Trump, a Wrecking Ball on his Final Swings, Puts America on Fire as his Last Days Arrive

President Donald Trump has finally agreed to leave the White House in case of an official win by the President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. However, Trump is destroying America in full swing in his last days in office. 

Still, he has no plan to concede publicly. According to him, election results were full of voter fraud and mismanagement.

The radical steps that he is taking right now will impact the United States in every domain. 

On the one hand, he is intentionally ignoring health care amid the coronavirus outbreak and letting Americans die. On the other hand, he is endangering wildlife by signing an agreement to sell oil drilling rights in the Arctic Wildlife refuge in Alaska. 

Not only this, but the recent proposal by the Justice Department to include firing squad and electrocution among the methods of execution also depicts the alarming picture of what Trump is doing in his last days.

As he knows that he will not win the White House again by hook or by crook, Trump is destroying America in his last days at the White House. He is leaving no stone unturned to destroy America and to promote his own model of democracy. 

These days, the damage Trump has done to America is unprecedented, as he wants to put fire to leave a chaotic America for the upcoming President Joe Biden.

Away from the media channels, he is taking some radical steps that will change the course of the country in the years to come. 

Some of the havoc he is creating will be immediately observed by the world, while many other decisions will haunt America in years to come.

As he makes things difficult for Joe Biden, let’s explore how Trump is putting America on fire these days.

Trump is destroying America

How Trump is Destroying Americans Right to Live?

The mad king is on his way to take the lives of millions of Americans. The United States, which is the worst-affected country by the coronavirus, is currently governed by a president who doesn’t seem to care about anything.

For the time being, he is just focusing on making things difficult for the incoming Biden administration. He knows that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have to deal with the deteriorated health infrastructure. 

So, he wants to trigger as many health crises as he can. By doing this, Trump is destroying the United States in his last days in office. 

The Trump Administration is deliberately ignoring the destruction of the COVID-19 in the United States. Right now, nine of the total ten hotspots of the COVID-19 are in the United States, and the Trump Administration is intentionally ignoring it.  

With the recent trend, things are expected to get much worse after Joe Biden takes over the presidency. The Trump administration is committed to keeping the Biden administration busy with the COVID-19 situation so that he can get an escape from his corruption during his tenure.

Trump destroyed America and democracy

Trump goes against American democracy

Recently, Trump agreed to leave the office in case of Biden’s official win. However, he is deliberately planning to delay the process. The filing of unprecedented lawsuits is a clear example in this regard. Despite knowing that these lawsuits will never help him in winning the presidency again, he is filing them for the sake of it.

The United States has never seen these types of attacks on the democracy of the country. These Trump practices are also creating bifurcation in American society, as people are more divided than ever due to the radical political beliefs.

He is propagating his narrative with full force. This is why many Republicans are buying his propaganda. According to some estimates, almost 70 percent of the Republicans believe that the election was stolen from Donald Trump through illegal means. Republican leaders who know the truth about Trump are afraid of speaking against him, as they know the consequences.

Governing a country where 70 percent of the voters of a specific political party consider a regime illegitimate will not be an easy task for the upcoming president to overcome. This is exactly how Trump wanted to destroy America, and unfortunately, he is doing this job very well.

Trump’s damage to America will go to a whole new level if Republicans manage to win the Senate majority. In the run-off elections of Georgia, Republicans will need one out of two seats to maintain the majority. 

If they do this, Republicans will never let Democrats turn away from Trump’s policies, as Trump will still significantly impact the Republican Party, as he is now eyeing for the 2024 elections.

President Joe Biden will have to use the executive power to reverse Trump’s policies, of which entering the Paris Climate Change accord again is just one of them.

Trump, a Wrecking Ball on his Final Swings, Puts America on Fire as his Last Days Arrive

Trump vs. Science: Trump Wants People to Inhale More Carbon Dioxide in the Biden presidency 

During the Trump presidency, more than 125 environmental safeguards were rolled back. Trump is damaging America’s environment once again, just before leaving the White House. 

He is currently busy taking measures to make it harder for Biden’s administration to revoke his decisions. It seems that he wants people to inhale more carbon dioxide by making these decisions.

In the third presidential debate, Donald Trump made it clear that the United States does not need any climate change regulation, as it has the cleanest air and water in the world. 


