Biden announces task force for COVID-19 while Trump rejects election results

The vote count continues in some states, but the result is clear. President-elect Joe Biden has attained a historic lead over the incumbent president as Trump rejects election results.

America is going through a “dark winter,” in the words of the president-elect, but it seems that the bad days will be over soon. The country stands on the top of COVID-19 meter, as millions have been infected, and thousands have lost their lives in the battle against the global pandemic.

After months of disappointment and despair, Americans have many new things to rejoice about. There will be a new, democratically elected government in place in a couple of days, which is surely a thing to rejoice in democratic countries.

Also, a new COVID-19 vaccine has come out and is 90 percent effective against the virus.  This good omen has returned hope and happiness into the lives of the American people.

On the other side of the picture Trump rejects election results and is still reluctant to accept them and threatens to take legal actions, as according to him, the results are not legitimate.sponse of the president as Trump rejects election results

Trump and his campaign have been promoting this rhetoric since even before the presidential race. Multiple times, he attacked the postal services for not being able to deliver ballots on time while refusing to provide financial aid to the department.

He even declined when the moderator asked him if he would accept the results, no matter who wins, during the presidential debate. He knew what was coming and was preparing to make the results controversial.

In this article, Biden announces a task force for COVID-19 while Trump still rejects election results, aims at exploring the plan of the Biden-Harris government about COVID-19, while also discussing the response of the president as Trump rejects election results.

Biden announces task force for COVID-19 while Trump rejects election results

Biden gets to work on COVID-19

President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris made their victory speeches in Delaware, in which they both stressed that the most important issue that their administration is going to deal with is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the mishandling by the current administration, America has suffered not only the loss of precious lives but has also suffered economically and strategically. The Trump administration largely failed to save the country and used China as an excuse to hide behind it.

On Sunday, the President-elect, along with Vice President-elect, made it clear that their first and foremost priorities will be COVID-19, climate change, and systematic racism.

The next day, the President-elect started to keep the promises that he made to the American people.  Joe Biden announced a Coronavirus taskforce consisting of thirteen members and co-chaired by the former Surgeon General of the  United States, the former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, and other top intellects of the country.

Moreover, Biden-Harris has also announced a transition website. This website lays out a seven-point plan against COVID-19, which includes free testing.

In his speech, the president-elect urged Americans to use masks. His statement was different from President Donald Trump, who has often misled the public on COVID-19. Biden vowed to take help from science to defeat the pandemic.

Biden announces task force for COVID-19 while Trump rejects election results

Pfizer Inc. COVID-19 vaccine sparks a new political battle

Good days are coming as Pfizer Inc. announced that its COVID-19 vaccine has proven to be 90 percent effective against the virus. The president-elect hailed Pfizer Inc.’s progress and stressed that Americans should wear masks, as it would take months to develop enough quantity of the vaccine.

This announcement has started a new battle in the political sector of the country, and at the same time, the stock market has reached new heights. The Trump administration is taking credit for the vaccine, as they claim that this could never have been possible without the steps taken by President Trump. Donald Trump Jr. accused the pharmaceutical company of deliberately holding the results back until after the presidential elections.

Biden announces task force for COVID-19 while Trump rejects election results

Trump rejects election results

The latest election results show 290 electoral votes for Joe Biden compared to 214 for President Donald Trump. Now, even if Donald Trump wins the remaining states, he still could not get the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become the President. Despite this historic defeat, President Trump rejects election results.

On the election night, the President made an illegitimate victory claim and warned that if he loses, he will not accept the results and will go to the Supreme Court. He is still standing on his decision and, despite the evidence of Biden’s victory, is refusing to concede. Trump’s campaign is filing lawsuits against the election results, as a legal suit was made by his legal team against the results in Pennsylvania.

The Attorney General of the United States has authorized pursuing allegations against the election results before the certification of Presidential elections by Congress.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell has also said that President Donald Trump has the right to go to the Supreme Court to challenge the irregularities in the election.

The situation is made more complicated as the president fired the Defense Secretary. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that the termination of the Defense Secretary by the president shows his intent to “sow chaos.” The vice president has also joined Trump in his rhetoric of election fraud, as he tweeted that elections are not over yet.

Trump’s campaign, along with his legal team, is repeatedly making claims that the vote count in several states was done in the wrong way deliberately for Biden’s victory.

Experts believe that if Trump continues to show such an attitude, it can undermine the legitimacy of the Electoral College and will push the country towards a civil-war-like situation.


Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Trump

Many leaders from around the globe have congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with good wishes in their victory. Some have not, which includes the Chinese Premier and the Russian President. Putin has sent a congratulatory letter to President Donald Trump after some news outlets projected him the winner of the presidential elections.

It is also worth mentioning at this point that during the election campaign, U.S. intelligence released a statement claiming that Russia is trying to meddle with the presidential election to get another four-year term for President Donald Trump.



Results have not been official as of yet, but one thing is clear; that Joe Biden is the new president of the country. According to the latest results, Joe Biden currently holds 290 Electoral College votes, where the 270 are needed to become the president.

Joe Biden has started his work by gathering a coronavirus taskforce of health experts and is all set to take the challenges faced by the country. He has also launched a website that explains his plan for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, President Trump rejects election results and is expected to go to the Supreme Court challenging the irregularities in the vote count. The Attorney General has cleared the way for lawsuits against election irregularities.

This has been the most historic and most controversial presidential election in the history of the country. President Trump has been preparing the ground before the election by repeatedly attacking the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. He knew he was going to lose, so was planning to make the election controversial. The situation is getting worse with every passing day, and the President is pushing the country towards violence and chaos.

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