2020 Presidential Debates: 5 Likely Things To Watch In All The Debates

One of Trump’s ability to dodge crux issues can be a significant thing to watch in the 2020 presidential debates, where Biden will be looking for fact-checking.

The most essential parts of the American political culture, i.e., the presidential debates, are around the corner. Voters across the country will be eagerly waiting for the views of their presidential candidate on all the hot topics.

With all eyes on Cleveland, Ohio, presidential nominees will never want to miss the opportunity to impress undecided voters. Not only this, but these 2020 Presidential debates will have a profound impact on the early voting that has already begun in four states. While both the presidential candidates will be in action on September 29 in Ohio, the following things will be interesting to watch just before the 2020 presidential elections.

2020 Presidential Debates: Trump

Trump’s response to the tough questions:

Trump is famously known to dodge the tougher questions related to his performance in the office.

While answering these questions, he often molds the facts to get momentary relief. One of the famous examples in this regard is Trump’s response to the COVID outbreak, where he always labels the pandemic as a “Chinese virus” whenever he is being asked about the deaths in the United States.

Similarly, despite more deaths in the red-states from the pandemic, his recent response to blaming the blue states about these deaths suggests that he can have a tough time dealing with the straightforward questions in the 2020 presidential debates too.  

Biden’s stumbling and Trump’s response to that: 

Biden is 77 currently, and, if elected, he will be the oldest president inaugurated. He has been seen in his speeches stumbling and stuttering many times. Usually, it seems that he searches for words to speak, and at times it can go long. Trump has already attacked Biden’s age numerous times in his past interviews and tweets.

He used words like “Sleepy Joe” and labeled Biden as mentally unfit to run for the presidency. In his presidential campaign of 2016, Donald Trump had already attacked the reporting style of a disabled journalist numerous times, so, to say the least, attacking Biden on his stumbling can be the possibility which Trump would be looking for in the 2020 Presidential debates.

Trump’s habit of dodging the crux issues:

How will Trump answer the issues of rising unemployment in the United States in the wake of the coronavirus? How would he answer the questions pertaining to foreign policy and the role of the United States in the Middle East? Well, remembering his past records, it easy to say that he always relies on sweeping statements to dodge the crux of the issues. He somehow always manages to give the preplanned answers instead of focusing on the real question. The only statement that helps him answer all the questions is, “The United States is doing better than most of the countries in the world.”

Whether the question is related to the economy, pandemic, or foreign policy, he always tries to fit this statement in his answers by dodging the real issue. Will Biden let him go with these types of vague and open-ended answers in the 2020 Presidential debates? Only the time will tell.

2020 Presidential Debates: Biden

Biden’s empathy-driven approach toward his voters: 

Biden, most often, captures the attention of the masses with his empathy-driven approach. He tries to make a personal connection with the voter.

His statement, for instance, while addressing the voter who lost his sister to COVID, was, “First of all, I feel so badly for you.” In these trying times, specifically, when COVID is at its peak, and the economy is in doldrums, this empathy-driven approach can help him win many voters in the presidential debates.

However, this trait is more likely to help him in the second debate, which is in the question-answer format. Biden can have a great advantage over Trump in the 2020 Presidential debates if he successfully manages to win the undecided voters with this personality trait of empathy.


Fact-checking ability of the nominees in 2020 Presidential debates:

One of the most challenging things for the moderator and the presidential nominees is to fact check the opposition presidential candidate in the real-time.

How will Biden be able to ensure that Trump must not portray misleading and falsified information to the voters? It seems that Biden already knew that this could be a real task for him. He has already said that he will be the fact-checker of the President in the upcoming debates.

However, he also said that “people know what a lair the President is,” adding that he does not always need to point out the lies. Fact-checking can be tricky in real-time, and only the efficient checking of facts can help the candidates get the upper hands in the 2020 Presidential debates.

Just when the campaigns of both the candidates are entering the last phase, the 2020 Presidential debates have become extremely crucial. All the things mentioned above are incredibly vital, and having a close check on them can have a detrimental effect on deciding the winner of the debates, and hence the presidential elections of November 3.


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