Political Witch-hunt: Trump Shuffling the Attorney General to Prosecute Political Rivals

Jeffrey Rosen

“I think of it a little bit like a developer with a punch list. We’re going to try to finish the work we’re here to do.”

(Jeffrey Rosen)


The news of Hunter Biden’s special investigation by the US Attorney General came into the spotlight recently, sparking the wrath of Donald Trump. Trump wanted to capitalize on the news, so he wanted the story to be revealed before the elections

These so-called late revelations made Trump furious with the sitting AG William Barr. Not only this, he decided to fire him and to introduce a rather extreme AG in the office for the last few weeks. 

The introduction of Jeffery Rosen into the office of the Attorney General of the United States will mean a lot for the case of the Hunter Biden investigation.

Recently, Donald Trump discussed the idea of appointing special counsels to the Hunter Biden investigation in one of the White House meetings. As he finalizes the names for these special counsels, he decided to use Jeffery for the purpose.

How is Trump trying to use prosecutors to take justice into his hands, and what does Jeffrey Rosen mean for the Hunter Biden investigation? Let’s explore.


William Barr Out, Jeffrey Rosen in, A Shuffle to Hunt Biden:

Although Justice Department rules allow only the sitting AG to appoint nominees as a special counsel, Trump inquired about the possibility of appointing these people to the counsel himself.

The White House officials revealed that Trump wanted to name the special counsel himself, and his realization that he lacks the authority in this regard made him take the resignation from William Barr.

The upcoming attorney general refused to talk about the special counsels to the Hunter Biden investigations and Trump’s election fraud rhetoric. However, Trump has also started to think beyond Jeffrey Rosen.

According to the latest reports, if Rosen fails to appoint a special counsel against Hunter Biden, Trump is ready to fire him immediately to appoint another attorney general who can help him create these counsels.

The approach of William Barr to keep the ongoing investigation hidden before the elections forced Donald Trump to take this radical step of removing him from office. Although it came as a resignation from Barr himself, it was a face-saving act of Trump, so he must not be perceived as doing this witch-hunt.


The Politicization of Justice by Trump: An Attempt that May Backfire

The authorities at the US Justice Department are also worried that these attempts to politicize justice by the incumbent president can set a dangerous precedent. 

An attempt by Donald Trump to force the Attorney General can also encourage the upcoming Biden administration to promote the legal challenges against Trump.

Amid all of this political tug of war, the dignity and the role associated with the Justice Department will be compromised to a great extent.

This involvement of Trump will weaken the institution itself, which is founded to serve justice to Americans.

The Republicans who always supported Donald Trump in every thick and thin have already started to voice their support for him. For instance, Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator, appreciated the idea of appointing special counsel for Hunter Biden’s case.

Political Witch-hunt: Trump Shuffling the Attorney General to Prosecute Political Rivals

Significance of a Special Counsel for the Hunter Biden Investigation under Jeffrey Rosen

A special counsel allows the newly appointed prosecutor to see the case explicitly without any external interference. By launching these special counsels, Trump prefers that the Hunter Biden investigation cannot be stopped after the end of his presidency. 

If Joe Biden’s appointed attorney general removes the special counsel after January 20, it will give the perception to the masses that Joe Biden tried to save his son from the potential criminal charges. This will create an undue tension among Americans created to the Justice Department.

Jeffrey Rosen’s records as the deputy of William Barr suggest that his approach towards the Biden investigations can be more extreme than Barr’s. It is pertinent to note here that William Barr, despite his Republican affiliation, stuck to the rules of the Justice Department and avoided unleashing any ongoing investigation that could affect the election results. 

Unleashing these chargers was a win-win situation for him, as it could have landed him in the good books of Donald Trump. 

During his Senate approval hearing as the Deputy Attorney General, Rosen pledged not to take politically motivated decisions. With the passage of time, as he became a part of the system, his decisions started to propagate a specific set of political beliefs.

However, the appointment of Jeffrey Rosen can worsen the situation. Consider his records involving high-profile cases in the past, for instance.


  • For instance, soon after he was appointed a deputy AG, he wrote a letter to the New York prosecutors asking they not keep Paul Manafort in Rikers Island prison as he waited for the state trial after facing the federal trial. He successfully managed to change the place of prison for Paul Manafort with his letter. It’s important to note here that Paul Manafort was the Republican campaign consultant who led Trump’s campaign. 

  • He is also a leading figure in the recently filed antitrust lawsuit against Google, which accuses Google of having a monopoly in the world of search engines. According to the lawsuit, Google should be regulated so that we could see fair competition, leaving room for innovation in the world.


He has a “low-profile within the Justice Department and in the public,” 

according to the Wall Street Journal, yet the cases that brought him media attention are driven by extreme political affiliations.

As the news circulated in the media about furthering the investigation against Hunter Biden, Donald Trump took to Twitter and wrote, 


I have NOTHING to do with the potential prosecution of Hunter Biden or the Biden family. It is just more Fake News. Actually, I find it very sad to watch!


However, the reports suggest explicitly that if Rosen fails to initiate the Hunter Biden special counsel probe, Trump will end up firing another attorney general just to satisfy his ego to prosecute Hunter. 


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