Trump’s New Political Adventure, Patriot Party: All FAQs Answered

In his last moments before leaving his highly controversial presidential term, Donald Trump announced he would make a comeback soon, giving a clear indication that he will again seek the presidency. 

As Trump suggested the name of the party as “Patriot Party,” he forgot that the name has already been used in the past, and mostly not on good terms. 

The Patriot Party was the socialist movement in the second half of the previous century. The name that poses a threat to the core of the American foundations, i.e., capitalism, will do more harm than good for former President Donald Trump. 

This is also one of the reasons Donald Trump has already started distancing him from the party. 

The popularity of Donald Trump nosedived after the attack on Capitol Hill, and Republicans, in general, started distancing themselves from Trump. 

To stay in politics, making a new party was the only option for Donald Trump; however, this will be a big win for Democrats. The vote of GOP will split into two parts, giving benefit to Democrats, and clearing the way for Democrats in the future elections.

We have compiled a list of the frequently asked questions regarding the Patriot Party. Let’s explore.

Trump's New Political Adventure, Patriot Party: All FAQs Answered



Did Donald Trump really signal to make a new party? 

During his last days in office, Donald Trump is reported to discuss the idea with his close aides and advisors. All the talk was related to Trump making a new party called the Patriot Party.
He is even reported to have discussed the idea with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who finally broke the ice and accused Donald Trump of inciting a mob to attack the US Congress.

Will Trump’s Patriot Party garner support across America? 

Trump was the prominent figure in the Republican party, and many people voted for Republicans just for Donald Trump and not the Republican party itself.

Trump enjoys huge popularity among the Trump base, a core part of which is made by the white supremacist groups, including proud boys and QAnon. So, there is no doubt that he will be able to attract a significant portion of the voters towards his new political cause.

Why are Republicans worried about Trump making a new Patriot Party?

As a matter of fact, all Republican voters are not Trump supporters, but all Trump supporters are Republicans.

Any stunt of Trump making a new party will shatter the vote bank of Republicans to a dangerous extent. The Republican party ranks will be damaged to an irreparable extent, and the party will be divided in two.

Who will be the winner if Trump forms a new party?

The Democrats will be more than happy if Trump makes a new party. This way, Democrats will not need to worry about the future elections as the vote bank of Republicans will be divided in two.
Not only this, but Democrats will also be able to establish their footprints into Republican strongholds, especially the southern states. 

Does Trump really need a new political party to remain in US politics?

With Republicans throwing Trump out of the political arena and refusing to back him for another presidential race, he will have no other option than to form his political party.

Why is the name Patriot Party controversial? 

The very name of the party is controversial, as the name Patriot Party was used by a socialist organization in the late 1960s until the 1980s.

The organization aimed to dismantle capitalism in the United States to implement socialism in the country. As a result of the violent campaign, the whole leadership of the party was arrested by the FBI in 1970.

If Donald Trump signaled to form the party, why is the Trump campaign denouncing the party now?

The Trump campaign recently distanced itself from the Patriot Party. It seems that the party which was made in haste has backfired. Trump has started to realize that the name chosen for the party may not be the best one.

The current name will do more harm than good, considering that it may turn Trump’s supporters into his rivals based on the label of socialism associated with the party’s name.

Is Trump trying to blackmail Republicans by making a new political party?

Trump is going to face the music for his crimes soon in the Senate. However, if Republicans want, they can save him from convictions as a two-thirds majority is required for Senate conviction.

Experts believe that Trump is trying to blackmail Republicans, so they must not side with Democrats in convicting him. By threatening Republicans to divide their vote bank, Trump is expected to accomplish this purpose of garnering Republicans’ support in the Senate trial.

Who will be a part of the Trump Patriotic Party? 

There is no doubt that the so-called Trump base is not happy with the Republican Party right now and is very likely to back Trump in his new adventure.

Nevertheless, the former president will require far more than only the Trump base to establish and run this new political party. 

He will have to get some well-known leaders from Republicans and other political parties and some celebrities to get media attention. 

Is the MAGA Patriotic Party also a venture of Donald Trump? 

Until now, Trump has just discussed the idea of establishing the party and signaled in his speech that he would make a comeback in politics.

However, there is no official announcement as of yet. So, the MAGA Patriotic Party has no link with the former president, and the Trump campaign has also distanced itself from this party. 

The MAGA Patriot Party National Committee is formed by a hardcore Trump supporter, Port Charlotte veteran James Davis, with a group of Republicans who want Trump for President and distanced themselves from the Republican Party after Republicans decided not to support Donald Trump. 

Can Trump join hands with the MAGA Patriotic Party? 

The MAGA Patriotic Party has sent messages of support to Donald Trump and told him that they would support him in another presidential run.

Perhaps it could be argued that this support was the main thing that urged Trump to start planning about a new political party, and it is very likely that Trump will continue to build on this already existing platform. 

Even if Trump joins the MAGA Patriotic Party, it is not a platform that could get him enough boost to jump into national politics.

Former President Donald Trump’s old friend Kanye West will likely be joining Trump in the initiative. West, the rapper-turned-politician, tried his fate in the 2020 presidential election but failed to enter the final phase of the election.

Can we see mainstream Republican supporters joining hands with Trump’s party?  

It would be too early to say any such thing. However, it seems improbable that Republican leaders will commit political suicide to support Trump. 

This thing has already been portrayed by the former vice president Mike Pence, who refused to entertain Trump’s offer to overturn the electoral college votes.

Similarly, he also attended Biden’s inauguration ceremony as otherwise, he could have lost his political respect that he earned over the years. 

However, Trump’s old aides like Rudy Giuliani or hardline Trump supporters such as Senator Jeff Sessions are expected to join Trump in his new initiative, and potentially some young and aspiring politicians who want to create their space in the political arena. 

Some House members such as Rep. Mike Rogers, Rep. Mo Brooks, Rep. Steve King, and Rep. Thomas Massie are still supporting Trump and are likely to stand by him in case of the establishment of a new political party.

There are also those in Republican ranks who still fear the Trump base, as a majority of the voters in their constituencies are members of pro-Trump groups and elect them only to back Donald Trump.

This list includes ambitious Republicans like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. It is important to note that eight Senators and 139 House Republicans still voted to reject the election results despite the storming of Capitol Hill. Many of them will be supporting Trump in the event he decides to form a new party.

Is making a new political party easier said than done?

Yes, this is true. Making a new political party needs a lot of financial resources. While registering a party with the Federal Election Commission is not a difficult task, Trump alone would not be able to launch such a megaproject. 

So, it seems just an ambition rather than a practical step. In his bid to pressure Republicans not to convict him in the Senate, Trump may end up wasting a lot of resources in a rather unpractical thing.

Will Trump’s new party further divide the country?

One of the primary purposes of the new political party seems to be to save Donald Trump from imminent jail. In this way, Trump can organize protests in case some actions are taken against him. This will further divide the country, as the protests could go violent, just like Capitol Hill’s attack.

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