Trump Goes Wild: Trump’s bid to kill the wildlife in America

Not only humans but animals and wildlife are also in danger in the last days of Trump. Trump is destroying America’s wildlife to its core. The recent reports suggest that Trump is all set to sell oil drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

While Trump claims that this decision is good economically, experts suggest otherwise. This decision of the authoritarian president will endanger the wildlife in the region. It is pertinent to note here that Arctic Wildlife refuge is the largest refuge in the country, with an area of more than 19 million acres. 

The refugee is home to hundreds of polar bears, grizzly bears, wolves, eagles, and many other endangered birds and animals. The vast scale drilling in the Arctic region will increase the suffering of wildlife while increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. 


Trump Pulling out the Barriers to Destroy the Environment

From day one, Trump remained an enemy of the environment. These things are getting worse in his last days of the presidency. How are the last days of Trump dangerous to the environment? Let’s have a look.

  • The National Environmental Policy act was a barrier for those who plan to destroy natural habitat for development projects. The Trump Administration has weakened the institution and even plans to give federal agencies leeway to ignore projects damaging the environment.


  • Similarly, the Trump Bureau of Land is also working to force a highway through the natural habitat in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area.


  • The Trump Administration is also working on a plan that will expose thousands of acres of land near New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park. 


  • Trump also plans to finalize a rollback on the emission of the standards of coal-powered plants. This will allow the plants to produce 35 percent more carbon than they are producing now. 


  • Similarly, Trump is damaging America by proposing a law by the end of this year to throw out environmental and public health regulations. 


Trump’s Rigid Approach to Expel Immigrants out of the US

Trump is an ultra-nationalist who doesn’t recognize that immigration has always remained part of the American culture. Trump is destroying America in his last days in every aspect, and immigration is one of them.

From the very beginning of his presidency, Trump tried to curb immigration through different policies.

The Trump Administration is trying its best to send asylum seekers to Central American countries. Asylum Cooperative agreements are being made with other countries to send the asylum seekers there, even though they have a legitimate claim to seek asylum in the United States. 

The Trump Administration is also proposing new laws to degrade immigration practices. The current laws allow undocumented immigrants, who are temporarily released from the Department of Homeland Security custody, to work in the United States.

 Recently, Trump Administration has proposed a law that will stop undocumented immigrants from getting work permits. By rolling back these laws, Trump is trying to destroy America, as many immigrants will be at risk, creating chaos in the United States.


Wrecking Ball hitting the Worst Possible Place: Trump Attacks on Education

President Trump is hard on students, as his administration proposed a law limiting the time an immigrant student could stay in the United States. The changes regarding the laws covering student visas, exchange visitors, and foreign media were proposed during September. 

The work is underway to implement these laws by the end of the year. By attacking education, Trump will destroy America to its fullest, and the upcoming generations will feel its consequences.

Similarly, the Trump Administration is planning on tightening educational requirements on highly skilled work visas. With lower wages for immigrants and raising wage minimums for visa holders, the workforce shortage is imminent in the United States.


An Attempt to Manipulate the Pentagon Budget by Trump for Personal Profits

In his attempts to destroy America, Trump is also planning to release a Pentagon budget for the next fiscal year. By doing this, he wants to strengthen his footprints in the Pentagon to get undue help later on from the powerful circles.

This budget will include any additional funds that are being termed by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget as “fabricated.” It will also increase the national debt and affect the GDP. Reports are also coming that many defense officials are directly involved with the budget construction. 

It will also provide an opportunity for the Republicans to attack the Biden administration when they try to overturn the budget. 

The budget calls for military pay to rise, along with spending more money in the Space Force established by President Trump. According to Defense and Administration officials, Trump National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien is the key architect behind this scheme.

Experts on budget and parliamentary affairs suggest that this step is unprecedented. None of the previous presidents, including George W. Bush and Barack Obama, introduced such budgets during their final days in office.

The Pentagon budget will cost $722 billion, which is two percent higher than what Pentagon demanded for the fiscal year 2021. Moreover, the $722 billion does not include additional spending on the energy projects and budget of other Federal agencies. These radical measures also suggest that Trump is destroying America in his final days in office.

Trump, a Wrecking Ball on his Final Swings, Puts America on Fire as his Last Days Arrive

Trump Administration’s Midnight Policies

In his bid to destroy America, Trump is trying his best to tie the hands of the Biden administration. For instance, consider the following policies which Trump is trying to pursue to damage America.

