TRUTH Social: Trump’s Social Media Platform to do a Monetary Scam to Americans

Extending the voices that did not get enough place to perpetuate lies on social media networks like Gab, Parler, and Getter, Donald Trump launched his own social media platform TRUTH Social, which will serve as the home for conspiracy theorists and right-wing debates. 

Obviously, the lack of users to interact with was worrying Donald Trump as he needed people who could consume his all caps social statuses, which he failed to deliver after his Facebook and Twitter accounts were banned after the Congress attack.

Thus for him, launching his own platform was the only viable idea, as he couldn’t be kicked out from the platform he created himself.

Trump is likely to sell TRUTH Social's shares and as the company is not expected to make profit, it will help him in amassing big money.
Trump is likely to sell TRUTH Social’s shares and as the company is not expected to make profit, it will help him in amassing big money.

TRUTH Social: Donald Trump’s Scam Just Touched New Heights

For a person like Donald Trump, who spent most of the last decade tweeting, keeping quiet after being banned from social media spaces was not an easy thing, so the launch of Truth Social was only a matter of time.

Immediately after he launched the platform, some hackers successfully posted a picture of defecating pig, giving embarrassment to the former president.

Some privileges are only given to Donald Trump in the newly released platform. Trump, who initiated the culture of using all caps in his tweets and spelled the platform in the same way, i.e., “TRUTH Social,” barred others from using excessive capitalization while posting on the platform.

The so-called platform, with a motto of not discriminating against any political ideology and pledging to stand up against the “tyranny of Big Tech,” asks users not to say anything that disparages or harms “us or the site.”

Thus the whole model is built on hypocrisy which establishes different standards for what it preaches than general users.

Intellectual Plagiarism: Trump Copying Facebook and Twitter Models

The website itself is a copy of Twitter, which replicates the model of Twitter, getting itself involved in intellectual plagiarism.

For instance, just like Tweets in Twitter, TRUTH Social has “Truths” in it which users can “re-Truth” based on the “retweet” model of Twitter. Just like the “NewsFeed” of Facebook, TRUTH Social has Truth Feed, on which users can see the latest news shared by right-wing people.

So the whole concept is a replication of already existing things that have failed to get enough traction from the users. It can face the same fate that Trump’s latest blog, named “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” faced, which the former president was forced to shut down after the one month of its launch, just because he failed to attract enough users to the platform.

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TRUTH Social is a Way to Rob People of Their Money

Looking deeper into the formation of the TRUTH Social, it is easy to see that the platform itself is made through fraudulent means. For instance, the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) are the shell companies that are specifically made to do mergers with companies that want to become public.

The whole setup is made to rob people of their data and money. Just like Trump pursued a fraudulent fundraising tactic of obtaining recurring donations without letting people know, he is about to rob people on this front also.

This he can do by selling the stocks of TRUTH Social to people, who will easily be lured into the venture, and he has a lot of emotional supporters on his campaign. Once they do it, Trump will be able to make a lot of money.

However, as the platform has nothing constructive and innovative to offer to people, it is likely not to make any profit. Thus, at the end of the day, those who bought stocks would not be able to get any significant attraction from the stocks they acquired.

Secondly, Donald Trump will use the platform to sell whatever he likes to get maximum money out of people’s pockets. For him, that is just a shop on which he is luring maximum voters to make a consumer base that will be exploited by him later on.


Final Thoughts

For Trump, TRUTH Social is not a social media platform but a way to win money which he badly needs because of the massive $1 billion debt over him.

So those who have yet to sign up on the platform should have much to worry about if they really want to save their money.

Otherwise, just like in the case of the recurring donations scam, losing money through TRUTH Social will become a new normal.

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