Trump Remarks About Operation Wrap-Up: Finally President addresses the nation after a long delay.

President Trump has mostly remained out of the camera since media outlets projected Biden’s victory. He has been using his Twitter handle to show his refusal of the election results but has not been on-camera to accept his defeat or refusal to concede.

However, lately, Trump remarks in his recent address regarding operation Wrap-UP was one of the few times he appeared before the camera in recent days.

With time, it seems that Trump remarks regarding refusal to accept the election result are getting weaker. Last Friday, the president made his first public appearance since his speech alleging Democrats of rigging the elections.

This time President Trump was seen at the Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day for the discussion of the coronavirus vaccine where he falsely tried to get credit for the discovery of the vaccine despite Pfizer claims that the US government did not support them financially. While it was expected that President will make some remarks regarding the elections, he did not comment on the country’s current political scenario.

On Friday, the whole discussion focused on Operation Warp Speed, and there was nothing regarding the election results or the legal challenges that are being pursued by the Trump administration.

In the article, President makes his first remarks since the election loss, we will be discussing Trump remarks in Friday speech and what it tells us about his condition and ambitions. We will also be exploring the idea that the president will eventually accept the election result.

Trunp remarks about operation wrap-up

President Trump Remarks about Operation Wrap-Up

Last Friday, the Trump administration, along with the president himself, gathered in the Rose Garden to provide updates on the development of the COVID-19 vaccine and Operation Warp Speed.

The ceremony was roughly forty-five minutes, and, in the end, the president refused to take questions, so there was nothing further regarding the election results.

It was obvious in Trump remarks that the president hailed the efforts of his team and other members of the administration in mobilizing the biggest effort in the history of the country.

Trump remarks in the said speech made it clear that the vaccine will be provided free due to the government’s investment. He also said that the vaccine would be available in the market soon and provided media outlets with an update on the recent developments in regard to the vaccine.

This ceremony was held as the country records the highest level of COVID-19 cases in one week in the most recent three months.


Trump signals towards “Future Administration” in his address at Rose Garden:

The president said nothing regarding the current political scenario of the country in his last speech, but he left a hint that suggests that he is accepting the election results but is reluctant to do so publically as he still waits for some miracle to happen. “In the future, who knows which administration it will be” were the words of the president when he was addressing the concerns about the lockdown.

These Trump remarks indicate that the president knows that his administration is now only a guest in the White House, and it is just a matter of weeks until a new administration will take over.

Jonathan Lemire called this remark the closest the president has come to acknowledge his defeat while speaking at The 11th Hour on MSNBC. He also added that the president’s advisors had told him that there is no path left and that he will have to acknowledge the results.

President Trump “accidentally” accepts Biden’s victory in a Twitter message

“He won because the election was rigged,” wrote President Trump in one of his tweets while responding to a tweet from Watters’ World. Just an hour later, the president again wrote, “He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA,” realizing what he had done earlier.

Twitter flagged the president’s tweets as disputed, which seems to be a common practice these days. The president also added that he would not concede, as the election was disputed, and there is a long way to go.

Trump has maintained such behavior since the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in Pennsylvania polls but has achieved nothing as a result of it. The Trump administration has been repeatedly thrown out of court because of their fake election fraud claims.

Trump Remarks About Operation Wrap-Up: Finally President addresses the nation after a long delay.

President Playing Politics on People’s lives: Trump denies COVID-19 vaccine to New York

During his speech in the Rose Garden, President Trump hinted towards his administration’s ability to swiftly distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, which will be available to the population by April 2021.

While making this public remark, the president also said that the vaccine would be available to the whole country except for some states, including New York. These Trump remarks came after the New York governor voiced concerns regarding the vaccine and the manufacturing company.

In his response on CNN, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he has no issue with Pfizer, but he does not trust President Trump as he is politicizing the swift distribution of the vaccine. He also added that the New York administration would approve the vaccine after the FBI. The scientific panel will review the protocols that the FBI went through to make sure that there are no politics involved in the approval process.



It has been two weeks since the United States voted for the 46th president, and the results are clear. President-elect Joe Biden has attained 306 Electoral College votes as projected by Missed Votes just one day after the election. Still, the Trump administration is reluctant to coordinate with the Biden team to run the transition process smoothly.

President Trump, as evident from his first remark since his defeat, knows that there is no way that he could win, yet he does not concede and is waiting for a miracle to happen and get him another four-year term in office.

Trump remarks regarding refusal to accept the results will only hinder the nation from going on with democratic values. The effects of the virus are increasing with each passing day, and the president wants to push this country towards violence and uprising to get another four-year term.

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