  • He is currently attempting to narrow the consumer protection of the airlines. This will help the airline companies to fight back informal hearings. 


  • Similarly, voiding of rest break rules in Washington state is another policy to screw up America. This policy was proposed in 2019 and has been formally granted on November 17 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 


  • The Trump administration has allowed several Federal agencies, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Interior, to narrow the use of guidelines and clarify their interpretation of rules. The policy was introduced in 2019, but right now, it is being made strong enough that it could only be revoked by the executive order.


  • The Trump administration also plans to lessen test requirements on energy-efficient appliances. This will eventually allow the manufacturing companies to develop their own testing procedure, and the products will likely be less energy efficient than the claims of the companies.


  • Donald Trump is expected to remove penalties for accidentally killing birds. In 2020, the protection of birds was restored by the judiciary. However, it is expected that the Trump Administration will be introducing its regulation by the end of the current month. 


Blood-Hungry Trump’s Desire to Take Inmates Lives in Cruel Ways

The US Department of Justice has already pushed the amendment by which the federal prosecutors will get a wide variety of options to execute the death penalty inmates. The proposed amendment is in negation to Biden’s views, who has reiterated his intention to rollback such laws. 

The changes have already been proposed to the “Manner of Federal Executions.” According to the proposed changes, several new ways of taking lives will become legal, which include firing squad and electrocution. 

These inhumane steps by Trump are a clear indication that the wrecking ball is in its final swings and is ready to cause as much damage as they can.


Trump’s Bid to Destroy Presidential Records and his Wrongdoings

Every president has to keep presidential records of their activities. There are recorders installed at several places in the White House, which play a crucial role in this regard. President Trump has largely defied this tradition during his rule. President Trump is known to have a habit of destroying the documents after every meeting.

Astonishingly, no record exists of Trump’s five meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the first two years of his presidency.

It is expected that President Donald Trump will destroy presidential records of the Oval Office meetings with foreign leaders. This will cause significant trouble for the Biden Administration, as they will need such documents in policymaking for the next four years.

The records on President Trump’s deal with nations like China, Russia, and North Korea will play an important part in the policymaking of the Biden Administration. 

Similarly, these records are also valuable for crafting internal policies with the help of federal agencies.

If all of this happens, the Biden administration has to find innovative ways to recover the records.

Stacking the Pentagon with Trump Loyalists: A Threat to National Security

While Trump is destroying America in his final days of office, he is stacking up the Pentagon with his hard-liner loyalists to give the Biden Administration a tough time. 

So far, the president has made the appointments of four top officials in the Pentagon. This includes a new acting defense secretary, Christopher C. Miller. and general counsel at the National Security Agency, Michael Ellis. 

The Trump administration claimed that the new appointments are made concerning the situations in Iran and Afghanistan. However, this is a complete lie as the situation in both of these countries is the same as it was years ago. 

Not only this, but the Pentagon has also announced the promotions of Kashyap Patel, Anthony J. Tata, and Ezra Cohen-Watnick. All three of them are considered to be long-time supporters of President Trump. 

They have also helped Trump with the investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. These appointments will also help to cement the policy changes made by President Donald Trump.



Trump’s entire tenure in the White House consisted of ill efforts to destabilize the United States of America. The situation in Trump’s tenure has entered the post-World War Two era where the United States had to face resistance from the other powers like the Soviet Union. The world order has changed drastically in the Trump doctrine with the emergence of other global powers like China. This all became possible as Donald Trump is destroying America as much as he can.

The unfortunate part is that his days are still left in the White House. Trump, the wrecking ball, is doing his final swings, and the destruction the ball is doing right now can leave the scars on the national emblem.

If not stopped right now, Donald Trump is going to destroy America in every aspect. Be it the environmental domain, human rights, animal rights, or national security; the incumbent president has caused havoc across the country.

By deteriorating the rule of law in the country, Trump wants to make the transition process of Joe Biden as difficult as possible. 

However, Joe Biden already had the idea about all of this. That is why he has already started to craft the policies in various domains so that he can tackle the menace as early as possible. The only thing which an average American can pray for these days is to hope that sanity may prevail as it seems that the worst is yet to come.

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