted global attention was the viral handshake of Donald Rumsfeld with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain.

The very same Iraqi general was hanged by an Iraqi court, allegedly under the influence of the US, in 2003 for mass murders.

Most of the prevailing extremist organizations, including Al Qaeda and ISIS, are either the offshoots of the same Taliban that America created or the byproducts of the unjustified American invasions.

When America invaded Iraq preemptively, the well-trained but jobless Iraqi army soldiers teamed up to form ISIS, which continues to haunt the world.

However, Biden is unable to connect the dots and learn the lessons from history. Just like the previous presidents of America, he is also siding with the oppressor instead of standing on the right side of history.

Final Thoughts

The propaganda of the prime minister is at its peak. We have already discussed how Majaliwa is using the media to suppress the opposing voices against the government’s narrative. However, his continuous ambitions to rely on the state media and oppress the private entities and journalists and opposition entities are still impacting the vulnerable state of affairs.

Some Maasai who were wounded during their clash with the police have fled to Kenya for their medical treatment. 

They were denied treatment in Tanzania, so they had to flee to a border town in Kenya to get treatment, and they have been threatened not to return to Tanzania to reunite with their families. Otherwise, the government has threatened to initiate criminal proceedings against them.

Now the Tanzania government is trying to escape a situation they created themselves in the first place. The global community, however, has an opportunity to follow these exiled Maasai people, track them, and catch the Tanzanian government red-handed when they further persecute these people upon their return.

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